How to Make an Ender Chest in Minecraft? The Easy Way

How to Make an Ender Chest in Minecraft? The Easy Way

The first time I heard about Minecraft, I kept wondering what could possibly be fascinating about a video game in which players only get to find and smash blocks. 

Well, let’s just say my first trial was all the convincing I needed. I was immediately hooked, and ever since, Minecraft became one of the very few things I binged on.

Turned out that I wasn’t the only skeptic who found the adventure game series intriguing. 

There are tons of players out there having quite a good time on Minecraft until it’s time to become more than just a survivor, the time to become as much of a creative as a survivor.

What’s considered as one of the biggest feats of creativity and survival alike in Minecraft is the switch from making regular chests to making ender chests, but as you likely have experienced already, that’s when things get a bit tricky.

But never to worry, the goal is to walk you through how to make an ender chest in Minecraft. 

Actually, the goal is a little more than that. For most, making an ender chest isn’t just the problem, uncomplicating the process is. Well, that’s about to change. Here’s how to make an ender chest in Minecraft, the easy way. 

First, you need to understand deeply how the various chests in Minecraft work, that is, know the differences between all four types of chests in the game, what makes a chest what it is. Once that’s done, the next step is, find the items required for making an ender chest, a 3×3 crafting table, obsidian, and the eye of ender, then follow the easy-to-make steps.

Seems quite easy already, right? It’s even easier if you have every step laid out in the detail. Read on.

How to make an Ender Chest in Minecraft

How to Make an Ender Chest in Minecraft? The Easy Way

Trusting that most players already know the differences between all chests, I’ll delve right into the needed materials for making an ender chest in Minecraft.


Two major items are needed to make an ender chest, obsidian, and the eye of ender. What’s often required are eight blocks of Obsidian and the Eye of Ender.  These two items are said to be quite difficult to find, one reason is, people don’t know exactly where to look. And when they do find them, there’s always the crafting table problem. 

To keep the process smooth, it’s better to get the crafting table problem sorted out before anything else.

Minecraft crafting tables

Crafting tables are the spine of the Minecraft game. As the name rightly suggests, crafting tables are used in crafting needed items in the game. Without a crafting table, nothing can be made, and that includes the ender chests. 

By default, this feature appears in Minecraft as a 2×2 sized grid. The problem is, to create an ender chest, a 3×3 sized crafting table is needed. 

As I know it,  stumbling upon a crafting table of that size is next to impossible, players are left with just one choice, to create a crafting table using a crafting table. 

Here’s how.

Materials needed to build a Crafting Table

Just four wood planks are needed. So get the four wood planks into your inventory, don’t worry about getting the same type of wood for each plank, as long as it’s a wooden plank, it should work.

If finding the wood planks proves difficult, make them by placing a block of wood on your default crafting table. One block of wood should give you at least four wood planks.

Ax down a tree to get a block of wood.

With your four wood planks readily available, go back to the default 2×2 crafting table and place each plank on the grid, there should be four slots in total. 

If that’s done then you should have a 3×3 sized crafting table visible on the other side. Put it inside your inventory and you’re back on track with making your ender chest.

Where and how to get Obsidian?

Interestingly, you can create or at least consciously begin the initial phase of the production of obsidian. Obsidian is often found and dug out at watered-down lava spots. So rather than wandering the dimensions in search of it, how about making it yourself? 

Also, if you decide to search for it instead, there’s an infinite source of obsidian in the End division, it’s automatically created every time a player steps into the region.

Here’s the easy part about creating obsidian. Using a bucket, take some lava from any lava pool, and drop it in a blocked pit, the four-block type of pit especially. 

Get some water, keep quite a distance above the lava, and pour into the lava, make sure you keep a steady flow while pouring the water in, and there you have it, the process turns lava into obsidian which can be dug out with a pickaxe. 

How to find the Eye of Ender?

How to Make an Ender Chest in Minecraft? The Easy Way

Being an ingredient essential to the creation of not just ender chests but other elements, the Eye of Ender is a gem that most players seek to acquire. However, even this gem has to be created too. 

To create the Eye of Ender, you’d need to obtain a blaze powder and, of course, an ender pearl. Quick fact, it’s typical for Endermen to drop Ender pearls when they die. 

About getting blaze powder, look for those gold-colored flying malevolence mobs, exterminate them and get the rods they always drop after dying. With those rods, you can make blaze powder. 

Now that you have all the required ingredients, it’s time to make your ender chest. Follow the next steps.

Step one

Access your crafting table, make sure you’re working with a 3×3 grid size. When your crafting table is set, bring out all the needed ingredients from the inventory.

Step two

With no less than eight obsidian blocks in your custody, cover with the blocks every vacant space on your crafting table except for the middle spot.

Step three

Granted every spot on your crafting table is covered with obsidian except one, this where the magic happens, now place the eye of ender on the vacant spot. If that’s done, your ender chest should be visible.

Step four

Without further ado, drag your ender chest into your inventory!

I do want to believe, following the steps, no one would and should have to break a sweat trying to create an ender chest in Minecraft. 

Congratulations, you just made an ender chest from scratch, now that you have it, it’s only proper to know how it works.

How does Ender Chest work?

To understand how something works, you have to understand what it is. Like other chests in Minecraft, ender chests store items. Although, unlike other chests, the items stored in ender chests can be shared with any other ender chest found in other dimensions. So you can have a diamond pickaxe stored in an ender chest in this dimension and still find it in any ender chest in whatever dimension you decide to move to. 

Note, the items kept in an ender chest are only accessible to the player who kept them there. 

One more amazing thing about ender chests is their tolerance for disaster. Whatever happens in this dimension, you can be sure to find your inventory stored in an ender chest unaffected.

What should you keep in your Ender Chest?

What wouldn’t anyone want to keep in an ender chest? Basically, anything can be kept in an ender chest. I’d advise you to keep first, before anything else, food. Minecraft is fun no doubt, yet quite unpredictable too. Explosions could take out a player’s other chests in seconds, so keep some backup food in your ender chest along with other valued goods like your armor, precious stones, and magical tools.

Can you have two Ender Chests? 

Many have played around with the idea of having two ender chests. I think having two ender chests would mean too much power. With one ender chest, you can pass your items to other ender chests, one at a time. However, one player owning two ender chests, side by side, containing different items is yet to possible in Minecraft.

What happens when you destroy an Ender Chest with stuff in it?

Ender Chests are almost impossible to destroy. They’re explosion resistant, nonetheless, they are still quite vulnerable to pickaxe and ender dragon. True, the chests aren’t indestructible, however, if they do get destroyed with things inside of them, the items would be found in the next ender chest found or created by the player.

So you see, making an ender chest in Minecraft wasn’t all that difficult after all, deciphering the process and taking each step at a time was the key. 

Minecraft is an amazing game. It’s a place where you can create and explore. With about four hundred recipes available for the crafting of various items, you definitely wouldn’t want to stop at creating just ender chests. Keep playing, keep the creative juice flowing.

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