Is America Chavez Gay & Who Is Her Partner in the MCU?

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The newest superhero to join the MCU is America Chavez, who made her debut in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In the comics, America is a fairly new superhero as well and is quite popular because she is the first Latin LGBTQ superhero in the history of comics. But what about her counterpart in the MCU? Is America Chavez gay in the MCU as well?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness doesn’t establish America Chavez’s sexuality. It could be due to the fact that she is still portrayed to be a very young girl who’s probably still in her early teens. However, Marvel has indeed confirmed that America will be portrayed to be queer in the MCU.

Even though her sexuality is yet to be fully established in the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, there were still hints. Nevertheless, as America Chavez is set to become one of the bright young faces of the MCU, there is a good chance that her sexuality will be revealed in the future once both the character and the actress have reached a proper age.

Is America Chavez Gay In The MCU?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has expanded the MCU to greater heights by exploring the multiverse and by introducing a new character set to become one of the faces of Marvel Studios for years to come. This is where America Chavez comes in as one of the bright young stars that the MCU is hoping to bank on for a very long time because of how the character has a good future ahead of her.


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A good part of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’s plot focuses on America Chavez because this is a girl who has the ability to travel through dimensions and universes. Wanda Maximoff, who has embraced her identity as Scarlet Witch and is now corrupted by the darkhold, wants to drain America’s powers and covet them as her own so that she can travel to another universe to be with her children. As such, the entire plot of Multiverse of Madness is centered on Doctor Strange trying to find a way to protect America and stop Scarlet Witch.

In a way, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness also serves as the introductory platform that America Chavez needs to enter the MCU. And that’s because she is set to become one of the most popular comic book characters of the modern age.

As new as America Chavez is to the MCU, she is also pretty new in Marvel Comics as well. America made her first appearance in 2011 in the comic book entitled Vengeance #1. Then, in 2017, because of how popular she became, she received her own comic book series entitled America.

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The reason why America Chavez was able to rise through the comic book ranks rapidly is the fact that she broke all sorts of norms. She is a Latin character that is portrayed to be lesbian as well. As such, America Chavez is the first comic book character that’s both Latin and a member of the LGBTQ community.

While it was never a secret that America Chavez is queer in the comics, this leads us to her sexuality in the MCU. So, is America Chavez also a lesbian in the MCU?

At this point, we can say for sure that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness did not fully establish America Chavez’s sexuality. The movie did not entirely explain whether or not America is a lesbian, but there was a hint of her sexuality.

The movie hints at America Chavez’s sexuality in a scene where she and Strange traveled to a different universe and stepped on a platform that allowed them to access their memories. While Strange was able to see a memory with Christine Palmer giving him his most-cherished watch, Chavez was brought back to the moment where her powers first manifested and pulled her parents to a different universe. In that scene, her parents were portrayed to be both women.

In that regard, while the scene doesn’t fully establish America Chavez to be lesbian, it does hint at that fact. Establishing her parents to be lesbian might hint at the possibility that America Chavez grew up understanding that having same-sex parents is completely normal. It could also be possible that she was raised under the same conditions in her own universe. 


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Nevertheless, the film didn’t completely reveal her sexuality. It could be possible that Marvel Studios is biding its time to reveal her as a lesbian because both the character and the actress are still too young. 

In the movie, we can say for sure that America Chavez is still in her early teens or is probably a few years younger than Peter Parker. Meanwhile, Xochitl Gomez, the actress playing America, is still just 16 as of this writing and was probably 14 or 15 during the filming of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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That said, it might not be the right time in terms of America’s and Xochitl’s ages to explore the character’s sexuality. But the good news is that Marvel Studios is going to stay true to what has already been established in the comics.

“It’s important, as we always say, that these films present the world as it is, and the world outside your window, as they used to say in publishing,” Kevin Feige said. “That aspect of America’s character is from the comics. We always want to adapt them as well and as truthfully as we can.”

This means that Feige and the people at Marvel Studios will eventually completely establish America’s sexuality in the future. Feige even went on to say that America’s sexuality is an important element of her character. As such, the MCU will indeed stay true to her sexuality in the comics because that is who she is at her very core.

Does America Chavez Have A Partner In The MCU?

At this point in America Chavez’s lifespan as an MCU character, her sexuality is yet to be fully confirmed, probably because of her age. As such, America Chavez doesn’t have a partner in the MCU as well, but she might have one in the future.

In the comics, America Chavez is currently dating a character named Ramone Watts. She herself is a superhero that is fused with a living vibranium suit that she could morph into anything with a single thought. As such, Chavez and Watts are sort of a power couple in the comics, considering that they are both powerful superheroes.

Nevertheless, in the MCU, it might take a while before America Chavez’s partner will be revealed, especially considering that she is a fairly new character. And we don’t know whether or not the MCU will also adapt Ramone Watts as a new character in the future.