Is Melanie Dead On Snowpiercer? (& Will Jennifer Connelly Be Back In Season 3)


Melanie Cavill was one of the central characters of Netflix’s Snowpiercer during the earlier portions of the series, as she had played a huge role since the very first episode. However, considering what happened to her in the second season of the series, plenty of people are wondering about her fate, as she might or might not have died in season 2. So, did Melanie die on Snowpiercer, and will Jennifer Connelly be back in season 3?

As of this writing, Melanie is presumed dead on Snowpiercer as she had run out of food and had been left by Snowpiercer in the snow. However, it has been rumored that Jennifer Connelly will be back for filming season 3. But the capacity of her return is yet to be revealed, as this could be just flashbacks.

One of the most resilient characters Snowpiercer has ever had was Melanie, as she refused to die in situations that could kill almost any other character. Then again, the situation she was in back in season 2 was nearly impossible for anyone to survive. As such, the presumption is that she had died after sacrificing herself to ensure humanity’s survival outside the trains. 

Did Melanie Cavill Die On Snowpiercer?

One of the central characters that had played a big role in the Snowpiercer series was Melanie Cavill, one of the engineers working on the Snowpiercer train. In almost all of the important events, she had a hand to play as she was always one of the most important characters on the series from the very first episode. And that continued on until her final episode in the series.

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Then again, due to the circumstances of her character’s fate in season 2, there are people who are wondering whether or not she died. After all, the situation she was in was going to be extremely difficult for any character to survive, given the fact that she had no food and energy and that she was left out in an extremely cold area that could have easily frozen her to death.

In that regard, it is important for us to discuss what happened to her in season 2 before we talk about whether or not she died. So, for those who haven’t seen the second season or are still in the middle of binging it, you might not want to continue reading because there are spoilers in our discussion.

Melanie actually departed from the train at one point in the series because she needed to lead the data collection team that went to a research station to learn more about the data that the climate scientists were collecting. She needed to collect the data so that she could learn whether or not there were still warm spots that humanity could colonize and, as such, would no longer need to live in Snowpiercer.

Even though she lost contact with Snowpiercer and could no longer send them the information she received from the research station, Melanie was still able to collect the data and tried to go back to the train with whatever energy she had left on her.

Melanie was able to make it back to the tracks as the train was approaching. However, with Mr. Wilford at the helm of the engine, the train simply passed by Melanie, who was left with no energy left in her suit and no other means of survival.

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Later, when Layton and Alex were able to find a way to separate a few trains from Snowpiercer so that they could go back for Melanie, they were able to find their way to the research station she collected data from.

In the station, Layton and Alex were able to discover that Melanie was able to live off through rats. They also discovered that she used the batteries of her suit to keep the hard drives safe, despite the fact that she needed the batteries to stay alive while she was wearing her suit. Alex also saw the letter that Melanie had left for her.

Essentially, Layton and Alex made the conclusion that Melanie sacrificed herself so that she could keep the hard drives alive and so that humanity had a chance to live outside the trains using the data she collected from the research station

However, while they did presume that Melanie was already dead, the thing is that there was no body found to confirm that she did indeed die. As such, her death is still just a standing presumption, as there has been nothing to confirm or deny that she had indeed died.

How Did Melanie Die On Snowpiercer?

Considering that Melanie’s death is merely a presumption, the circumstances surrounding her death are also just presumptions as well. It is presumed that Melanie, after getting left in the Freeze by Snowpiercer, returned to the research station.


Based on what Layton and Alex saw, Melanie must have kept herself alive by eating rats but realized that she had run out of food and was running low on power in her suit. And that was when she made the decision to sacrifice herself.

The standing presumption is that Melanie used the batteries of her suit to keep the hard drives with the data alive so that she could give humanity a fighting chance. From there, she walked out in the Freeze, knowing that she had already done her part to make sure that humanity could still survive outside of Snowpiercer. 

Why Did The Train Not Stop For Melanie?

As mentioned, when Melanie collected the data from the research station, she found her way back to the tracks so that she could report the data she had collected. She was also very happy to see the Snowpiercer approaching, but we know that the train didn’t stop as it was Mr. Wilford who was running it. As such, Alex was seen screaming from the window multiple times before she could no longer see Melanie.

So, why didn’t Mr. Wilford stop the train, even though Melanie had always been loyal to him and that she went to collect the data on his command?

It all boiled down to Mr. Wilford’s selfishness and his desire to stay in control. He felt like the remnants of humanity were in the palm of his hands because he was the one in control of the train. So, if he were to allow Melanie to come back, there was a good chance that he would lose control over the train to her and that she wouldn’t spare him.

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Melanie could have taken control of the train from him, and that means that he would be left powerless. And bringing Melanie back would also spell his doom because he no longer had any bargaining chip against the people who were against him.

Of course, there is also the fact that if Melanie had come back with the data that contained information about the remaining warm areas on the planet, people would be able to leave the train. 

Knowing that he was in command and that the people were basically under his rule, Wilford knew that he would lose everything if humanity were to leave the train using the data that Melanie collected. He would no longer be in power once humanity learned to colonize the planet once more, as his biggest bargaining chip, the Snowpiercer, would no longer be of any use to humanity.

Will Jennifer Connelly Be Back In Snowpiercer Season 3?

Even though Melanie is presumed to be dead in Snowpiercer, the good news is that there is a confirmation that she will be returning in season 3. The confirmation is that Jennifer Connelly filmed scenes for season 3, and that means that Melanie will be back in one form or another.


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However, the circumstances surrounding her possible return are still unclear, as we don’t know how Melanie would be returning and in what form she will be returning. That is something that is yet to be seen.

How Will Melanie Come Back In Season 3?

Despite the fact that there has been a confirmation that Jennifer Connelly filmed scenes for season 3 of Snowpiercer, the thing is that the circumstances of her return might not entirely be optimistic.

There is a good chance that the scenes that she filmed for season 3 of Snowpiercer are for flashback scenes that involve her. After all, the circumstances that Melanie was in back when she was presumed to have died were impossible for almost anyone else to survive through.

Of course, there is still a possibility that Jennifer Connelly will be returning as Melanie in the present time and not through flashbacks. Even though it was extremely difficult for her to have survived through the circumstances she was in, there could have still been a slim chance that she found a way to cheat death, given the fact that she is quite a resilient character.

There is also a possibility that there might be other groups of people out there who learned how to survive through the Freeze. Such groups might have found Melanie and helped her survive through what should have been an impossible situation for her.