Is Goku from Dragon Ball Coming to Fortnite? (& When)


There is no doubt that Goku is one of the most recognizable anime characters of all time, and his popularity is right up there with the most popular characters in fiction history. Of course, we also know that Fortnite is currently right at the top in terms of video game popularity and has a history of collaborating with different popular movies, shows, and anime for skins and events. In that regard, is Goku from Dragon Ball coming to Fortnite?

Goku and other Dragon Ball characters coming to Fortnite is a huge possibility because data miners were able to find evidence to support that Fortnite and Dragon Ball will have a future collaboration. It is possible that this collab will come in August when the new Dragon Ball Super movie releases in America.

Thanks to data miners, Goku coming to Fortnite is all but confirmed. That means that fans of both Dragon Ball and Fortnite would have a lot of things to be excited about in the future when the collaboration does indeed happen. So, with that said, let’s look at what we know about the possible future collaboration between Dragon Ball and Epic Games.

Is Goku From Dragon Ball Coming To Fortnite?

One of the most popular video games in recent memory is Fortnite, which has always had a special place in the gaming community ever since its release. Of course, like a lot of different multiplayer games, one of the things that allowed Fortnite to stay popular is the fact that it continues to add new content that helps improve the excitement level among different gamers.

Collaborations with movies, TV shows, and anime have been some of the things that Epic Games has been doing to make sure that Fortnite still maintains its hold as one of the most popular video games today. And the success of Epic Games teaming up with anime franchises could be seen in the success and popularity of the Naruto collaboration.

In that regard, there is no doubt that a lot of Fortnite fans are anime fans, as Naruto was massively successful in the Epic Games collab. As such, there are those who believe that Epic Games is only going to continue collaborating with more anime franchises to bring in more people to Fortnite and to keep existing fans engaged. And the only other anime series that could possibly match Naruto’s popularity is Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball has long been one of the most successful and most popular anime franchises of all time, as it still is massively popular today. Of course, the Dragon Ball games are also quite popular and fun to play for different video game fans all over the world. So, if Epic Games were to once again use anime to increase Fortnite’s popularity, Goku and Dragon Ball should be great candidates. So, is Goku coming to Fortnite?

There is a good possibility that Goku and other Dragon Ball characters are indeed coming to Fortnite. This speculation was made possible through a data miner that found evidence that suggests a link between the two.

In the data-mined content, it appears that there is a file that contains the logo of Capsule Corp, a prominent entity in the Dragon Ball universe. This only leads to the possibility that there will be a future collaboration between Dragon Ball and Fortnite. As such, the chances of Goku making an appearance in the Epic Games hit video game is quite high as he is the face of the Dragon Ball franchise.


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Nevertheless, this isn’t conclusive of Goku coming to Fortnite in the future. It only points out a future collaboration between Dragon Ball and Fortnite, but we are yet to see any evidence that Goku himself is going to make an appearance in the game in some capacity. But the fact that Epic Games made a lot of money out of the Naruto collab suggests that this is a great way for the company to once again make tons of money, considering that Dragon Ball is just as popular or may even be more popular than Naruto.

Again, these are all speculations on our part as we are yet to hear anything from Epic Games. But the collaboration between Dragon Ball and Fortnite is all but confirmed. The only thing we need to know from Epic Games is whether or not Goku will be in the game.

When Is Goku Coming To Fortnite?

At this point, we really don’t know when the Goku or Dragon Ball collab with Fortnite will come. But there are those who believe that Dragon Ball and Fortnite will try to use the upcoming western release of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

While Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has already been released in Japan, it is going to see a release in the US on August 19, 2022. As such, there are those who believe that Epic Games will try to use the hype that the movie is getting to promote the collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball.


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That is why there is a standing belief that the Dragon Ball and Fortnite collaboration will be released sometime in August. It should happen before the release of the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie so that the game itself will promote the movie among western audience members.

What We Know About The Dragon Ball Fortnite Collab

Now that we know that there is a good chance that Dragon Ball will indeed have a collaboration with Epic Games through Fortnite, let’s look at some of the things that we know about this collaboration.

There is a good chance that the collaboration will be mostly about skins, as anime skins have been a popular choice in the Fortnite community. In fact, the Naruto skins were quite popular back then, and it’s going to be exciting to see just how popular the Dragon Ball skins will be if there will indeed be skins that will be released in the upcoming collaboration.

According to the data-mined files that we talked about above, there will be a Creative prop called Stamina Capsule, which will come with the Capsule Corporation design. At this point, we don’t know what this prop could do, but it might have effects that are close to what the capsules in Dragon Ball do. It might have some sort of a healing effect or may have something random in store for players.

There have also been rumors that there will be around four skins that will be arriving in the upcoming Dragon Ball and Fortnite collaboration. At this point, we don’t know which skins these will be, but we are pretty sure that two of them will be Goku and Vegeta, considering that these characters have always been the faces of the entire Dragon Ball franchise. A Frieza skin might be a possibility as well, but there is a chance that Gohan and Piccolo, considering that the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie stars both of these characters.

Again, we are merely speculating here as nothing has been confirmed by Epic Games. But we are only excited to see what Epic Games and Fortnite have in store for us in the future when this collaboration does indeed arrive.

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