Is Sabo Dead or Captured? What Happened to Him in One Piece?

Is Sabo Dead or Captured? What Happened to Him in One Piece?

In terms of One Piece secondary characters, Sabo is one of the more interesting ones. This quirky character has a rich history and is closely connected to a lot of the major characters, including Monkey D. Luffy and Portgas D. Ace. But, aside from Sabo’s interesting story, his fate is what also intrigued fans and what caused a lot of debate online. In this article, we are going to tell you what happened to Sabo in One Piece, i.e., whether he has died or been captured by someone.

Back in Chapter 905, Sabo and his crew infiltrated Mary Geoise in a mission whose goal was to try and save Kuma. No one had heard anything about them until Chapter 956, when Sabo was the subject of some very disturbing news. There was a complete uproar over news but up until now, we have absolutely no clue what happened to him. He was probably captured, rather than killed, but we simply don’t know.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the events that preceded Sabo’s disappearance as well as the theories surrounding his fate. It is strange for Oda to give us some hints about Sabo’s fate and not reveal what actually happened to him, but we have no doubt that we are going to find out sooner rather than later. Until then, read out article for more info.

What happened to Sabo in One Piece?

The whole story of Sabo’s second disappearance are contained in Chapters 925 and 956. We are going to go through them. In the Shikkearu realm, Perona reads a newspaper about Gecko Moria and immediately goes outside to find him. Mihawk says that it’s probably a good time for her to leave, since she’s broached some interesting topic on Levely.

Meanwhile, in the New World in Hachinosu Gecko Moria and her zombies are attacking the island and calling for Blackbeard’s appearance. He is there to find Absalom who arrived on the island a few days ago. Avalo Pizarro is warned of Moria’s attack by some subordinates. Suddenly, ‘Absalom’ yells at Moria that this island is a paradise and that he forgot to inform him about it.

Moria is relieved that Absalom is safe, and says that he was worried because the Blackbeard Pirates are known to be “Skill Hunters”. Suddenly someone cuts him from behind, he is revealed to be invisible Shiryu and Moria is shocked that he used Absalom’s powers. Suddenly, ‘Absalom’ starts laughing and it is revealed that it was actually Catarina Devon who transformed into Absalom using her devil fruit powers.

A horrified Moriah asks her what they have done to Absalom and she replies that he is dead and his corpse is still with them and mockingly asks Moria if she wants him back. Suddenly, Marshall D. Teach’s voice is heard on a speaker after creating an earthquake. Moria demands to be shown to which Blackbeard says to stop disturbing order on his island, which is a paradise for pirates.


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He asks Moria if he likes parties and asks her to sail under his banner. He then goes on to reveal the news from the morning paper. On Levely’s fourth day, the Revolutionary Army led by Sabo clashed with Navy Admirals Fujitora and Ryokugyu to win back their former ally, Bartholomew Kuma. This is the only thing we found out about the clash and it wasn’t until Chapter 956 that we got to hear from Sabo again.

In Chapter 956, The Neptune family returns to the Ryugu Palace after attending the Levely. Shirahoshi thanked Garp for helping his family during the course of the event. Neptune invites Garp to rest at the palace, but Garp replies that he’ll just have some tea and he’ll be gone soon. Also how turbulent the Levely can be, with some kings arguing about different issues that can lead to tense situations.

Neptune agrees, commenting that it is a long-standing tradition. Garp then cautiously states how he ranks the Levely based on how peaceful he has been, and how the recent one has been seemingly different from the others. He asks the royal family not to fear humans because of an incident that happened to the Nefertari family of Alabasta.

The remaining royalty return to their home countries a week after an intense Levely. Meanwhile, a few days before, Morgans and the editorial team of the Journal of World Economy prepare the news that will appear in its next issue. Morgans seems to be divided on whether to put the news of an “obituary” or whether the Levely results will be placed on the front page.

Attach hands him a check from the World Government, but he replies that the news will not be replaced. However, “Attach” removes his mask, revealing himself to be an agent of Cipher Pol, who threatens Morgans to obey his orders. However, Morgans quickly defeats the agent, refusing to back down from any threat due to his pride as a journalist.

After the incident, Morgans moves his company headquarters to a new secure location, receiving a report that Wapol has information for him. The World Government has failed to hide several of the events in the headlines, and as a result, the news leaves the world in awe. On Momoiro Island, the Revolutionary Army is shocked by news of something that has apparently happened to Sabo.

Sabo Reads About Luffy27s Actions in Totto Land

Ivankov furiously yells that he refuses to believe it, Koala breaks into tears, and even Dragon is visibly shaken, not helped by the fact that they can’t contact Sabo or the other commanders at the moment.

On the way back to Dawn Island, Sterry is also shocked by the fact that Sabo was in Mary Geoise. Finally, at Foosha Village, Makino looks extremely distressed as she reads the newspaper. At Mount Colubo, the Dadan family breaks down in tears after reading the news, lamenting that they had just learned that Sabo was still alive.

As you can see, the actual content of these news has never been revealed and until today, we still have no clue what happened to Sabo. Some fans theorized that Sabo died, but we don’t think that’s very likely. Another theory suggests that he has been captured and sentenced to death, which does make more sense. Be that as it may, we don’t know what happened to Sabo at this moment, but we can tell you why we think that he is still alive.

Could Sabo actually be alive?

The chances that Sabo is alive are quite good, so fans of the character can relax, if even a bit. Now, we do not know this for sure, but there are some hints that point to Sabo being alive, even after the enigmatic piece of news from Chapter 956.

First of all, Sabo was already “dead” at one point, early in the story, when he was presumed dead only to reappear in front of Luffy after 12 years. It doesn’t seem plausible that Oda would bring back a character only to kill him off again, and in such a silly and underserving way at that.

Sabo Visits Ace and Whitebeard27s Grave

Oda rarely kills of his protagonists before they’ve reached the end of their respective stories. Sabo’s story was so fragmented that he is not even near his end, which is why it would be completely out of character for Oda to simply kill him off.

It would also be atypical for Oda to kill such a big character off-screen, and this is another argument why we actually think that Sabo’s alive. Namely, there’s an unwritten rule in manga and anime that states – if you don’t see a character die explicitly, he’s not dead. Now, this rule is not 100% true, but it is true in 99.9% of the cases.

So, since we’ve actually never seen Sabo die, he is, by all probability, not dead. There are also some narrative clues that point to him being alive, with the fact that Dragon has rescued an unknown person from the Goa Kingdom being the best clue we have. It is highly possible that the rescued person is, in fact, Sabo.

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