Inuyashiki Watch Order: Including Movie

Inuyashiki Watch Order: The Complete 2022 Guide (Including Movie)

Inuyashiki is a seinen manga written and drawn by Hiroya Oku. It was published between January 2014 and July 2017 in Evening magazine and was published in ten bound volumes by Kōdansha between May 2014 and September 2017. An anime adaptation by studio MAPPA aired between October and December 2017 on Fuji TV in the noitaminA time slot. A live-action film adaptation was released in April 2018. In this article, we are going to give you the right Inuyashiki watch order.

Now, Inuyashiki really doesn’t have an overall complex structure when the anime is concerned, but in order to make things easier and more clear for you, we have decided to bring you a detailed guide on how to watch Inuyashiki.

Inuyashiki watch order by release date

In this section, we are going to bring you an overview of the Inuyashiki works in the proper release order:

  1. Inuyashiki (anime, 2017)

The series has also given us a live-action Inuyashiki movie released in 2018. Still, since that movie is not part of the main timeline, we’re not going to talk about it in this episode guide. In the next part of this article, we are going to tell you how you should watch the series in chronological order.


Where to Watch Inuyashiki? Is It on Netflix, Crunchyroll, Disney+ or Hulu?

Inuyashiki chronological watch order

In this section, we are going to give you a chronological overview of the works in question:

1. Episode 1: “Ichirō Inuyashiki”

Ichiro inuyashiki

Trapped in his monotonous life and aging body, employee Inuyashiki Ichirou automatically goes through his work routine. When he moves in with his wife and children into their modest new home, the children are not impressed. After a visit to his physician, during which he is diagnosed with stomach cancer and informed that he has only three months left, he attempts to call his family but they don’t answer his calls. One evening, while walking in a park on a hill with his dog, he collapses and starts crying. Suddenly, he and a young man standing near him are hit by a mysterious explosion, apparently of extraterrestrial origin.

His body is replaced with an unbelievably powerful mechanical body, but he keeps his human appearance. He comes to cope with some of his body’s new powers after rescuing a homeless man who was being attacked by a group of teenagers. His body’s electronics also manage to identify teenagers and expose them to everyone. He then comprehends that, even though his body is now the body of an electromechanical cyborg, he can still think and feel like a human.

2. Episode 2: “Hiro Shishigami”

High school student Hiro Shishigami notices that a friend of his, Naoyuki Andou, was absent from school and goes to visit him. Shishigami says he’s no longer human and demonstrates some of his powers. Naoyuki is impressed until Shishigami smashes cars in the street, realizing it’s not just tricks. Shishigami reveals his cyborg body and persuades Naoyuki to return to school, calmly offering to kill the student who beat him. However, Naoyuki is afraid of Shishigami’s mental state and powers.

After leaving Naoyuki’s house, Shishigami randomly selects a house and casually kills the occupants by firing an invisible beam while making a gun gesture. He notes that he feels “alive”. When the girl comes home, Shishigami threatens to kill her and Inuyashiki hears her scream in fear. He continued driving, following the voice he hears in his head until he hears her die. He eventually arrives home and finds the bodies, but is confronted by Shishigami, who shoots him in the head. However, when Shishigami leaves, Inuyashiki has already recovered and stands at the door, much to Shishigami’s amazement.

3. Episode 3: “Naoyuki Ando”

Surprised by Inuyashiki’s recovery, Shishigami uses the jets behind his back to fly away. Inuyashiki realizes that Shishigami has gone through the same metamorphosis as him, but cannot understand his motivation. Shishigami visits Naoyuki again, who still refuses to return to school. Meanwhile, Inuyashiki sees thugs dragging a young man down an alley.

He follows them and defeats them using his physical strength only. He then hears the screams of the people trapped in a burning building and attempts to summon the flight mechanism he saw on Shishigami. Desperately trying, he sings the theme song from Astro Boy and flies off, but struggles to control the jets. He finally reaches the crime scene and rescues those trapped. Shishigami eventually convinces Naoyuki to return to school, but when bullies threaten Naoyuki, Shishigami intervenes and forces her to retreat.

