‘Idol Bu Show’ to Get an Anime Film This Summer


According to Idol Bu Show’s Official Twitter account, the multimedia project will be getting an animated film sometime this summer. The project was launched back in 2019. Since then, CDs and singles for the idol groups have been released.

A key visual for the project was also released. You can view the graphic below: 


The story and setting of Idol Bu Show are unique, despite it centering on idols and some isekai subthemes. Idol Bu Show follows a battle royale between three rival idol groups- No Princess, Lunatic Eyes, and X-UC. Each idol unit is led by a Sengoku-era commander transported into modern-day Japan as a music producer. The idol groups battle it out through live performances. Winners are picked based on the number of sales and votes after every performance. 


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The first idol group, No Princess, is a four-member street style unit that incorporates dynamic dances and R&B music. Saito Dosan’s reincarnation “Shigemichi Saito” is the leader of this unit. During the Sengoku Period, Saito was the father-in-law of the Japanese daimyo Oda Nobunaga. You can view the character designs of the four members below: 


The next group is called Lunatic Eyes, and it is led by Date Masamune’s reincarnation “Muneto Date.” This group only has three members. 


The final group, X-UC, is made up of 10 girls. Out of the three groups, X-UC has the most variety in terms of character costumes and designs. Sanada Yukimura’s reincarnation “Konosuke Sanada” is the leader of this idol group. 


More information will be released regarding the original anime film in the coming months. You can stay updated by following the Official Twitter account of the multimedia project. 

Source: Official Website of Idol Bu Show

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