How to Make Big in Little Alchemy 2?

How to Make Big in Little Alchemy 2?

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Little Alchemy 2 allows players to really get creative with just about anything you could imagine – from random items like materials and objects to iconic fiction characters and mythical figures. But, apart from materials and inanimate objects, players can also create some colossal structures and even creatures using the Big element in Little Alchemy 2, which can feel quite complex for many players.

Players can create Big using 6 different combinations in Little Alchemy 2, but the quickest and most common way is to combine a Planet with Philosophy. All of the Big combinations are relatively complex, but this is the simplest method for creating Big in the game.

Although the concept of creating Big in order to make large items and grand structures in Little Alchemy 2 can feel intimidating, the process can be made really straightforward with the right approaches. Stick around to find out exactly how to create Big from scratch in Little Alchemy 2, including the required base items as well as the step-by-step guidelines.

Little Alchemy 2

Designed by Jakub Koziol and developed by Recloak Games back in 2010, Little Alchemy enables anyone to create the world as we know it using the most vital building blocks that can be found in the universe – the natural elements. It’s an amazing way to encourage deep thinking and appreciation for even the most standard objects around the world – but, it’s pretty fun just messing around with endless combinations as well!

Little Alchemy 2 is the sequel to Little Alchemy with the addition of enhanced audio, visuals, and more items. It is a fantastic game for anyone with a curious mind or creative streak since it enables players to create tons of items and even characters using a variety of materials and resources. This game is all about experimenting with different components using ingenuity, much like the original Little Alchemy.


How to Make Time in Little Alchemy 2?

The 4 natural elements make up the base of all creatable items and characters in the game, but players will end up unlocking more and more elements to work with as they progress through the game. Players will simply need to combine base elements in specific ways as they unlock new elements, and then keep building on them and transmuting items until they reach the final product.

“The game is based on an extremely old tradition of Alchemy. In the game, you start with 4 elements, Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. The first game had around 100 elements to create, but since it has received multiple updates, it resulted in 589 elements so far.”

Players and fans of all ages now have access to around 700 different craftables in the game. Plenty of Little Alchemy 2 players love how fun and interesting it is to explore nature’s most prized components and use them to create familiar items from fiction pieces, fantasies, mythology, or even just from everyday life.

How To Make Big In Little Alchemy 2

The idea of Big isn’t so much an element, much like the other craftables that can be compared to elements or materials in the real world. Instead, it is a way of finding a means to fashion many complex items and structures that we cannot quite explain – in addition to a simplified way to make large items in the game.


This element has been described as “when small grows up” in Little Alchemy 2, a great way to summarize its primary use in the game. Big can be extremely useful in a wide variety of materials and elements in Little Alchemy, as it can be used as a component in forming items such as:

Big and AquariumSwimming pool
Big and BirdOstrich
Big and BirdcageAviary
Big and BoulderHill
Big and CarBus
Big and CatLion
Big and Deity/ MonsterGiant
Big and DucklingDuck
Big and EarthMountain
Big and ExplosionAtomic Bomb
Big and FaerieElf
Big and Fairy Tale/ StoryLegend
Big and GoblinOrc
Big and GrassPlant
Big and Griffin/ PhoenixZiz
Big and HillMountain
Big and HouseSkyscraper
Big and KiteParaglider
Big and LakeSea
Big and LandContinent
Big and LizardDinosaur
Big and MouseRat
Big and OuroborosJörmungandr
Big and PebbleRock
Big and Planet/ SaturnJupiter
Big and PlantTree
Big and PondLake
Big and RainFlood
Big and RivuletStream
Big and Rock/ StoneBoulder
Big and SafeVault
Big and SeaOcean
Big and ShovelExcavator
Big and SnowBlizzard
Big and SoilLand
Big and StreamRiver
Big and TentCircus
Big and VillageCity
Big and WatchClock
Big and WindTornado

Big will be useful for tons of things further down the line, but creating it in Little Alchemy 2 is still far more complex than many other elements in the game. There are currently 6 different combinations available for making Big in Little Alchemy 2, namely:

  • Universe and Philosophy
  • Galaxy and Philosophy
  • Galaxy Cluster and Philosophy
  • Solar System and Philosophy
  • Sun and Philosophy
  • Planet and Philosophy

That being said, while all of these combinations are somewhat complex, some of them are still far more complicated than others. Some elements will require more discoveries and steps to create on their own, and players could end up spending way more time than necessary.


How to Make Sand in Little Alchemy 2?

Most Little Alchemy 2 players choose to make use of the Planet and Philosophy combination – it will still require more steps than most elements in the game, but it is the simplest out of all other combinations. Making a Planet is relatively simple in the game, but making Philosophy will be more complex.

planet philosophy

Follow the steps below to create Big in Little Alchemy 2:

1Earth and FireLava
2Water and WaterPuddle
3Earth and Earthland
4Fire and FireEnergy
5Puddle and WaterPond
6Earth and LandContinent
7Air and LavaStone
8Fire and StoneMetal
9Continent and ContinentPlanet
10Pond and WaterLake
11Stone and StoneWall
12Lake and WaterSea
13Wall and WallHouse
14Earth and MetalPlow
15Earth and PlowField
16Earth and SeaPrimordial Soup
17Energy and Primordial SoupLife
18Fire and LifePhoenix
19Phoenix and PhoenixEgg
20Field and HouseBarn
21Barn and EggChicken
22Chicken and EggPhilosophy

From here, all players will then need to do is combine the Planet and the Philosophy that they have created. Combining these two items will create Big.

  1. Select “Planet” from the Elements panel.
  2. Drag it and drop it onto the playing board.
  3. Select “Philosophy” from the Elements panel.
  4. Drag it and drop the “Philosophy” onto the “Planet” on the playing board.
  5. The Philosophy and the Planet will then be combined to make Big.

That’s it! Once you combine these items, you will have successfully created the Big element in Little Alchemy 2, which you can then use to make huge living creatures, grand natural formations, and large manmade structures in the game. While the process may seem complex at first, all it really takes is some strategic drags and drops for you to get Big in your Little Alchemy 2 world.

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