Injustice 2 Mobile: The Batman Who Laughs Is Coming! First Teaser Revealed

Popular free-to-play DC game Injustice 2 mobile is usually adding new heroes to its roster with each new update. The last update brought Classic Wonder Woman, ripped from the golden age comic book pages, and the next update will give us something a lot darker.

Batman who laughs… is a Batman who always wins.

For those who don’t know, The Batman Who Laughs is a supervillain version of Bruce Wayne from Earth-22, also known as Dark Multiverse. His terrifying “Batman with the Joker’s laugh” look makes him look extremely wicked. Although he’s not very known among the DC villains, he’s definitely one of the scariest. Considering that Halloween is closing it, here’s an idea for the dress-up this year if you got tired of becoming Batman or Joker every year. This year you can try both at the same time.

Injustice 2 Mobile issued the latest update this month ahead of Wonder Woman day, adding the new character – Classic Wonder Woman – and a new feature – Injustice Pass – which offers players more rewards by doing the optional tasks.

It is unknown when will the next update arrive, but here’s the teaser for the upcoming character. In teaser we can see chains, which are something like Batman Who Laugh’s signature, Joker card and we can hear his laugh in the background.

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