Is Robert Sheehan Gay, Bisexual, or Straight? His Sexuality Explained

Is Robert Sheehan Gay, Bisexual, or Straight? His Sexuality Explained

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Born in January 1988, Robert Sheehan is a famous Irish actor. He is best known for his roles in television series such as Darren in Love/Hate, Nathan Young in Misfits, as well as Klaus Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy. He has also starred in Cherrybomb, alongside Rupert Grint. In almost all of his roles, he plays an eccentric guy who doesn’t abide by the traditional societal norms and is open to trying just about anything. This, naturally, made the fans wonder what he’s like in real life. In the search for an explanation about his sexuality, they oftentimes ask themselves; is Robert Sheehan gay, bisexual or straight?

In an interview, Robert Sheehan stated he explored his sexuality, ultimately concluding it wasn’t for him – but, not without a few tries, though. Keeping in mind that sexual orientation rests on a wider spectrum, and, therefore, resists easy classification, we can conclude Robert Sheehan is heterosexual (straight). Being open to trying new things has surely made him bi-curious. But, exploring his sexuality during his teenage years does not imply he is homosexual or bisexual. After all, sexuality is fluid for most people and it is often prone to change.

There is no doubt Robert doesn’t care about traditional heteronormative roles. But, if you’ve ever wondered in great detail what he really likes, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out the details about Robert Sheehan, his sexuality, and much more!

Who is Robert Sheehan, exactly?

Is Robert Sheehan Gay, Bisexual Or Straight? His Sexuality Explained

Born Robert Michael Adam Sheehan, this now-famous actor has been in love with performing since he was a child. Surprisingly, he was all but a child star; his earliest credits date to his mid-teens, and he never went to drama school. All of this is highly unusual for an actor. Instead of finishing it, he dropped out of college in Galway. Nevertheless, he has always been an impulsive go-getter, and his lack of a college diploma never stopped him from becoming a great actor. Since his younger years, he has also been very interested in spirituality and heavily gravitated toward self-help, so it isn’t surprising that he is still actively working on improving himself. As of late, he stated that meditation is an important part of his everyday life, and it has helped him a great deal in becoming a better version of himself.


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Recently, he wrote a novel called Disappearing Act. It was published by Gill Books in October 2021, and it is containing 16 short, dark, and witty stories. Funny enough, he started writing through his notes app, while on the toilet. Still, through these stories, we can truly catch a glimpse of his personality. Surreal, intelligent, and provocative, this collection of stories reflects the absurdity of human behavior – all while delving deep into characters’ streams of self-imposed delusions.

“Writing and meditating have definitely helped my growth as a person, and that’s more important than anything material that comes my way. Being able to sit with a feeling and just observe it? That’s free, and it’s like a superpower. Everybody should do it.”

-Robert Sheehan

Just like we can catch a glimpse of his internal life through his books, we can also catch a glimpse of his true spirit in his roles. Somehow he always manages to shine his true light in every series or movie he stars in. Seemingly, he has also always been attracted to everything outside the norm, which is exactly what everyone loves about him. But this, along with his eccentric personality, has often sparked discussions about his gender and sexuality.

Robert Sheehan’s sexuality explained

Is Robert Sheehan Gay, Bisexual Or Straight? His Sexuality Explained
Sheehan as Klaus Hargreeves

According to various LGBTQIA+ sites found on the internet, the role he plays in The Umbrella Academy actually portrays a non-binary pansexual character. In another interview, Sheehan himself stated that Klaus is not necessarily a man – he is not bound by traditional societal norms that imply the binary dichotomy of man and woman, masculinity and femininity. This sent many non-binary (and binary!) fans through the roof! Unsurprisingly, they’ve also started to wonder whether Robert Sheehan was anything other than straight, too, especially since he doesn’t really abide by the traditional societal norms either.


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In a fascinating interview with Jason O’Toole (Hot Press magazine), Sheehan discussed promiscuity, drug use, and – his sexuality. It doesn’t come off as a shock that he, in fact, did explore this part of him. When asked if he ever question his sexuality growing up, he responded:

Yeah, of course, man. I think it would be irresponsible not to question it. I had a couple of experiences when I was younger with dudes where I tried it, experimented, to see if it did anything for me. And it didn’t.

-Robert Sheehan
Is Robert Sheehan Gay, Bisexual Or Straight? His Sexuality Explained
Sheehan, seen wearing make-up and a wig.

But, his experience with men doesn’t imply he’s gay, not even in the slightest. As I’ve stated earlier, we should always keep in mind that sexual orientation rests on a wider spectrum. Because of that, it resists easy classification. A person’s sexuality can change; for many people, it is often fluid, which means that they won’t necessarily always have the same preferences. As humans, we are in constant motion, we’re very curious by nature, and we cannot just simply be put into one category. And neither can our sexual identities.

In conclusion, Robert Sheehan isn’t gay, and neither is he bisexual. According to himself, he has engaged in healthy self-exploration, but figured out it isn’t for him. Being open to trying new things and exploring his sexual identity has surely made him at least bi-curious. Again, exploring his sexual orientation and still figuring himself out during his teenage years does not make him gay. As of right now, he identifies as heterosexual (straight). Having had encounters with fellow men, Robert ultimately decided it wasn’t for him.

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