How to Escape Every Prison in BitLife? A 2023 Complete Guide

bitlife prison maps

This unique Life Simulator mobile game is becoming increasingly popular as time progresses, but its most notable attraction is the inclusion of minigames. BitLife’s minigames can keep players hooked for hours, and many players wonder how to escape its prisons.

Each prison map in BitLife differs in size and complexity, but they will feature walls and nooks. Players will need to move around to get the guards trapped or hindered in these spaces, granting the player enough time to escape.

Prison in BitLife is a minigame that tasks players to get out of all of the prison maps in the game – but, this is easier said than done. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about prisons in BitLife, as well as how you can escape all of them.

Editor’s note: This guide has been updated to reflect the current state of the game. The strategies summarized in this guide are still valid.

How To Escape Every Room In BitLife

Similar to real life, players in BitLife will need to commit a crime and get caught for the crime in order for them to be sent to prison. There are 3 main types of prisons in BitLife, namely Minimum, Medium, and Maximum.

All of the different prison types in BitLife have varying maps and difficulty levels, with Minimum being the easiest to escape from and Maximum being the most challenging. Maximum prison maps are by far the hardest to escape, and most players can get stuck in these areas.

Tips For Escaping Prison In BitLife

Getting out of prison in BitLife will be tricky, some maps may even feel impossible. There will be quite a few things trying to stop you from getting out – such as the guard moving each time the player moves.


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However, there are a few tactics and tricks that may make getting out of prison easier overall. Players can use certain techniques to get around the guard – if you know how he will respond. Consider the following approaches when trying to escape prison in BitLife:

  • The guard only marches horizontally at first, which is his weakness. This means that players can move either to the right or the left, even if they are surrounded at first.
  • Players can barricade the officer against jail walls. He will still be able to grab you if there is a wall above him.
  • The main aim is to move so that the guard moves strategically, and players will need to maneuver themselves so that the guards get trapped in a corner or nook – at least, long enough for the player to escape.

The videos below which show how each BitLife prison map can go, and which moves you’ll be able to make.

Minimum Security Maps

1. (3 x 4)

2. (4 x 4)

3. (4 x 4)

4. (4 x 4)

5. (3 x 5)

Medium Security Maps

6. (5 x 4)

7. (5 x 5)

8. (5 x 6)

9. (5 x 7)

10. (5 x 7)

11. (6 x 5)

12. (6 x 6)

13. (6 x 6)

14. (7 x 4)

Maximum Security Maps

15. (8 x 8)

16. (8 x 8)

17. (8 x 8)

18. (8 x 8)

19. (8 x 8)

20. (8 x 8)

21. (8 x 8)

22. (8 x 8)

23. (8 x 8)

BitLife Prison Ribbons

There are a couple of unique ribbons that players can earn by getting out of prison as well, meaning that escaping these jail maps can be both fun and rewarding in-game. Below are the ribbons that can be earned by escaping prison in BitLife, as well as exactly how to get them.

Jailbird Ribbon

  1. Go to prison and escape successfully at least 3 or 4 times.
  2. Sit in your cell and age up.
  3. Doing so will earn you the Jailbird Ribbon.

Houdini Ribbon

  1. Go to prison and safely escape a few times.
  2. Level up and age till you’re in your 60s.
  3. Rob houses and get arrested for the robbery.
  4. Go back to prison.
  5. Escape without raising an alarm.
  6. Repeat a few times to earn the Houdini Ribbon.

Are Some BitLife Prison Escapes Impossible?

It may feel like escaping the prison maps in BitLife is impossible at times, especially if you end up getting stuck on a Maximum Security map. But, all of the maps are possible for any player to escape.

All it takes is a little bit of strategy and manipulation, as there will be 3 sided boxes or walls on each map. These walls should be used to trap or at least hinder the guards, allowing you to escape.

How Many Riots Does It take To Escape Prisons In BitLife?

Riots do not specifically revolve around the number of riots in total, but around the number of inmates that players can gather. The number of inmates required to start a riot will be displayed at the top and will increase each time the player starts a riot.

Players could technically escape a prison map during any riot – specifically during the aftermath. However, riots can only be started once a year and the player will likely be assaulted by fellow inmates if they fail to start a riot.


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These assaults will result in players losing health, and they may get charged if they bump into a guard. The player’s sentence may also be increased if they get caught trying to start a riot.

Although it is not the best way to escape prison, players may be seeking this approach for a unique achievement, according to the BitLife Wiki:

“The aftermath of a riot usually results in some injuries and deaths, but on Android, your character might also have their sentence extended. There is a very rare chance that your character will escape in a riot, If that happens, you gain an achievement!”

Escaping during a riot in BitLife is completely random, so players will really be taking a chance using this approach. However, it may be worth the trouble if you’re going after the special achievement.

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