Is Marvel Working on a Black & White Project?

At this point, the upcoming slate of Marvel Studios has all been announced as Phases Five and Six look to be quite serious and full. Nevertheless, anything can still happen between now and then, as we all know that Marvel Studios will try to pounce on any opportunity it can get when it comes to upcoming projects. One of the things that we heard from the rumor mill is that the project is going to be a black and white film. So, is Marvel really working on a black and white film, and which project will that be?

There is indeed a possibility that Marvel Studios is working on a black and white film. Some believe that the black and white film could be Werewolf By Night, which is going to be released in October this year as a Halloween special for Disney+. Having it in black and white will give it an old-school vibe.

Nothing is set in stone as of this writing because we are yet to hear anything official from Marvel Studios. Nevertheless, the recent rumors we have been hearing have all been quite accurate, as there is a good chance that this black and white film rumor is accurate as well. And chances are, the project will be Werewolf By Night, which should give it a classic Halloween vibe.

Is Marvel Working On A Black And White Project?

We recently heard from Marvel Studios that the slate of the MCU from 2022 to 2026 will be full of different Marvel content as we cannot wish for anything better. As such, the entire slate is all but set in stone as there are a lot of different movies and series to watch out for in the next four years. And while the world is excited about the upcoming projects that Marvel Studios is working on, the one thing we know is that the company will still work on a few projects here and there, especially if there is a market for them.

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In that regard, we did hear about a rumor regarding a black and white project that Marvel is working on. We did see Marvel Studios doing well in the black and white episode of WandaVision, as it was able to give the American sitcom setup of the show a classic vibe that is a throwback to the 50s to 70s. And while that was just one single episode, there is a good chance that Marvel Studios will be working on a project that is entirely black and white to give it that old-school and classic vibe that some people might enjoy.

We saw this rumor in a tweet that said that there is a good chance that Marvel Studios is going to unveil this project in the upcoming D23 Expo, which will be held on September 9–11, 2022, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. In that regard, we cannot wait for what Marvel Studios has in store for us after Kevin Feige gave us a lot to be excited about during the 2022 San Diego Comic Con.

Of course, these are still rumors, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating what the project could be, especially because the black and white format is only used for specific purposes. For example, the WandaVision episode with the black and white scenes was made for the purpose of giving us that classic 50s sitcom vibe that the series was trying to accomplish.

Considering that the sitcom vibe has already been played out by WandaVision, the only thing that we can think of when it comes to black and white movies is the ever-popular genre—horror. There were plenty of popular monster and horror movies during the 50s to 80s, especially the ones that had smaller budgets. Of course, we also saw a lot of different horror and monster films and TV shows that used the sinister presenter format, such as Tales of the Crypt and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. 

Of course, Marvel Studios and Disney have never been too good with horror, especially because they try to market their productions to families and children. Nevertheless, there is a specific Marvel project that comes into mind when it comes to horror—Werewolf By Night.

Is Werewolf By Night The Black And White Project?

One of the Marvel comics classics that Marvel Studios is looking to pounce on is Werewolf By Night. Basically, Werewolf By Night talks about an anti-hero character that has the ability to transform into a crimefighting werewolf during the night. And while the comics had a niche market, it should be worth noting that Werewolf By Night was the comic book series that introduced Moon Knight in the Marvel Comics universe.

Of course, Moon Knight became a popular character that eventually outgrew Werewolf By Night and has even earned itself its own Disney+ MCU series. But Werewolf By Night still has a special place in the hearts of Marvel Comics fans because of the fact that it is one of the few Marvel Comics products that actually has horror elements in it. And that is why Marvel Studios took advantage of its horror aspect.

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It was way back in 2021 that it was confirmed that Marvel Studios was working on a Disney+ Halloween special that would be released by the 2022 Halloween. The project was, of course, Werewolf By Night, which is one of the few Marvel Comics products that fits the Halloween theme that Marvel Studios is trying to achieve with this production.

Considering that we know that the black and white format is a good way of delivering that old-school horror movie vibe that allowed the genre to become quite popular during the 50s to 80s, there is a good chance that Werewolf By Night is going to be that black and white project that Marvel Studios is reportedly working on.Turning Werewolf By Night into a black and white movie will be the perfect way to complete the horror vibe that’s only going to make the Halloween special even more compelling to watch.

Of course, we are merely speculating the possibility of Werewolf By Night being the black and white film, but there is a good chance that it’s going to follow the sinister presenter format to complete the overall Halloween vibe that’s perfect for watching on a lazy Halloween evening.

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