James Gunn Wants Potential Future ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Projects to Feature Current Team

James Gunn Wants Potential Future Guardians of the Galaxy Projects to Feature Current Team

Guardians of the Galaxy concluded its trilogy with the release of Vol. 3, delivering an emotionally charged finale. Notably, this marked James Gunn’s farewell to the MCU following his dismissal over old Tweets, subsequently taking the reins of the revitalized DCU. Throughout the film, pivotal members of the Guardians chose divergent paths.

Gamora rejoined the Ravagers, Quill returned to Earth, Mantis embarked on a personal quest, and Nebula and Drax remained on Knowhere, safeguarding the children rescued from High Evolutionary’s experiments. The core team now comprises Groot and Rocket, with Rocket assuming leadership, while Adam Warlock, Phyla-Vel, Blurp, and Kraglin replaced many familiar faces.

Despite the significant shift, fans clung to hope for past Guardians’ cameos in future MCU ventures. However, James Gunn quashed such expectations on Instagram. When questioned by a fan about continuing the GotG legacy and his relationship with Kevin Feige, Gunn unequivocally expressed his desire for the current roster to carry on, affirming an amicable association with Feige despite prior business challenges.

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Gunn has also confirmed the permanent departure of certain members. Both Bautista and Zoe Saldana unequivocally stated that their journeys with the Guardians have concluded, with Bautista expressing a desire to delve into more “serious” roles.


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While Gamora’s exit from the Guardians is logically explained within the universe, Drax’s departure lacks a similarly clear rationale.

Looking ahead, the future encounters with the Guardians will probably feature the present and revitalized roster, enriched by new characters with untold narratives.

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