Is Kate Bishop Gay? (TV Show And Comics)

is kate bishop gay

The latest MCU show on Disney+, Hawkeye, closed out the mini-series with an epic finale in Episode 6. Amazing new characters that’ll play a big part in the next MCU Phase got introduced throughout the series. It felt great that Marvel finally went in the right, more diverse direction, so naturally, many fans started to wonder if Kate Bishop was gay?

Kate Bishop isn’t gay in the comics, and so far, there were no indications for it being the case in the MCU. However, a couple of moments in the show hinted otherwise. With Marvel doing such a great job inclusivity-wise, it makes sense to turn from the comics and make Bishop bisexual, at least.

Almost no character in the MCU is the exact replica of its comic book counterpart. Also, Hailee Steinfeld already has a big LGBTQ+ fanbase after her role in Dickinson and voicing Vi in Arcane; it would make sense to give Bishop a twist and finally give the MCU a more diverse, inclusive landscape of characters. They have more than enough material to play with.

Is Kate Bishop Gay In The Comics?

Unfortunately, if the producers completely follow Kate Bishop’s character from the comics, she won’t be gay in the MCU. In the comics, Kate is openly straight, and although she has a few close female relationships, they never went romantic in any way.

In the Young Avengers series, Kate Bishop once asks: “Am I the only straight in the group?” She explicitly states her sexuality and substantiates it with action. Her current partner is Johnny Watts, aka Fuse (West Coast Avengers). Kate also had a relationship with Marvel Boy, aka Noh-Varr, and several one-night stands with other male characters from the comics.

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She does have a very close relationship with America Chavez, another member of the group. Fans cheer from it to blossom into something romantic, especially after Chavez once said to Bishop: “Princess, you’re not that straight.”

The door is opened for Marvel to do the right thing, both in the comics and the TV show. Have they taken it to the next step in the Disney+ show Hawkeye? Well, not quite.

Is Kate Bishop Gay In Hawkeye TV Show?

Watching the show and then reading the comments online, a huge part of the MCU’s Hawkeye fanbase wanted to see Kate Bishop come out as gay or at least bisexual. Some moments in the show hinted that it could be possible, but in the end, it never materialized by the end of the mini-series.

Kate Bishop isn’t gay in the Hawkeye TV Show, or at least it wasn’t confirmed yet. However, it wasn’t explicitly negated either. A few things suggested that Marvel would take that brave step in the right direction, even if it means taking a hit on the box office numbers in less progressive areas of the world.


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The first thing that popped into the eye of many fans was Kate Bishop’s fashion style. She donned an awesome suit and tie combination in the first episode of the show and another suit the next, so some fans took it as a statement from Kate.

While Bishop’s fashion choices aren’t exactly something that should point to her sexuality, it was a nice way for the writers to see how the audience is breathing and possibly play out Kate’s character accordingly. With such a great response from fans, why wouldn’t Marvel build on it and show that they are all-in with making their superheroes more diverse than ever?

Secondly, the Hailee Steinfeld/Florence Pugh chemistry was clicking on all bases. I loved their playful relationship throughout the series, but other fans took it to the next level. 

You can’t even fathom how many comments stated they wanted Yelena and Kate to hook up in the last episode. Some were incredibly specific, like “Please Marvel, make Yelena and Kate kiss in the last episode while a song from Taylor Swift plays in the background.”

It never materialized, but yet again, it can be a great pointer for the producers that the fanbase wants another strong gay character representing the LGBTQ+ community in the MCU. And, they want it to be Kate Bishop.

The moment is as perfect as it will ever be. Loki is confirmed bisexual. Phastos from the Eternals is the first openly-gay MCU hero, and he was by far one of the most beloved characters in the movie. Also, it was amazing to see Alaqua Cox, a deaf Native American actress playing Echo, a deaf Native American character from the comics.


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But they aren’t lead characters, so one could say the risk is lower for Marvel to play their cards right. If you made the new Hawkeye gay/bisexual – which, as it seems, will play a huge part in the next MCU phase – that would be a statement that the fans so eagerly desire.

That leads me to my final point – the actress Hailee Steinfeld herself. No, Hailee isn’t gay in real life. However, she played some notable roles that made her a fan-favorite among the LGBTQ+ community. Hailee was outstanding as Emily Dickinson, and she also gave the voice to Vi, one of the characters in the animated TV series, Arcane.

When you put it all together, it would not only make sense, but it would be a logical move for Marvel to act accordingly and make Kate Bishop the diversity the character deserves.

Although there’s no indication that it’ll go there in the future, Marvel was always amazing listening to their fanbase and playing into their wishes. America Chavez was already announced to enter the MCU somewhere in the near future, so perhaps she can be the one that Kate Bishop ends up dating, playing into their close (albeit platonic) relationship from the comics.

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