How to Make a Sponge in Minecraft? A Simple Guide

How to Make a Sponge in Minecraft? A Simple Guide

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Minecraft is an amazing game. It has gotten a lot of fame already because of the creative features or unique resources present in the game. One of them is a sponge. It is like a block that removes water as it absorbs it all. The sponge will turn into a wet sponge. The players use the sponge because it is one of the important resources for water removal. But how would you make it? 

To craft a sponge in Minecraft, you need to open the furnace menu. Next, add some fuel to the bottom of this fuel box in the furnace. Then add all the items like placing the wet sponge in the top box. Then you should see the flames for cooking the wet sponge and dry it out. Now, take it to the inventory, There you have it; you have successfully crafted a sponge.

Sponge in Minecraft is an incredibly helpful tool because it rapidly removes large amounts of water. The use of a sponge is a great way to fix any base that was destroyed by drowning it in water. The interesting part is that sponges are reusable. After turning into a wet sponge, it can turn back into a normal sponge as well after drying up. Let’s learn how to make a sponge.

How To Make A Sponge In Minecraft?

Sponges are like the many building blocks In Minecraft but have now become a unique resource. Before crafting the sponge, you have to learn what items are used to craft it. You can only make it in a furnace, instead of a crafting table.

Here is how you will be able to make a sponge in Minecraft.

Recipe How to Make A Sponge in Minecraft

For making a sponge you need to:

  • Open the furnace menu, then you will get two blocks. 
  • Next, add some fuel to the bottom of it. Now you can use coal because it is a good fuel to heat the sponge, but make sure it is kept on the upper box. 
  • Now put the wet sponge on the top box and put the fire on. Let it dry before using it. When the sponges dry up, then you have completed the whole process. 
  • Finally, it is ready to use. You can move it to your inventory.

What Items Do You Need to Make A Sponge?

The furnace is the main step of this process. The raw items include:

  • Coal as fuel
  • Wet sponge

Both are necessary items to make a sponge in Minecraft.

How to Make A Super Sponge in Minecraft?

How to Make a Sponge in Minecraft? A Simple Guide

It is covered by diamonds on the crafting table and it will never turn into a wet sponge. 

  • Super water sponge

To make this sponge you have to combine water-eating bacteria with a sponge.

  • Super lava sponge

To generate lava-eating bacteria, you have to combine red mushroom, magma cream, weeping vines, magma block, and a bottle. Then combine this lava-eating bacteria with a sponge.

  • Super water filling sponge

For this, you have to use compressed water buckets out of the nine buckets and then finally use compressed water and a sponge.

  • Super lava filling sponge

For this, you have to combine nine buckets of lava and then use compressed lava and a sponge.

Can You Grow Sponges in Minecraft?

It will happen when you add a wet sponge to your inventory. In survival mode, it grows in the ocean monument naturally. That monument is called a Guardian Temple.

Where To Find Items Needed to Make A Sponge in Minecraft?

You can make a sponge in a furnace menu where you will follow the whole process of crafting it. You will find all the raw materials there like coal as fuel, wet sponge and flames will be used to cook the wet sponge.

How Do You Get A Sponge in Minecraft?

Minecraft Sponges are quite rare items that you cannot get through conventional means. But there are several different methods of getting the sponge.

In the ocean monuments, there are two ways to get sponges. But before that, you have to do a little effort of finding these ocean monuments. These monuments are mostly in seas and such locations have some hostile foes around.

The first method used to get the sponge is to find the sponge room hidden in the monument. This method is a little bit tricky. Now the second method to get a sponge is by killing an Elder Guardian. These aggressive mobs will always drop at least one wet sponge after you kill it. Defeating an Elder Guardian is not a simple achievement, it does offer an attractive reward for those who defeated them.

How To Get A Dry Sponge In Minecraft?

In Minecraft version 1.15, there was a way to dry out wet sponges. If you put a wet sponge in the Nether, then it will rapidly dry it out into a normal sponge. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, these sponges can dry out by putting them in a dry biome. This wet sponge will change into a regular sponge after sitting few minutes in a dry biome. 

There is one more way to dry it out and this is the easiest way to do it. You have to put the wet sponges in the furnace which will dry them out after melting. It also allows them to absorb more water.

Are Minecraft Sponges Rare?

It is very hard to imagine Minecraft without blocks as they are the foundations of the game’s world. So if you talk about a sponge, that block is extremely rare to come by in Minecraft. You can get it from the “sponge room” which is hidden in the ocean monument or by defeating an “Elder Guardian”.

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