Is Terraria Mobile Multiplayer? & How to Set It Up? 

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Back in 2013, best selling sandbox game Terraria got a mobile version. On launch, it was supported on quite a few devices, and last I’ve checked, it has over a million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. Somehow, even though it was popular, the mobile version of the game lagged behind the desktop version. Now more than 9 years later, It’s the perfect time to revisit this mobile sandbox and answer some of the questions about it. Is Terraria mobile multiplayer? If it is, how do you set it up? 

Terraria mobile is a multiplayer game. You can play in multiplayer mode with players on your local network, meaning you have to be connected to the same network. As of version 1.3, you can also join online play with players on different networks, and even host your mobile servers on your mobile or PC device. 

Now that you are aware that you can play in multiplayer mode, it’s time to learn how to set up your mobile servers. Keep reading!

Is Terraria mobile worth it? 

Back when it was released, Terraria on mobile devices lagged quite a lot behind PC and console versions. But since it’s technically an older game right now those differences evened out. The mobile game is currently on version 1.4, just like PC and consoles.

It’s still getting updated, the last update for Android and iOS devices was in March of this year. That update brought us a new seed world, new achievements, a new boss, new items, and most important, it brought support for keyboard and mouse. 

The game currently costs $4.99, I’ll say it’s a pretty good deal for potential hours of fun. So, yes, it’s still worth it. Especially if you’re looking for mobile fun that you can waste hours on. The game is currently available on Android, iOS, Amazon’s FireOS Devices, and Google’s Stadia. It’s a bit pricier on Stadia, it currently stands at $9,99.

Is Terraria mobile multiplayer? 

As we have already mentioned Terraria does support multiplayer. Back in version 1.2, it supported only local multiplayer, meaning that you could play only with players connected to the same network as you. With version 1.3 everything changed, you could set up the same kind of games as on the PC version of the game. 


There are requirements we need to address. To host an online game you need to be connected to your wi-fi and your device has to have at least 1 Gb of RAM. When it comes to the number of players that can join your game, the current limit stands at 8 players for LAN games, and 16 players for Online games. 

How to set up Terraria mobile multiplayer? 

There are four kinds of multiplayer servers you can host: Local Device-Hosted, Local PC-Hosted, Online Device-Hosted ( On Wifi Only), and Online PC-Hosted. We will guide you through the process of setting up your server. It’s identical for both local and online servers, with just one extra step making it an online server instead of a local one.

Online PC-Hosted Server 

This is the best way to host your online games. Your PC likely has way more powerful hardware than your mobile device and a more stable connection. 

Before we get started with the set up you will have to visit Terraria’s official website, navigate to the bottom of the page and download a zip file that contains your PC server. Make sure to set up “Port Forwarding” it’s a pretty important step and here’s a full guide on how to do it. 

Now when you’ve set up the port forward and downloaded the file. We are ready to start.

1. The file you downloaded needs to be unzipped. Once you did that. Navigate to the “Windows” folder and from there, click on the TerrariaServer.exe file. It’s the only .exe file in the folder. 
2. If you’re prompted, give the file access to your documents. 
3. Once you started the program it should look like this. 

4. You will have a choice between selecting an already existing world, and creating a new one. I would recommend that you create a new world for a fresh start. Since PC and mobile Worlds are not compatible they will be saved in separate folders. You can transfer your mobile worlds from your device using a simple file transfer or cloud technologies like google drive etc. 

5. If you want to create a new world, simply press N.
6. Select your newly created world by typing its number.
7. Set the maximum number of players that can join (between 2 and 8).
8. Remember that port forwarding we talked about? If you did everything correctly your default port should be 7777 so just press enter. 

9. You are going to be prompted to port forward automatically, it’s not going to work most likely so just press Enter and continue with the setup. 
10. You can set your password (type it and press enter) or you can leave it empty (just press enter). 
11. If you did everything correctly your screen should look like this.

And you’re a proud owner of PC hosted mobile server. This doesn’t mean that just about every player can join your server. To be able to do that, the player has to have your external IP address. You can find your IP address easily, there are loads of tools out there, for example, this one. The player also has to have your port, if you’ve done everything correctly that should be 7777. 

Online device-hosted mobile server

You can host online games on your mobile device too. There are some limitations to this kind of hosting. Your device needs to be connected to your wifi. Generally, you’re going to have a worse time hosting on your mobile device especially if you have an older device and a rather poor network connection. But let’s start with creating that online device-hosted server.

1. Navigate to Multiplayer Menu.
2. Choose the Host option. 
3. Select the world that you will be playing on with friends. 
4. Set up the maximum number of players on your server.

5. Set up the password if you wish. 
6. Simply press the play button, it might take some time for a world to load but be patient. 
7. For your server to be online and not just a local server you will need to adjust port forwarding like with PC hosting and you will need to share your internal IP address once again. This is the only way in which your server can function and other players can join. 

And that’s it. We hope this guide was easy to understand. For any errors you might encounter please refer to this guide. There are loads of information you can come across and useful tips to utilize to make your server hosting as painless and smooth as possible. 

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