Infinite Craft: Here’s How To Make Luffy

how to create luffy infinite craft

Infinite Craft has a very simple definition, it’s a game in which you can make pretty much everything, and the possibilities are endless. But besides some natural phenomena such as jungles, oceans, and cities you can also create pop culture references, and in the anime community one of the most recognizable names is Monkey D. Luffy the protagonist of the long-running ‘One Piece.’ Now, creating Luffy is not the easiest feat in the game, but that’s why we’re here to help. Let’s see how to create Monkey D. Luffy in Infinite Craft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can create Luffy in Infinite Craft by combining the following elements: Pirate King + One Piece, One Piece + Monkey
  • Further to create specifically Monkey D. Luffy you need to combine the following elements: Luffy+ monkey, Pirate King + Luffy , Anime + monkey.

Step 1 – Creating a pirate

So you want to create Luffy in Infinite Craft and you’re wondering where to start, the easiest point to start with is to create a pirate since it’s going to give you like 70 % elements that you need to create anime and One piece. To create pirate in Infinite Craft follow these steps:

  1. Earth + Earth = Mountain
  2. Mountain + Water = Lake
  3. Lake + Water = Ocean
  4. Earth + Water = Plant
  5. Plant + Plant = Tree
  6. Tree + Tree = Forest
  7. Forest + Wood = Wood
  8. Wood + Ocean = Boat
  9. Boat + Ocean = Ship
  10. Ship + Ocean = Pirate

Here’s a visual representation of how the process looks:

how to make pirate

Step 2 – Creating anime

To create anime you’re going to basically need to create Japan and United States, luckily we have most of what we need the process is as follows:

Creating United States

  1. Ocean + Earth = Island
  2. Island + Earth = Continent
  3. Continent + Lake = America

Creating Japan

  1. Plant + Water = Swamp
  2. Swamp + Plant = Venus Flytrap
  3. Venus Flytrap + Ocean = Seaweed
  4. Seaweed + Mountain = Sushi
  5. Earth + Continent = Land
  6. Land + Sushi = Japan

Now merge Japan and United States to get anime,

how to make anime in infinite craft

Step 3 – Creating One Piece

The third step is now rather straightforward all you need to do to create One Piece is merge pirate and anime:

how to get one piece in infinite craft

Step 4 – Creating a monkey

The fourth important element is the monkey, you can create it by merging the following:

  1. Tree + Wood = Paper
  2.  Paper + Paper = Book  
  3. Forest + Forest = Jungle  
  4. Book + Jungle = Tarzan
  5. Tarzan + Jungle = Monkey
How to Make Monkey in infinite craft

Step 4 – Creating Luffy

The last thing we need to do to get only Luffy is to combine pirate, anime & One Piece. You can merge elements in various combinations, no matter what combinations you merge you will always end up with Luffy:

  1. Pirate King + One Piece = Luffy
  2. One Piece + Monkey = Luffy
How to make luffy in one piece 1

Step 5 – Creating Monkey D. Luffy

The last specific step is to create Monkey D. Luffy you can do this by merging the following:

  1. Luffy+ monkey = Monkey D. Luffy
  2. Pirate King + Luffy = Monkey D. Luffy
  3. Anime + monkey = Monkey D. Luffy
how to make monkey d. luffy

Step 6 – different combinations with Luffy

Now that you have Pirate King, Luffy, One Piece, etc. you can create various other things from ‘One Piece’ franchise:

  1. Luffy + Water = Gear 2
  2. Luffy + Fire = Ace
  3. Luffy + Earth = Gum Gum
  4. Luffy + Seaweed = Nami
  5. Luffy + Tree = Gomu Gomu no Mi
  6. Gum Gum + Gomu Gomu no Mi = Gum Gum Fruit
  7. Gum Gum Fruit + Luffy = Rubber Man
Gum Gum fruit luffy rubber man

Have more combinations to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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