Inside Man Senator’s Riddle: $253.55 Mystery Explained

Inside Man is the newest crime-solving drama series to hit Netflix, as it follows a death row inmate that was quite unique because he was often asked to help solve crimes that were deemed unsolvable. Of course, the first puzzle that we saw him solving was in relation to the money that was entering the bank account of a senator on a regular basis. The number that popped up was $253.55, which would enter his account from time to time for reasons that he didn’t understand. So, what is the meaning of the $253.55 entering his account?

The $253.55 entering the account of the senator is the result of a misunderstanding on the part of Celina Cadiz, who was a woman allegedly raped by the senator 30 years ago. That’s because she often read the text of the senator’s wife as “pay the rapist” instead of “pay therapist” whenever the wife tells her to do so.

While people were initially puzzled by this at the start, it appeared to be quite a simple solution to what seemed to be something that was enigmatic to all of the people involved in the case, as the senator himself didn’t even know where this money was coming from. So, with that said, let’s shed some light on this puzzle.

What Is The Case Of The Senator In Inside Man?

Inside Man is the newest crime-solving drama series that can be seen on Netflix, as it just recently entered the library of the streaming giant. Of course, while there is a bigger crime going on in the background of this series, there are smaller crimes that are solved by our resident problem-solving inmate named Jefferson Grieff, who is on death row for murdering his wife.

While he was on death row, Grieff actually met with several different people that wanted their problems solved. That’s because he used to be a criminology professor and became famous for being able to use his deductive skills to come up with quick and easy answers to cases that were seemingly cold and unsolvable. And the first case that we saw in episode 1 was in relation to a senator.

The senator went to Grieff to ask for his help. When the senator was introduced, Grieff was with his fellow inmate named Dillon Kempton, who was basically a recording device because of his amazing memory. So, as Grieff was hearing the senator out, Dillon was there listening to the entire case so that he would act as the ex-professor’s assistant.

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Grieff’s meeting with the senator opened up with him talking about the three women that the senator allegedly raped 30 years ago. Of course, the senator denied anything related to the alleged sexual assault because he himself claimed that he was cleared of any charges. He also said that one of the alleged victims, Celina Cadiz, went on to work in his office, as he believed that this was proof that he didn’t commit any crime.

But that wasn’t the point of the senator’s visit. Instead, he went to Grieff because he needed help regarding a certain sum of money that was entering his account from time to time. He said that a sum of $253.55 often entered his account. And when Grieff asked him what prompted the money entering his account, the senator said that he noticed that this was happening shortly after he had sex with his wife.

Grieff seemingly solved the case instantly and even went on to say that the senator had indeed raped one of the victims. He dismissed the case without helping the senator, as he revealed later that the senator’s case didn’t fit his criteria. The criteria involved the fact that he wanted to do something good. And considering that he believed that the senator did indeed rape at least one victim, he believed that helping the senator was not in line with his criteria.

What Is The Significance Of The $253.55 In The Senator’s Case?

Of course, throughout the episode, the significance of the $253.55 became a topic between Grieff and Dillon. As amazing as Dillon’s photographic memory was, it wasn’t good enough to help him solve this case as he wasn’t entirely good at piecing together information that he had in his brain. So, throughout the episode, Grieff was giving him clues from time to time so that he can actually solve the case.

However, it was only at the end of the episode that Grieff finally told the significance of the $253.55 and what it meant. He also said that he knew where the money was coming from and what it was for. And this was the reason why he didn’t want to help the senator, even though he had already solved the case.

As mentioned, the senator’s office had an employee named Celina Cadiz, who was one of the alleged rape victims 30 years ago. Of course, considering that she worked with the senator, she was in close proximity to the senator’s wife and must’ve told her about what happened between her and the senator three decades ago.

While the senator’s wife couldn’t do anything about it, she was still disgusted about the fact that she married a rapist and that he had gotten away with it. As such, whenever they had sex, she needed to go see a therapist because she felt that she needed to get it off her chest as she couldn’t live with the guilt of having sex with a rapist. And this is where it gets interesting.

Because the senator’s wife couldn’t pay the therapist using her joint account with her husband, as this would seem suspicious, she must’ve asked help from Celina Cadiz, who was the only one she could confide in due to the fact that they were in the same boat. And she was asking Celina to pay the therapist’s professional fee, which was the aforementioned $253.55.

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But the problem was that Celina was not entirely young anymore, considering that the assault happened 30 years ago. That meant that her eyes were no longer that sharp and that the text on her phone would be larger than usual.

So, whenever the wife would send her a text telling her to “pay therapist,” she would read it as “pay the rapist” due to the larger text font on her phone. And this is where she would deposit the $253.55 sum in the account of the senator, as she believed that the wife was telling her to actually pay the rapist.

Of course, Cadiz would once again get a reminder from the wife to pay the actual therapist, and that was when she would pay the man she should have paid from the very start. It’s actually a pretty simple solution to what seemed to be a complex problem at the beginning.

This is also the reason why Jefferson Grieff was able to come up with the conclusion that Celina was indeed a rape victim, as she wouldn’t have understood the text to mean that the senator’s wife wanted her to pay the money to the senator, who Cadiz saw as a rapist. And that was what made him decide not to help the senator, as helping a rapist did not meet his criteria.

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