How To Grow Sugarcane In Minecraft? 6 Simple Steps

How To Grow Sugarcane In Minecraft? 6 Simple Steps

In Minecraft, you will find a variety of valuable things to make your gameplay even more efficient. Sugarcane as a raw material is one such thing. You can craft sugar and paper out of sugarcane in Minecraft. You can get sugarcane juice and emeralds as well. Sugarcane will let you create many exciting things for your gameplay, such as magical potions, Minecraft rockets, and shelves. But, how would you grow sugarcane in Minecraft?

You will need a sugarcane block first. Also, find some dirt or sand blocks that are adjacent to water. Now, place a sugarcane block on a dirt or sand block. Your sugarcane will grow efficiently next to the water source. Hold on for a few minutes. Let it grow. It would take almost an hour to develop a sugarcane plant.

Sugarcane is a valuable plant in the Minecraft world. It is one of the most grown crops. You can extract a variety of important things out of sugarcane. It will also make you able to run a successful sugarcane business in Minecraft. You can earn money from this raw material. But first, you need to know about its crafting method. This guide will tell you how to get the craftable items for sugarcane in Minecraft. 

Materials Needed To Grow Sugarcane

How To Grow Sugarcane In Minecraft? 6 Simple Steps

You can grow sugarcane in Minecraft with a few ingredients in your stocks. The raw materials include:

  1. Sugarcane blocks
  2. Grass Blocks (Dirt or Sand blocks)
  3. Water source adjacent to your growing area
  4. Bonemeal is a fertilizer (Optional)

But, growing sugarcane is different in different Editions of Minecraft. For example, Minecraft Bedrock Edition requires Bonemeal to grow sugarcane. At the same time, Minecraft Java Edition does not require Bonemeal. Sugarcane requires water to rise in Minecraft. 

Where To Find Materials To Grow Sugarcane 

Finding the raw materials for sugarcane is not tricky. You need to wander around your Minecraft world to obtain these items. Let’s learn about the source of each item in Minecraft overworld.

1. Sugarcane

  • In Minecraft, you can find sugarcane near river banks, ocean shores, and small ponds.
  • The easiest way is to find the sugarcane along a coastline in Minecraft.
  • Sugarcanes spawn in Minecraft biomes (Tundra, jungles, deserts, oceans, forests, etc.).
  • They are present pretty much anywhere in Minecraft world. 

2. Dirt/ Sand Blocks

You can easily find these blocks all-around your Minecraft world. 

3. Water Source

You will need an ample supply of water. Make sure that you have grown your plants adjacent to the water. Or else, your plants won’t grow in Minecraft. 

6 Simple Steps To Grow Sugarcane 

Sugarcane grows best close to water sources. It would be best if you prefer running water to grow sugarcane in Minecraft. The given method consists of a few simple steps to grow sugarcane in Minecraft. Let’s learn about these steps.

1. Collect the raw materials 

You will need sugarcane, dirt, or sand blocks along with the adjacent water body. Collect these items to grow sugarcane in Minecraft. Once you have collected all the raw materials to grow sugarcane in Minecraft, it would be pretty easy to grow sugarcane as much as you want.

2. Plant the sugarcane 

You need to select the sugarcane block from your Minecraft inventory.

  • Right-click on the block
  • Place the sugarcane block on the blocks of dirt or sand. 
  • Make sure that you have placed these blocks right next to the water body. 

3. Let it grow 

Once you have planted the sugarcane, let it grow. It would take some time to turn into a fully grown sugarcane plant. 

4. Use a suitable fertilizer.

Fertilizers are valuable chemicals that you can use to speed up the growth of your plant. It would take a lot of time to grow sugarcane without any fertilizer. Yet, you can use fertilizer to speed up the growth of the sugarcane plant in Minecraft. The fertilizer that you will use for sugarcane is Bonemeal.

But this fertilizer is specific for Minecraft Bedrock and Legacy Editions. Different Minecraft Editions require other fertilizers to speed up the growth of sugarcane plants in Minecraft. 

5. Harvesting 

How To Grow Sugarcane In Minecraft? 6 Simple Steps

Once you have done with the growth of sugarcane, you are all set to harvest it.

  • Use your game controller to break the sugarcane blocks. 
  • Break the middle and topmost sugarcane blocks. 
  • Keep the bottom block intact if you want to replant sugarcane in your Minecraft world. 
  1. Move the blocks to your inventory.

After breaking them up, you will need to transfer the sugarcane blocks to your Minecraft inventory. It will make you able to use sugarcane in your gameplay.

There are a few other ways to get sugarcane in Minecraft. That include:

  • Trading is another way to get sugarcane in Minecraft. Minecraft villagers trade sugarcane for emeralds.  
  • Mining sugarcane block is also possible in Minecraft. This block will help you grow a sugarcane plant.  

How Long Does Sugarcane Take To Grow In Minecraft?

There are two methods to grow sugarcane in Minecraft. You can either grow them manually or by using automatic machines.  

  • Time required for manual growth of sugarcane plant

Minecraft sugarcane takes almost 18 minutes to grow one block of sugarcane in Minecraft. So, it would take nearly one hour for a sugarcane plant. A sugarcane plant is usually 3 -4 blocks in height. You can quickly grow one plant of sugarcane at this time. 

  • Time required growing sugarcane plant by using automatic machines

Automatic machines usually help to reduce the workload. They also facilitate the process. You can grow sugarcane with these machines in a relatively short time. You can grow almost 20,000 blocks in an hour with these machines.

Growing sugarcane is not difficult, but it does require a lot of time in Minecraft. That’s why it is not time effective thing to grow sugarcane in Minecraft. 

How To Make Sugarcane Grow Faster?

To speed up the growth of your sugarcane plant in Minecraft, you will need a suitable fertilizer. You will be able to grow sugarcane quite quickly and easily in the presence of fertilizer. 

For example, you can use bone meal as a fertilizer in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

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