Is ‘Spy x Family’ Finished, Canceled, or Still Ongoing?

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Spy x Family‘ is becoming one of the most popular anime in the world and has gotten great reviews from fans and critics alike as the series is funny, heartwarming, and action-packed all at the same time. In that regard, this is one of the most entertaining anime that you can watch right now, especially if you like anime with comedy. However, are ‘Spy x Family’ anime and manga already complete and finished?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The ‘Spy x Family’ manga and anime are still ongoing, with the manga being way ahead of the anime.
  • Part 2 of season 1 of the ‘Spy x Family’ ended in Mission (Chapter) 38 of the manga.
  • As of this writing, the manga has more than 84 chapters.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reflect the current state of the ‘Spy X Family’ anime & manga.

‘Spy x Family’ manga is still ongoing

‘Spy x Family’ is originally a manga that was serialized back in 2019 in Shonen Jump+. As such, it has been around for a while, as the manga was released right around three years before its anime was released.

The ‘Spy x Family manga’ is still ongoing, as it currently has nine volumes out. It still has some more volumes that are going to get released, as ‘Spy x Family’s manga keeps on releasing more chapters as the anime is trying to keep up.


At this point, the ‘Spy x Family’ manga has around 27 million copies that are in circulation due to how popular it has become. The manga is still ongoing ever since it was serialized in 2019, and that means that those who want to binge through the ‘Spy x Family’ may have to wait a while for the newer volumes to get released after binging through the first 12 volumes.

The ‘Spy x Family’ manga also has no timetable for its ending, as the author seems to enjoy the progress of the fake Forger family’s adventures or misadventures. In that regard, there’s a good chance that the manga will continue on throughout the rest of 2024, and even beyond that. As of now, the manga has a total of 84 Missions/Chapters and has several smaller filler Chapters.

‘Spy x Family’ anime is also still ongoing

‘Spy x Family’ anime is not finished. The anime adaptation of ‘Spy x Family’ so far has only one season, released in 2022. The first season was aired in 2 parts. The first part aired between April 2022 and June 2022, consisting of 12 episodes. The second part of Spy x Family season 1 aired between October 2022 and December 2022, consisting of 13 episodes. Even though season 1 of ‘Spy x Family’ is over, it was soon after the conclusion of the first season confirmed that the second season has been approved. The second season aired early on October 23 and covered the events after Chapter 38 of the manga.

As mentioned, the ‘Spy x Family’ is a very popular manga that has had plenty of fans worldwide because of how its story transcends different genres. Due to its popularity, it got the green light to get animated. The anime version of ‘Spy x Family’ premiered on April 9, 2022.

Considering that the ‘Spy x Family’ anime is based entirely on the ‘Spy x Family’ manga, it only follows that the anime version is not yet finished. As of this writing, the ‘Spy x Family’ is still in its second season, and that means that there is a long way to go before it catches up with the 12 manga volumes that are currently out.

Is ‘Spy x Family’ canceled?

Another reason why there are some people who are thinking that ‘Spy x Family’ might be finished already is the rumor that it was canceled. Yes, there were rumors that ‘Spy x Family’ has been canceled. But is there really truth to the rumor that it has been canceled?

No, ‘Spy x Family’ has not been canceled. The rumor that it has been canceled stems from a TikTok post that tried to use cancel culture on ‘Spy x Family’ because it had scenes that the TikTok user didn’t necessarily agree with.


When and Where Does Spy x Family Take Place?

In case you don’t know, cancel culture is a social media movement wherein people all over social media try to use their social media influence to try to “cancel” a person, movie, or show because they don’t necessarily agree with anything that the person, movie, or show says. This culture seems to be one of the things that are wrong with social media, as there are some people who believe that they could effectively destroy the credibility of anyone or anything just because they have views that don’t necessarily align.

Going back, the TikTok post regarding ‘Spy x Family’ is all about how a person wants to cancel the anime because there was a scene wherein Anya blushed in a moment with Loid Forger, her adoptive father. The TikTok user believes that the anime is sexualizing a young girl. But the truth is that Anya merely blushed because it was a touching moment between a father and a daughter.

The good news is that hardly anyone agreed with the TikTok user who tried to cancel ‘Spy x Family’. People came to the defense of ‘Spy x Family’ by telling the TikTok user that they probably haven’t felt the love of a father, and that’s why they don’t understand the scene with Anya blushing.

So, with that said, ‘Spy x Family’s anime series has not been canceled in all aspects. It is still ongoing and is actually going strong to the point that the anime has a rating that is above 9.0 on MyAnimeList. Considering that not a lot of anime are rated 9 or higher, ‘Spy x Family’ getting a high rating means that it is popular among fans and critics alike. And that also means that it has a bright future and will probably go on for a very long time.

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