Is The Tomodachi Game Manga Finished or Still Ongoing?

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Those who love the psychological-thriller genre will find that Tomodachi Game is actually a gem among different anime series. Of course, the anime will always be behind the manga because Tomodachi Game was based on its source material, which is the manga itself. As such, those who want to keep up with the story might want to read the manga. But is the Tomodachi Game manga finished, or is it still ongoing?

The Tomodachi Game manga is still ongoing and is not yet finished. However, it has been in its final arc since 2020, but the release of the new chapters is quite slow because the author is always on hiatus. Nevertheless, it is possible that Tomodachi Game will end its manga anytime this year.

Fans of the Tomodachi Game manga have been on the edge of their seats ever since the final arc of the manga began in 2020. Then again, delays are normal in the manga industry because authors need to rest and find inspiration as well. In that regard, we have to wait until the author resumes their work. So, let’s get to know more about the status of the Tomodachi Game manga.

Is The Tomodachi Game Manga Finished?

There are a lot of different genres in anime, but the thing is that there has always been something special about the psychological thriller genre because there aren’t a lot of great anime that tell a good story that focuses more on the inner workings of the minds of the characters involved. This is where Tomodachi Game enters the picture as one of the more compelling anime series today because of the fact that it tells a story that is quite interesting when it comes to how it allows us to see how the mind of the characters works.

Basically speaking, Tomodachi Game follows the story of a group of friends that were forced to enter a game where they needed to win as a team in order to proceed. Losing the game will force them to go into debt, and that means that they have to try to enter the game once more to get out of debt. And the tricky part is that the individual games test the friendships of the people involved because any person could easily betray their friends for their own selfish gain.

The anime follows the story of Yuichi Katagiri, a seemingly friendly high school student that relies on his friends for his happiness. However, when he and his friends were forced to enter the game, it was revealed that he had a dark past and that the way his mind works can be somewhat twisted when it comes to how he approaches each game. Yuichi is essentially a good person but can be a monster when it comes to his own strategies.

With that said, the storyline follows a more psychologically compelling narrative that makes people want to keep tuning in so that they would see what Yuichi will do next when it comes to his strategies for victory. But, like most anime series out there, Tomodachi Game was also adapted from its source material, which is the manga.

So, as people are still waiting for the next season of Tomodachi Game, they may want to read the manga to find out what is going to happen to Yuichi and his friends. So, is the Tomodachi Game manga finished, or is it ongoing?


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At this point, the Tomodachi Game manga is not yet over but is said to be in the final portion of its storyline, considering that it entered the final arc back in 2020. The last storyline released was back in April of 2022. Since then, no new chapter of Tomodachi Game has been released due to the constant hiatus that the author tends to enter from time to time.

The Tomodachi Game manga has been around since 2013. Again, it is due to the constant hiatus of the author that the manga hasn’t ended even after nearly a decade. As such, fans of the Tomodachi Game anime may have to wait until the final chapter of the manga is released before they may want to spoil themselves. 

Those who may want to read the manga now even though it isn’t finished may end up running into a cliffhanger that would only make the waiting more agonizing. That’s why we recommend that you wait for the manga to conclude first before you dive into it, as it can be a pain to wait for the next chapter when you are already nearing the end of the storyline.

How Many Volumes Of Tomodachi Game Are There?

As of this writing, Tomodachi Game has a total of 20 volumes that began in 2013. The manga author took time to release new chapters due to several hiatuses in between some of the volumes. Two volumes have been released on a yearly basis since 2014. Meanwhile, only one volume has been released in 2022, and that means that the next volume might be the one that would conclude the Tomodachi Game manga.

The latest volume was released in April 2022. It may be possible that the next chapter will be released sometime in the next few weeks or by the end of 2022. However, it could also be possible that the author will take their time to write the final parts of the Tomodachi Game manga because they took another hiatus. The reports say that the author just gave birth, and that could mean that it might take a while before the manga sees its long-awaited conclusion.


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Is Tomodachi Game Anime Ongoing?

Considering that the anime is almost always behind the manga, which is the source material, the Tomodachi Game anime is actually still ongoing. In fact, we are still near the early parts of the storyline, considering that only 12 episodes of Tomodachi Game have been released so far.

The latest episode was released on June 22, 2022, and ended in a cliffhanger that would set up the next arc of the storyline. As such, fans of the anime might have to wait for about a year before season 2 gets released because anime series don’t often get two seasons in a single year.

Tomodachi Game Manga Ending Explained

As of this writing, the Tomodachi Game manga is yet to see its conclusion. That is why it might be too early to spoil what has been happening in the final arc of the manga as we don’t know how it will end. Nevertheless, we will keep you updated regarding the explanation of the ending of the Tomodachi Game manga when it finally gets released.