Is Peter Jackson Working on New The Lord of the Rings Movies?

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Fans of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy are excited about the fact that Warner Bros. Discovery has announced that there will be new LOTR movies that are going to be released sometime in the future. As such, the story of Middle-Earth will continue as we will see movies that will probably tell new stories about JRR Tolkien’s Legendarium. Of course, Jackson’s trilogy is still fresh in fans’ minds due to how masterfully it was done. So, is Peter Jackson working on the new Lord of the Rings movies?

There is no news regarding who will be directing and writing the new Lord of the Rings movies. Still, Peter Jackson and his writing partners have been kept in the loop by Warner Bros. Discovery with every decision that they make regarding new movies. As such, there’s a good chance that Jackson will be involved.

Of course, if nothing is broken, there is no need to fix anything. That is probably what’s on the mind of Warner Bros. in relation to Peter Jackson’s possible involvement in the new LOTR movies, especially considering that he and his team were the ones responsible for allowing the trilogy to win more Oscars than any other trilogy in movie history. So, with that said, let’s look at whether or not Peter Jackson will be working on the new Lord of the Rings movies.

Is Peter Jackson Working On The New LOTR Movies?

One of the things that book and movie fans were excited about was the fact that Warner Bros. Discovery made it clear that there would be more movies about The Lord of the Rings. This announcement came off the heels of an agreement involving Warner Bros., New Line Cinema, and Freemode, which owns the movie rights to The Lord of the Rings. Of course, while Freemode has the rights over the movie adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s works, it was more than willing to give the reins to Warner Bros. due to the success of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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With a total of 17 Oscars (11 for The Return of the King alone), the LOTR trilogy by Peter Jackson is one of the greatest masterpieces in modern film history. It is often regarded as the best movie trilogy of all time. In that regard, Peter Jackson is regarded as one of the best directors in this genre. And while his The Hobbit trilogy was not as successful in terms of its awards and critical reception, it was still able to garner huge profits at the box office.

In that regard, there is no doubt that Warner Bros. and its partners are looking to earn as much as possible with the release of new LOTR movies that will quite possibly restart the entire franchise and make the cinematic universe of JRR Tolkien’s Legendarium bigger than ever before. So, does that mean that Peter Jackson is working on the new LOTR movies?

At this point, no people have been confirmed to be working on the new LOTR movies. However, Peter Jackson did admit that he and his writing partners, Fran Walsh, and Philippa Boyens, were always in the loop every step of the way in relation to what Warner Bros. Discovery has in store for the new LOTR films.


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“Warner Brothers and Embracer have kept us in the loop every step of the way,” Jackson and his team said via Deadline. “We look forward to speaking with them further to hear their vision for the franchise moving forward.”

In that regard, while Jackson and his team did say that they have been in the loop every step of the way, they haven’t said that they are confirmed to be the ones working on the new movies. That’s because there hasn’t been anything set in stone regarding who will be the one working on the new movies and what kind of plot the new movies will have. The only thing that we know right now is that there are plans for new movies.

Of course, people would want Peter Jackson and his team to return because they are tried and tested when it comes to The Lord of the Rings. After all, if there’s nothing wrong with the machine, there would be no need for Warner Bros. to fix anything. And while The Hobbit trilogy was not as stellar as the LOTR trilogy, Jackson is still the best man for the job because of the awards and accolades he won along the way, especially when The Return of the King dominated the box office and the Academy Awards.

Who Will Direct The New LOTR Movies?

While we did say that Jackson and his team of writers have been in the loop regarding the decisions that Warner Bros. has been making in relation to the new The Lord of the Rings, we don’t know what kind of role Jackson will take if he will indeed work on the new movies. After all, older directors are no longer as active in making films as their younger counterparts. In most cases, older directors take the roles of producers or executive producers that oversee the entire project. 

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Even though there’s still a good chance that Peter Jackson will return to direct the new LOTR movies, considering that he is still just in his early 60s and has a long way to go before he decides to retire his directing hat, there is also a chance that he will take over a larger role that will allow him to oversee the entire production of the new movies.


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That means there might be fresher and younger directors that will be given a chance to direct the new movies, considering that there’s a good chance that this new LOTR franchise will be a long-term project that will explore Tolkien’s Legendarium in its entirety. That would mean that Jackson might be on the older side of the calendar years from now when the plans have already been set in stone.

So, with that, there’s a good chance that he will likely oversee the movies as a producer instead of being on the ground as a hands-on director. But we aren’t really sure because Warner Bros. has announced nothing in relation to who will be working on the new movies and what kind of direction the movies will take. Still, we can only hope for Peter Jackson to return to Middle-Earth because of the masterpiece that he created when he directed the original LOTR trilogy.

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