Later that afternoon, he kills the bullies from afar as Naoyuki watches. Shishigami describes his many powers to Naoyuki, including control of electronic devices, including ATM milking. Naoyuki then states that he can no longer be friends with someone who kills and steals, and Shishigami walks away. That evening, Inuyashiki discovers his healing powers when he revives a roadkill cat. Meanwhile, Shishigami again randomly invades a house and kills all the inhabitants.

4. Episode 4: “Samejima”

Hiro Shishigami

A member of the Yakuza is sexually assaulted by his boss, Samejima, after a woman dies of a drug overdose. Elsewhere, Fumino Inoue, a young woman who works at a cafe, becomes engaged to her boyfriend Satoru, but is kidnapped by Samejima’s men while on the way home. She is given drugs for the purpose of sexual assault, but injures Samejima and manages to escape and return to Satoru.

Before they can do anything, Samejima and his men break into his apartment to kidnap Fumino. Samejima starts to choke Satoru, but suddenly Inuyashiki arrives at the apartment and incapacitates the men. Inuyashiki begins to run over Samejima, who then takes out a gun and shoots Inuyashiki in the head, causing the latter to collapse. When Inuyashiki comes to his senses, he is alone in the apartment with a dead Satoru, but Inuyashiki manages to revive him.

Meanwhile, he tracks down Samejima and flies to find him at a yakuza meeting. He calls Samejima and beats him. As the rest of the Yakuza fire volleys of bullets at Inuyashiki, his cyborg body’s self-defense mechanism activates and the laser beams from his power plant blind and maim the men, paralyzing them all permanently. He then finds Fumino, saves her, and reunites her with Satoru.

5. Episode 5: “Yuko Shishigami”

Media reports the attack on Koudankai crime syndicate and another house in Suganami district was attacked with some kind of gun, but there was no trace of bullets. In school, Shishigami and Naoyuki are being suspected by the other students to be responsible for the bullies’ deaths. Naoyuki attempts to report Shishigami but cannot bring himself to do so.

After reading that people with serious illnesses have been miraculously cured, Naoyuki suspects Shishigami but dismisses it, believing there might be others like him with similar powers. To find out, he shouts that he is going to be killed, and Inuyashiki comes to his door. When Inuyashiki admits who he is, Naoyuki swears to help him stop Shishigami, even if it means killing the latter.

Her classmate Shion Watanabe confesses her feelings to Shishigami, who thanks her. That night, Naoyuki tricks Inuyashiki into testing his powers, but he struggles to control them. At the same time, Shishigami’s mother tells him that she has cancer and only months to live, and Shishigami heals her. The next morning, she sees that she has been cured and Shishigami swears to stop killing for her mother’s sake. However, after the media reported a breakthrough in the domestic homicide cases, the police surrounded Shishigami’s house and attempted to arrest him.

6. Episode 6: “People of 2 Chan”

Shishigami escapes the grip of the police, flees, and takes refuge in Shion’s house. Meanwhile, Naoyuki tells Inuyashiki that Shishigami has integrated his cell phone into his electronic system and tricks Inuyashiki into doing the same. When testing the communication distance, Inuyashiki flies as high as an orbiting satellite. Hiding in hiding for the next few days, Shishigami finds people insulting his mother on 2chan.

Ashamed of Shishigami’s actions and hounded by the media, her mother commits suicide. Distraught over his mother’s death, Shishigami goes to his father’s house. When he finds the media outside the house talking to his father, he murders them in front of his father and then goes to seek revenge on everyone who posted insults on 2channel. He kills them by hacking into their computers and shooting them through their computer screens.

7. Episode 7: “Shion Watanabe”

Shishigami returns to Shion, overwhelmed by recent events. In a flashback, Shishigami is waiting for a train in a crowded subway station, and a middle-aged man stands in front. Later, Shishigami confesses to Shion that he is the killer, but she does not wanto to believe him. He tells her about the train crash, the joy he felt when a life was taken, and how alive he feels now to take the lives of other people. She does not want to accept that he is not human until he takes her to heaven. Instead of fearing for her life, she begs him to stay with her and her grandmother.

