LotR: Is Gollum a Cannibal? Does He Eat Babies?

LotR Is Gollum a Cannibal Does He Eat Babies

Gollum, one of the most intriguing characters from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, has always been surrounded by a cloud of mystery. This creature, once a Stoor Hobbit named Sméagol, underwent a dark transformation due to the One Ring, leading many to ask some unsettling questions about his habits. Did he resort to cannibalism? Were the tales of him feasting on babies true? In this article, we delve deep into the lore to uncover the truth about Gollum’s eerie dietary preferences.

Article breakdown:
+ Gollum, originally known as Sméagol, was a Stoor Hobbit who was corrupted by the One Ring, leading to his transformation into the creature Gollum.
+ While residing under the Misty Mountains, Gollum’s diet primarily consisted of raw blind fish and young orcs (goblins).
+ In Tolkien’s writings, there’s no conclusive evidence that Gollum ever consumed human or Hobbit babies, although rumors in Middle-earth suggest otherwise.

The Transformation of Sméagol to Gollum: Understanding His Origins

Sméagol was once a Stoor Hobbit of the River-folk who lived near the Gladden Fields. His fate changed when he encountered the One Ring. After murdering his relative, Déagol, to seize the Ring found in the River Anduin, Sméagol’s descent into the shadows began. This powerful artifact didn’t just offer invisibility; it corrupted its holder.

As years turned into centuries, the Ring’s grip on Sméagol tightened. The jovial Hobbit was now a creature of darkness lurking in the recesses of the Misty Mountains. The name “Gollum” emerged, inspired by the distinctive swallowing sound he often made.

The Ring was both a treasure and a curse for Gollum. He referred to it as “my precious,” indicating both love and obsession. But this bond was also his downfall. It turned him into a creature who was at war with himself, torn between his original identity as Sméagol and the twisted version, Gollum. Fueled by the Ring, this duality made him one of Middle-earth’s most enigmatic figures.

Gollum’s diet beneath the Misty Mountains: fact vs. fiction

Living in the dark, damp caves of the Misty Mountains, Gollum’s dietary habits underwent a stark change. Away from the sunlight and normal world, his diet consisted mainly of raw blind fish, which he caught in his small rowboat. However, the more unsettling part of his diet was his preference for young orcs, or goblins.

Yes, Gollum consumed these creatures. His time beneath the mountains and the influence of the One Ring intensified his primal instincts. Yet, the question remains: Did he eat them out of necessity, given the lack of other food sources, or was it a darker urge born from his corrupted nature?


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Despite these eerie eating habits, Gollum still retained fragments of his original Hobbit self. His distaste for Elven bread, Lembas, is notable. Most evil creatures despise things made by the Elves, and Gollum was no exception. Similarly, he preferred his meat raw, much like a wild animal, rather than cooked. This preference is evident when he encounters Sam’s rabbit stew and expresses his desire for the meat to be “raw and wriggling.”

While tales of Gollum’s diet are filled with macabre details, it’s essential to discern fact from fiction. His consumption of young orcs is confirmed, but many other rumors about his dietary habits remain in the realm of Middle-earth myths.

Unraveling the myths: Gollum and the tales of baby-eating

In the vast world of Middle-earth, tales and rumors spread as swiftly as the winds. Among the darker tales whispered in hushed tones is the story of Gollum’s supposed predilection for eating babies.

To address this chilling rumor head-on: while Gollum did consume young orcs during his time beneath the Misty Mountains, there’s no concrete evidence in Tolkien’s writings that he ever ate human or Hobbit babies. The very idea likely emerged from the combination of Gollum’s known consumption of young orcs and the general air of mystery and dread that surrounded him.

Furthermore, Middle-earth is a realm rife with danger, and strange occurrences in the woods often lead to exaggerated tales. The idea that Gollum, a creature already feared and misunderstood, would hunt human children is a dark but unsurprising addition to his legend. Such stories potently instill fear, especially in a world where darkness lurks around every corner.

Gollum’s character is undoubtedly complex. His centuries-old habit of consuming young orcs does paint a grim picture. Yet, without direct evidence, claiming he hunted and ate babies remains speculative.


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In the end, while Gollum’s actions and choices often lean towards the malevolent, it’s crucial to approach baby-eating tales with skepticism. As with many myths, the truth is often more nuanced and less sensational than the stories passed down through generations.

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