It’s Not Possible to Transfer Enchantments in Minecraft, but Here’s What Alternatives Are

can you transfer enchantments in minecraft

There are a lot of options in Minecraft when it comes to upgrading your equipment. Enchantments are plentiful and easy to come across, at least if we’re talking about entry-level enchantments. Every once in a while, you will come across an exquisite enchantment, but the item that it’s applied to will be worthless. This is why a lot of players are wondering, can you transfer enchantments between different items, and if it’s possible, how do you do it?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can’t transfer enchantments between different items in Minecraft.
  • However, you can merge enchantments by combining two items of the same type.
  • Transferring enchantments from iron to diamond and similar combinations don’t work. However, upgrading armor is possible only between diamond and netherite.

You can’t directly transfer enchantments

At least once in your life, you were probably wondering whether transferring enchantment from one item to another would be possible. No, you can’t technically do that. Still, you can combine two items to merge enchantments or combine two items with the same type of enchantments that will create one superior enchantment.

The catch is one of the items in the process will be lost. You can mix enchantments by combining items or books. Combining an item with an already enchanted one gives you a book with both enchantments. The same goes for merging two enchanted books, giving you either a book with all enchantments or an upgraded single enchantment.

Combining items that have maximum-level enchantments will result only in one of the items being lost. You can’t “merge” highest-level enchantments. Now that we’ve covered what you can do, let’s see how it’s done.

How do you combine enchanted items of the same type?

To combine enchanted items of the same type, you will need two items that are created out of the same material, meaning iron & iron, netherite & netherite, you get the point. Combining items of different materials e.g., iron & netherite will not work. To merge enchantments on items of the same type, follow these steps.

  1. Prepare your items.
  2. Choose which item you want to sacrifice in the process
  3. If your items have the same enchantments of the same level, the resulting items will have an enchantment of the higher level
  4. If you combine two different enchantments, the resulting item will have both enchantments.
combining two items in minecraft

This process works for most gear, weapons, and tools in Minecraft, but keep in mind that they need to be made out of the same material.


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Can you transfer enchantments from Diamond to Netherite?

It’s not possible to transfer your enchantments from diamond to netherite, but it is possible to upgrade your diamond gear into netherite gear while retaining your enchantments. You’re going to need a template for this and a smithing table. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Prepare a piece of diamond armor, a netherite ingot, and an upgrade template.
  2. Combine the items at the smithing table.
  3. The result should be that your diamond piece of gear was upgraded to netherite while retaining and effectively transferring the enchantments.
upgrading armor

However, keep in mind that this so far works only between diamond and netherite armors as more functions are being tested.

Can you transfer enchantments to a book?

It’s not possible to transfer enchantments from a tool or a piece of gear to a book, but it is possible to merge enchantments form two different books or upgrade enchantments by combining two books with the same levels of enhancements. This is how you do it:

  1. Prepare the enchanted books.
  2. Place them in the avil.
  3. The resulting books will either have two enchantments or an upgraded one.
combining books in minecraft

Combining two books with Sharpness II will result in a single book containing Sharpness III enchantment. However, combining a book that has Sharpness II and Mending I will result in a single book that contains both of them.

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