Is Soldier Boy Homelander’s Father? Season 3 Brings Huge Twist

Shocked Homelander

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After that amazing sixth episode of season 3 of The Boys, the series keeps on giving us twists and surprises with the latest episode. We know that Soldier Boy is still on a mission to kill all of the remaining members of Payback, and this leads him to Mindstorm’s location. However, Mindstorm made a big revelation that could perhaps be the biggest twist the series has ever had. So, is Soldier Boy Homelander’s father?

It is possible that Soldier Boy is Homelander’s father. In Black Noir’s cartoonish flashback scenes, we saw that the reason why Vought allowed him and Payback to betray Soldier Boy was that they were going to replace him with someone stronger. And Mindstorm eventually told him that Homelander was his son.

Homelander being Soldier Boy’s son puts a new twist in this narrative because we do know that Butcher and The Boys already had their hands full with Homelander. But the fact that the second-strongest supe is actually Homelander’s father makes it more difficult for Butcher to succeed in his crusade. Now, with that said, let’s look into how it was possible for Soldier Boy to be Homelander’s father.

Is Soldier Boy Homelander’s Father?

One of the things that were always getting repeated throughout the entire The Boys series was the fact that Homelander was Soldier Boy’s upgrade after the legendary supe was “killed” in 1984. That’s because Homelander is stronger and has more powers than Soldier Boy. Still, Soldier Boy showcased that he is almost as powerful as Homelander. And it seems odd that Vought was able to “luck” into two incredibly powerful supes that are basically unkillable and have the strength of a thousand men.

Of course, we did see both of them in action against each other when they faced off in a battle between the strongest supes in the world. This happened in episode 6 as Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie nearly killed Homelander. After that, in episode 7, Soldier Boy continued his mission of finding all of the members of Payback so that he could kill them. The next on his list was Mindstorm.

All while Soldier Boy was looking for Mindstorm, we had a few scenes of Black Noir being mentally unstable. In those scenes, his imaginary cartoon friends were telling him about what happened in his past with Soldier Boy and that he should now face his past and overcome it. The scenes showed that Black Noir was being bullied by Soldier Boy, who didn’t want anyone else to be as popular as he was. Soldier Boy made sure that all of the members of Payback were beneath him, and that forced him to actually abuse them in their training sessions.

It was revealed that Stan Edgar himself allowed Black Noir and the rest of Payback to sell off Soldier Boy to the Russians. That was because Vought scientist Jonah Vogelbaum was cooking up a young boy that was stronger than Soldier Boy and could fly. Essentially, this was Homelander, who was created by Vogelbaum to become Soldier Boy’s replacement.

Cartoon Edgar

Going back to Soldier Boy and Mindstorm, he finally caught up to his former ally. Hughie, on the other hand, had other ideas and teleported Mindstorm to Butcher. Earlier, Mindstorm trapped Butcher in an endless nightmare that would eventually kill him. But Hughie told Mindstorm to save Butcher.

Nevertheless, Soldier Boy caught up to them and managed to pin down Mindstorm while extracting information from him. Soldier Boy told him that he already knew that it was Black Noir’s idea to betray him but what he wanted to know was why Vought allowed Payback to betray him. That was when Mindstorm told him something that was inaudible from the point of view of both Butcher and Hughie. All we saw as that Soldier Boy was in disbelief at what Mindstorm said before he killed him.

In the final scenes of episode 7, Homelander received a call from Soldier Boy, who told him that the circumstances have changed. That was when Soldier Boy told the powerful supe that he was his son.

Soldier Boy Call

So, in that regard, Soldier Boy is indeed Homelander’s father, especially when you look at the fact that the timelines actually add up. Soldier Boy was still active during the time when Homelander was just a little boy in Vought’s lab. And it also makes sense that Homelander has all of Soldier Boy’s physical abilities in the sense that he has his strength and incredible durability, all at higher levels.

How Is Soldier Boy Homelander’s Father?

Now, the biggest question here is how it was even possible for Homelander to be Soldier Boy’s son. Soldier Boy was even in disbelief when he heard this from Mindstorm because he probably never thought that it was possible.

Then again, Soldier Boy did tell Homelander in their phone call that he gave some of his sperm to Vogelbaum, who most likely used the sample to experiment on creating a test tube baby in the form of Homelander. And the test tube baby theme was already teased earlier in the episode.

Episode 7 confirmed that Queen Maeve was still alive and that Homelander was merely keeping her locked up in an extremely secured facility that she could not escape from. When she asked why he had kept her alive, Homelander told her that he was planning on harvesting her eggs so that he could create powerful children. This makes sense because, after all, Maeve was still the strongest woman in the world.

Going back to our point, during the 80s, Vogelbaum most likely used Soldier Boy’s sperm to create a new and powerful supe that would serve as his replacement. And the timelines do add up because of the fact that Homelander was born in 1981 when Soldier Boy was still active as a supe.

Of course, Soldier Boy was the most viable candidate for the job because he was the strongest supe before Homelander. But because of his abusive nature, Vought probably believed that it was best for them to replace him with Homelander in the future.

Who Is Homelander’s Mother?

Now that we have established that Soldier Boy is Homelander’s father, what could that mean for his mother? Well, we all know that Madelyn Stillwell was the closest thing that Homelander had to a mother. But what about his biological mother?

It was previously said that Homelander’s mother was a mentally deranged woman who died giving birth to her. However, that might not be the case because we all know how Vought likes to fabricate stories, depending on what suits their agenda. And this leads us to a disturbing possibility—Stormfront.

In Black Noir’s cartoonish scene, Stan Edgar told him that Soldier Boy’s replacement was stronger than him and could fly. We all know that Homelander got his strength and durability from Soldier Boy. But what about his ability to fly?

Compound V is quite unpredictable because of the fact that it tends to give random powers, depending on the person using it. In that regard, it would have been possible that Homelander’s heat vision was the random power he got from Compound V, but it could also be possible that he got his ability to fly from Stormfront.


It could have been possible that Vought also used the egg of an incredibly powerful supe to create Homelander. After all, the chances of failure to create a more powerful version of Soldier Boy would have been high had they used a regular human mother to carry Homelander. In that regard, Vought might have harvested Stormfront’s eggs as well so that they could create a new supe that had her ability to fly.

This actually fits the timeline because Stormfront, who was still called Liberty at that time, existed during Soldier Boy’s tenure as the top supe. Soldier Boy even said that it was he and Liberty who started Herogasm many decades ago. And considering that Stormfront’s main goal was to create a race of perfect beings, it was possible that she was willing enough to donate her eggs to Vought so that they could create someone as powerful as Homelander.

Yes, that sounds disturbing because Homelander did have a sexual relationship with Stormfront. But nothing is ever beyond the limits of The Boys, no matter how outrageous or disturbing it may be. Of course, this is purely speculative, but it still is possible that Stormfront is Homelander’s biological mother. 

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