How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite And Earn XP (2021): 10 Simple Ways

How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite And Earn XP (2021): 10 Simple Ways

Fortnite by Epic games is one of the most played games globally. In four years, this game has reached more than 300 million players. Each season has new outfits and weapon skins for top players. Attaining the highest levels is not easy, and many hours of gameplay are required. But if you don’t have time, how to level up fast in Fortnite?

To level up fast in Fortnite, you need to earn XP. To get the XP, you need to play the game and complete the tasks. Surviving and killing the enemies in the match will give your XP. You need to complete the challenges and perform several side tasks to get XP in abundance. You can also buy the Battle Pass levels.

From level 0 to level 2, you require only forty thousand XP. For level 3 + level 4, one hundred thousand XP are needed. As the game progresses through these levels, it becomes harder to reach the next level. Level 5 to level 13 require sixty thousand XP each. Beyond level 20, every level needs an accumulation of eighty thousand XP. More than 7 million XP is needed to unlock level 100. 

How to level up fast in Fortnite and earn XP (2021): 10 Simple ways

So by now, it is clear that gameplay equals XP equals levels. XP is the reward points you get in the matches. You can grind hard day in day out to reach the top levels. Or you can plan simple ways to get XP. Every action and every accomplishment will give you XP. Use them to unlock the levels fast.

Here is the list of things you can do to level up fast

1. Completing the Challenges

Weekly challenges

Once a new Fortnite season starts, there is a competition between the players to reach the max level. The best way to earn XP and level up fast is by completing the weekly legendary challenges. By completing these challenges, anyone can reach level 100 or even 215. These challenges can be as simple as:-

  • Open Safes
  • Crafting weapons
  • Craft various items

As the season goes on, every week a new set of challenges will appear in your profile. Once you finish the challenges for the present week, wait for the next week to start. Rare quests like Harvest Stones, melee damage, and chopping trees can give you up to 12,500 XP each. More than 50 rare quests available for the players. 

Daily Challenges

You get a new set of daily challenges every day. These challenges are easy to complete. Few of them only last a few hours; it’s advantageous to log in every day to finish these challenges. Each challenge will have its difficulty levels. Some of them will be super easy like, breaking stones or chopping trees. 

One example of daily challenges:- Land on the shark island and collect bananas. Use them to boost health. Shark Island is on the edge of the map, which means you might have to play outside the zone. Don’t worry, and keep collecting the bananas to use them to boost health. This way you will get protected from the storm.

Daily challenges often include elimination challenges. Players get XP for eliminating the enemies with specific weapons. To speed up this challenge, start the pro 100 mode. While matchmaking, you will see many weapons on display booths in the gallery. Pick the required weapon for the corresponding challenge and eliminate an enemy using it. You will complete the challenge in the matchmaking only. Once the match starts, you will have the opportunity to earn more XP.

2. Bonus XP

Bonus XP helps you level up with others even if you missed a few daily logins. You will find a gold bar on the starting page once you log in again. This gold bar indicates Bonus XP for that hour. This means you will get more from your gameplay that time..

3. Named Location 

How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite And Earn XP (2021): 10 Simple Ways

These named locations will appear on the map. Players get 8,000 XP for visiting these locations. But be careful as there might be other players there with the same motive.

4. Play in Squads

Playing in squads ensures two things: more kills and more survival time. You get more XP in squad matches than solo quests. Fortnite gives you XP  in every squad match, both for survival and kills. With your squad, you can achieve higher ranks per match. If you go till the end of each match, you get more XP than players who get eliminated at the start.

5. With Party Assist

Use this feature in squad matches to complete the high difficulty challenges. When in a squad, enable this feature and complete the tedious tasks. Whenever your friends finish any challenge, it will count for you as well. Everyone benefits in a squad if you want to finish the common challenges. 

6. Collect XP coins

Like every season, this season also has some XP coins. Keep looking for these and Earn XP. Although these coins appear in the later stages of the season. Every week you can collect four XP coins. These four types of XP coins are Blue, Purple, Green, and Gold. The location of these coins will be unknown but keep looking for them as every coin will give you 12,500 XP. They are expected to appear in May for the current season.

7. Looting

Looting is the good old way to earn reward points and coins in any game. You can start by looting the in-match items till the end. Loot the crates and various items in the squad games. One efficient way to increase XP per match is to loot while inside the storm. Stay away from your teammate so that you can get every bit of looting juice out of every match. 

8. Hunting Wildlife

Wildlife like wolves, chicken, boars, and fish will give you XP once hunted. You will have to roam around to get this wildlife kills. Just concentrate on the sounds these animals make and locate them. Shoot them as they are not hard to kill. 

These animals are added in the Fortnite chapter 2 season 6. To make your hunting easy, you can get a hunter’s cloak after killing several animals. This can help you sneak on these animals and kill them without spooking them.

9. Crafting

Crafting from the bones of the dead animals can give you up to 25,000 XP. Keep on accumulating bones from the dead animals. Go to the inventory, and you will see the weapons that can be crafted with items available. Combine them and get XP from weapon crafting.

10. Buy Battle Pass Levels

How To Level Up Fast In Fortnite And Earn XP (2021): 10 Simple Ways

Buying the battle pass levels is the easiest way to level up fast. But if you don’t want to buy all the levels, and are planning on buying a few, then don’t buy the first 20 levels. Try to buy the levels that are higher and more difficult to get. 

The levels from 1 to 10 are very easy to achieve. Complete the challenges and get XP points to buy these levels. Every level after 20 requires a large amount of XP. At some point after level 20, the game will become harder and difficult to get XP. This is the right time to buy those levels.

Why would you like to level up fast in Fortnite?

Apart from the bragging rights, there is plenty of stuff to be owned if you level up in Fortnite. 

Everyone competes for the below items:-

V-Bucks with Battle Pass

V-Bucks is Fortnite’s official currency inside the game. Things like battle pass and hard-to-get skins can be bought from this currency. When you reach new levels in the game, you acquire battle pass tiers. These tiers will have rewards associated with them. Some of these tiers will give you up to 100 V-Bucks.

If you have bought the battle pass and want to find a way to again get it in the coming season, then level up. Clear these tiers, and get V-Bucks to buy the battle pass in the coming season. 950 V-Bucks are needed for a battle pass.

Legendary Outfits

Reach level 110 and get that legendary outfit unique in every season. Chapter 2 Season 6 has relic-style outfits that are unlocked once anyone reaches level 110. For the ultimate rewards, a player has to reach the level of 225. There are 3 levels of these relic outfits. According to the Epic Games official website, the levels beyond 100 are called super levels. 

There are three skins for different levels.

  • Chromium is the central theme for season 6.
  • Runic has the same metallic finish as chromium but comes with the purple glow of Spire energy.
  • Golden skin is a blessing from the Spires with a purple glow.
CharacterRelic StyleLevel required
Spire AssassinChromium150
Spire AssassinRunic200
Spire AssassinGolden225
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