Shishigami changes his mind and decides to save the lives of people who are about to die. Shishigami begins to heal people on a daily basis, which brings Shion great joy. Two months later, Shishigami and Shion are living a happy life, but the police managed to find him.

8. Episode 8: “Mari Inuyashiki”

inuyashiki 1001

A police SAT unit breaks into Shion’s house and begins shooting at Shishigami, killing Shion and her grandmother as well. Under the intense attack, he grabs the bodies of Shion and his grandmother and flies away, only to bring them back to life later with his healing power. Inuyashiki tells Naoyuki about his separation from his daughrer, Mari Inuyashiki, and they train using Inuyashiki’s new powers.

Mari is stunned to see Naoyuki with her father and goes after them to a hospital, where she discovers that her father is the mysterious faith healer. That night, Mari tells her parents that she wants to write manga instead of going to college, and Inuyashiki supports her decision.

Shishigami attacks the Gokokuji Police Station, killing all but one of the officers. As Shishigami goes, he is shot by a sniper and gunned down by a police assault team. Stunned, his self-protection mechanism lifts him off the ground and fires missiles, wiping out the entire assault team and surrounding police force.

9. Episode 9: “Shihjuku People”

The Inuyashiki family watches TV news about Shishigami’s attack on Gokokuji Police Station. Suddenly, Shishigami announces on all TV channels that he declares war on the country and swears to kill the whole population of 120 million people. He starts killing random people on the streets of Shinjuku, creating panic. He then phones a TV presenter and kills him as he broadcasts live.

Naoyuki deduced that Shishigami is using smartphones to murder people, and, through Inuyashiki, issues a warning for the public. Shishigami deduced that Naoyuki is working against him. Shishigami then starts killing people via TV screens and threatens to kill a 1,000 people a day. He makes an offer to take Shion and her grandmother, but she refuses and asks him to stop the murder. The next day, Shishigami crashes a passenger plane mid-air in the city.

10. Episode 10: “People of Tokyo”

Shishigami crashes several passenger planes in Tokyo; however, Inuyashiki manages to save some planes by force landingthem in the bay. At the same time, Mari is trapped in a burning building and calls her father for help. When Inuyashiki wants to go to save her, Shishigami locates him. After a brief talk, Shishigami dedeced that they were both at the park when they were hit by a mysterious explosion that caused them to transform into the cyborgs they are now.

But, Inuyashiki has become the hero while Shishigami sees himself as a villain. Shishigami assaults Inuyashiki, but they are evenly matched, and while Inuyashiki tries to reach his daughter, they fight using all the vast internal weapon systems at their disposal. Eventually, Inuyashiki manages to damage Shishigami and they both fall to the ground.

Recovering, Inuyashiki reaches Mari’s lifeless body and tries desperately to save her. He eventually manages to revive her, then saves others killed during Shishigami’s attack on the city and their subsequent battle. Meanwhile, two young women find Shishigami’s badly damaged body in an alley and help him.

11. Episode 11: “People of Earth”

Inuyashiki shows his transformed body to the members of his family, noting that it may just be a mechanical copy. However, when he recalls the events of their honeymoon, they realize he has all of his memories from the past and accept him for who he is. Shishigami visits his friend Naoyuki who just wants to hang out like before but Naoyuki calls Inuyashiki so Shishigami leaves.

The family spends time together, but after hearing the news of an impending meteor approaching Earth, Inuyashiki decides to do whatever it takes to stop it. He flies into space and tries to destroy the meteor but fails. Shishigami appears, reveals the mechanical body’s self-destruct button, and asks Inuyashiki to press it (armless), saying that there are also people on Earth he wants to save, such as Naoyuki and Shion.

Inuyashiki informs Naoyuki of this and makes Naoyuki cry. Inuyashiki helps Shishigami self-destruct, but it’s not enough, and he also blows himself up to complete the task. After these events, Inuyashiki’s son learns how to defend himself from bullies, and Mari’s manga is chosen for publication.