Kakegurui Season 3: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot & More

Kakegurui Season 3: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot & More

Gambling School, also known as Kakegurui is a manga series written by Homura Kawamoto and drawn by Tōru Naomura. The story takes place in a prestigious academy attended by wealthy students who have adopted their own hierarchy based on their gambling skills. The manga has been published since March 2014. An anime television series aired in Japan between July 1 and September 23, 2017; it was followed by a second season broadcast between January 9 and March 27, 2019. It has been a while since we’ve gotten some new Kakegurui material so, in this article, we are going to discuss a potential Season 3 of the series.

The third season of Kakegurui still hasn’t been confirmed yet. The second season premiered three years ago, but such a delay is not unusual, taking into account the pandemic and everything that has happened so far, so we don’t know much about its future. Still, Kakegurui is a very popular series, and based on all the known facts, a third season is highly probable. We just don’t know when.

The rest of this article is going to bring you all the known and unknown information related to ta potential season three of Kakegurui. You’re going to find out about its release date, whether there is a trailer, what the story could be about, the basic cast information, and much more about this intriguing anime series.

Kakegurui Season 3 release date

An anime television series adaptation, made by studio MAPPA, first aired in Japan between July 1 and September 23, 2017 on Tokyo MX, MBS, BS11, and later on RKB and TVA. Netflix bought the exclusive online streaming rights to the anime, and began streaming the series overseas on February 1, 2018.

The series was directed by Yuichiro Hayashi, with screenplays by Yasuko Kobayashi and chara-designs by Manabu Akita. TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND composed the music for the series. It was composed of 12 episodes of 24 minutes. It was announced that this twelfth and final episode would conclude the series with an original ending written by the manga’s author himself, Homura Kawamoto.

Revealed in early January 2018 by the news site Anime Recorder, alongside an image that followed the announcement, a second season was confirmed a while later during the Culture Festival of the Hyakkaō Private Academy. Titled Kakegurui ××, it aired in Japan between January 9 and March 27, 2019 on MBSc and TVA, and later on Netflix Japan, Tokyo MX, RKB and BS NTV. Netflix holds the exclusive online rights to the anime, which began broadcasting abroad on February 1, 2018.

This second season was also made up of twelve 24-minute episodes, divided into two Blu-ray / DVD box sets. The opening song of the first season was performed by Tia, while that of the second season was sung by JUNNA. The group D-Selections is credited for the series’ endings.

A second season was announced in March 2019 and was scheduled to air in Japan from April 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the start of the second season has been pushed back to July 2020. The first 13 episodes of the second season aired through September 30, 2020, with the remaining 12 episodes airing between January 6 and March 24, 2021. Season 2 was also simulcast worldwide by Crunchyroll. What does all of this tell us about the third season?

Taking all of this into account, Kakegurui‘s future seems very bright, despite the current three-year hiatus. The source works are, as we have said, quite popular, as was the anime series, and the fact that the franchise has a large fanbase, combined with the fact that we have seen a second season relatively recently, makes us very hopeful. In any case, the earliest we could see a potential second season is 2023, but a more realistic scenario is either late 2023 or even 2024, if it even happens.

Kakegurui Season 3 trailer

You now know all the facts and our thoughts related to Kakegurui Season 3, which means that you’ve probably deduced for yourselves that there is no trailer for the third season of Kakegurui. This is because we do not know whether there will even be a third season of the show, which means that a trailer might not appear at all. But, based on all the information we have, this does not seem like a likely outcome.

As we have said, Kakegurui is a very likely candidate for a return. The ongoing manga series still has more material up for adapting and the anime is quite popular as well, enormously so, in fact. Still, we have to wait and see whether there are actual plans for a continuation before we can make a proper prediction. Be that as it may, Kakegurui is currently on a short break until we get more information on the show’s future.

Taking into account everything we’ve said, a trailer for Kakegurui is unlikely to come out this year. The earliest we could see a trailer is 2023, but we would have to get confirmation of a second season sometime during 2022 or early 2023 for that to happen.

Kakegurui Season 3 plot

At this moment, we do not know which parts of the ongoing manga series are going to be adapted in Season 3. Namely, the first two seasons of the anime had only 24 episodes and a very self-contained adaptation schedule, which means that there are a lot more chapters to adapt. But, at this moment, we cannot really speculate as to what would be the content of season 3. What follows is a general overview of the show’s plot, in order to give you a general idea of what to expect from the series if you decide to watch it at one point.

The story takes place at the elite private Hyakkaō Academy, home to Japan’s wealthiest and most privileged students. Many leaders and professionals come from this school. This school has a certain particularity: the students are not evaluated according to their physical and intellectual abilities, but rather according to their performance at gambling, which determines their status at school and their place in the hierarchy.

Consequently, some students find themselves at the bottom of the social scale established in this school because they are bad payers: either because they do not pay enough, or because they are too indebted. The 100 students at the bottom of the social ladder are treated like cattle. They are deprived of many rights and are forced to wear a collar with a badge indicating their affiliation, “Pochi” for boys and “Mike” for girls.

These students are often abused and considered slaves by those who hold their money. Only one privilege is granted to them: that of being able to challenge anyone without this person being able to refuse, apart from the highest-ranking officers, in order to find the opportunity to change and become a “normal” student again.

The story centers on the appearance of a new student, Yumeko Jabami, in search of adrenaline. She actively begins to disrupt the hierarchy of the school, while the Student Council tries to find a way to stop her.

Kakegurui Season 3 cast

It’s still too early for us to discuss a potential third season of Kakegurui in terms of cast and characters, simply because we do not know whether there will even be a third season. But, seeing how we know that the series is going to have a more-or-less fixed cast, we really don’t expect to see too many changes in the structure of season three, if it ever happens. Now, the main characters that have appeared in seasons one and two, likely to return for a third season, include:

CharacterJapanese Voice Actor or Actress
Yumeko JabamiSaori Hayami
Kirari MomobamiMiyuki Sawashiro
Mary SaotomeMinami Tanaka
Ryōta SuzuiTatsuya Tokutake
Itsuki SumeragiYūki Wakai
Yuriko NishinotōinKarin Nanami
Midari IkishimaMariya Ise
Yumemi YumemiteYū Serizawa
Kaede ManyūdaTomokazu Sugita
Runa YomozukiMayu Udono
Sayaka IgarashiAyaka Fukuhara
Miloslava HonebamiMitsuki Saiga

Where to watch Kakegurui Season 3?

At this moment, as expected, there is no means of watching Kakegurui season three, as there is no season three of Kakegurui to watch. The first two seasons were streamed globally by Netflix, who’s become an important (if not major) player in the anime market, so we’re practically certain that a third season would also be streamed via Netflix.

Will there be a Kakegurui Season 4?

The future of Kakegurui is, as of this moment, unknown. At this moment, we don’t really know anything about a third season, so whether we’ll be seeing the fourth season or not is still unknown. The series has done well and there is still a lot of material to adapt, which is a good sign for fans of Kakegurui, but we are going to have to wait and see how the situation with season three evolves to know more about a potential season four, although it is likely.

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