‘Khakee: The Bihar Chapter’ Ending Explained: Does Amit Manage to Capture Chandan?

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Khakee: The Bihar Chapter, a new Hindi TV series that arrives on Netflix this weekend. The series is a spiritual continuation of the film Khakee, which also involved the story of a policeman against the crime of his region. This time, in the “Bihar Chapter” the story moves to the region of Bihar, India’s region with the highest crime percentage but the lowest incarceration percentage as well. It is a land that serves perfectly as a hiding place for outlaws and other criminals.

The series follows Amit Lodha, IPS, as he and his team chase the dangerous Chandan Mahto throughout the entire region. Chandan is one of the most dangerous criminals to have ever put a foot on a region, and his crimes count in many. It is up to Amit and his team to stop him and put him behind bars. However, things will not be as easy as the team expects, as Chandan has many allies and contacts, and he is smart enough to become a very dangerous opponent. One that has no mercy for his enemies.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Khakee: The Bihar Chapter. Read at your own risk.

How Do Amit And Chandan Meet?

The beginning of the series sets up our two main characters, Amit, and Chandan, as two opposing forces that can only clash if they come close to one another. Amit is a young and promising police officer that has been transferred to Bihar, far away from the city. He takes his transfer with annoyance, but he is ready to make the most out of the opportunity. He is recently married, and he is very much in love with his wife. However, when he arrives in Bihar, he realizes things are not going to be easy.

Meanwhile, Chandan gets introduced as one of the most famous criminals in the region. However, even with his status as a criminal, it is difficult to get your hands on him. He doesn’t hide, he doesn’t run away; he just takes a seat and sees how the police can do nothing against him. He has many important friends in high places, and he and his gang also have tons of people threatened if they make a move against him or his gang. Not only that, but he seems untouchable.

One day, though, Chandan makes a very big mistake. He kidnaps one kid for nefarious purposes, just a young boy, nine years of age. The news spread throughout Bihar and the police put themselves to work. Chandan thinks no one will be able to track him, but he doesn’t count on Amit’s conviction. Amit is new to the region, and he doesn’t fear Chandan. He manages to track Chandan to his safe house and ends up killing many members of Chandan’s gang. Sadly, other members of the force let Chandan escape.

However, it is at that moment when the two of them become nemeses to one another. This rivalry will last several years, as Chandan keeps with her crime streak and Amit rises through the ranks in the force.

Does Amit Manage To Capture Chandan?

As the series comes to an end, the matches between Chandan and Amit become more and more heated. Amit and his team have managed to get close to Chandan in many dangerous ways, and they have pushed him into hiding. Amit manages to get Chandan’s phone number from one of his allies and, appealing to Chandan’s ego, manages to keep him talking long enough so that he and his team can track the phone call. Using the sounds in the background, the team pinpoints Chandan’s hiding place, and they manage to capture him after a long chase.

In any other series, capturing the villain would be the end of the tale, but Chandan still has some tricks up his sleeve. He has many allies outside of prison, and many people feel threatened by him and his gang. So, no one really wants to testify against him in court. Chandan and his gang also start attacking members of the police team who capture them, and they even dare attack Amit’s wife and son. The attack is done with a bomb, and one of Amit’s best friends dies while protecting Amit’s son.

Amit and the rest of the police are ready for vengeance. They go outside the limits of the law and attack the most important members of Chandan’s gang, killing several of them. With no one to protect him, and many people turning against him, even testifying against him, Chandan is ready to make a lot of noise. A trapped animal can be the most dangerous one.

Chandan plans to go full-violence until he is released, but Amit outsmarts him by revealing that he knows about Chandan’s wife and daughter. In one last conversation between the two men, Amit confesses that he knows Chandan has a daughter, the same way that Chandan knows Amit has a son. For the sake of their children, Amit asks Chandan to step down and take his punishment silently. With his daughter being threatened, Chandan accepts his punishment, but his eyes reveal a fire that will never be put out.

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