Kingdom Rush: Best Heroes of Each Title (Original, Frontiers, Origins, Vengeance)

Kingdom Rush: Best Heroes of Each Title (Original, Frontiers, Origins, Vengeance)

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Kingdom Rush is one of those extremely entertaining games to play. If you had to pick one thing that contributes to the entertainment value it is all the different heroes the game has to offer. Besides being an interesting addition to the game heroes can also be extremely useful to the players. But which heroes are the best in each game of the series?

The best heroes are Oni for the original Kingdom Rush, Alric for Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, Phoenix the Eternal Bird for Kingdom Rush: Origins, and Doom Tank for Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. 

If you would like to learn more about specific things that make these heroes the best or learn which other heroes are useful in each game keep reading.

Kingdom Rush best heroes

Kingdom Rush Best Heroes Of Each Title Original Frontiers Origins Vengeance 03 Oni

Regarding the original game, the best hero would probably be Oni. He can be bought in the app store for 4.99 dollars or unlocked after finishing the campaign in the Steam version of the game.

He is one of the best-rounded heroes. Physically, Oni is very strong and equally as tall. In addition to that, he is also extremely fast which is useful during the gameplay.

The best way to utilize Oni is in one on one combat since his strength levels and weapons allow him to defeat some enemies almost immediately. He is also one of the few heroes able to fight demons due to his immunity to infernal combustion.

Elora Wintersong is another useful hero from the original game. She is a part of Premium content which is available for 2.99 dollars on iOS and Android devices.

She is great for slowing down enemies since her magic works the best that way. Although she is quite durable in comparison to other heroes she is not suited for heavy attacks since she can be easily defeated by a stronger enemy.

Her attacks can sometimes be quite slow, but it pays off in the end since her strategy of using Permafrost to stop her enemies and then destroying them once they are helpless is effective even against some bosses.

On the cheaper side, Magnus is a great supportive hero. His ability to use different illusions on the enemies to slow them down is extremely helpful in the game.

Since he is a lot less durable than the other heroes the best strategy is using him behind other heroes, closer to the defending units. This is also important because he becomes extremely useful after he passes the eighth level and this strategy will most likely keep him alive.

Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid moving him a lot since he is extremely slow. To avoid this weakness from being exploited teleport him to safety and allow him to move from there to the point you want him at.

King Denas is another good hero from the first game. He is one of the few heroes who can be used both offensively and defensively since he can hold off your enemies while also being useful to your towers through empowerments.

However, he is not suited for melee combat since he has the unique feature of the minimum range which doesn’t allow him to attack the enemies once they get to certain proximity to him.

It is important to keep an eye out for his health since he moves very slowly and his respawn time is 15 seconds. To avoid this, the best position you can give him is behind other heroes, closer to the tower you are defending.

Lastly, Thor is also a great hero and can help you immensely at achieving your goals in the game.

He has a specific combination of the great power of attack and defensive properties of his armor which makes him one of the most reliable heroes out there.

His special abilities, Mjolnir and Thunderclap, make him extremely helpful when trying to clear out a bigger number of enemies at once by dealing maximum damage.

These skills allow him to go against enemies with dodge chance abilities since these two attacks can not be dodged. This makes him a great choice for any crowd control strategy.

The only downside of this hero is that Thor is not immune to fire and poison attacks which means he will most likely die due to the damage they create to his armor over time, but as long as you have other heroes handy it shouldn’t be a big deal since his respawn time is 15 seconds.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers best heroes

Kingdom Rush Best Heroes Of Each Title Original Frontiers Origins Vengeance 02 Arlic

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers also has a few heroes that are favored over the others by players.

The first of these heroes is Alric. He can be unlocked after the fourth wave of enemies has been fought off at Hammerhold. He is the last of the Desert Warriors which makes him one of the most powerful heroes in the game.

Alric is one of the most reliable heroes since when he is fully upgraded there are very few enemies he can not stop. In addition to this, he eliminates the enemies much quicker than other heroes, which is an added bonus.

Once paired up with his armor he will not be affected by any attacks since even the strongest enemies can at the most deal a bit more than 50% damage. Despite this, make sure to keep his health at check since Alric can heal much faster than the respawn time.

The next hero to keep an eye out for is Bruxa the Voodoo Witch. She can be unlocked once the player reaches the Lost Jungle in the game, however, she is not available if you are playing on Flash.

Players love to use her because of her range. She is great for destroying more powerful enemies since she can stop enemies with medium to high health levels when using her special skills, Bone Dance, and Laughing Skulls.

She can also be used as a supporting hero since she works well when placed behind high-level Barracks. She has the ability to cause a decent amount of damage even when she is at a bigger distance away.

Another thing that gives her an advantage over her enemies is her usage of flying skulls. They give Bruxa the ability to track moving targets even while she is moving. This allows the player to move her while still carrying out an attack which doesn’t allow the enemies to hurt her.

Bonehart the Dracolich is another fan favorite. He is a dragon made out of bones and has powers over death. He can be unlocked at Emberspike Depths if you are playing on Steam or bought in the game for 6.99 dollars.

He is the best hero to use if you want to get the most of the crowd control aspect. Bonehart has the ability to damage bigger groups of enemies at once which is why he is the best hero for this role.

His most important skill is Disease Nova. This allows him to weaken more enemies at once, but this ability can be used if three or more enemies at the same time. This is also useful since he becomes immune to all attacks.

He is quite durable as long as you let him move around the field. The only thing you should look out for is enemies who can cause a lot of damage with ranged attacks. 

Sha’tra the Skyhunter is another hero that becomes available at the same level. However, if you are not playing on Steam you’ll have to buy it in the game for 2.99 dollars.

The best way to use him is to have him take out your enemies one by one. However, once he starts getting bigger upgrades around level three he is perfectly suitable for destroying bigger groups of enemies that were harmed by his other attacks.

He becomes very useful once his abduction is used. To get the most out of it you should place him within the reach of the strongest enemies to make sure he takes them out. 

Since there is a small difference between his minimum and maximum damage, he is the most appropriate hero for situations that require a certain level of damage to be dealt out.

Lastly, Nivus the Grand Wizard also makes for a great hero. He is available after passing stage nine in the Steam version, or in the store for0.99 dollars.

Nivus is one of the most useful heroes players of the game can use. He is suitable for dealing with damage from afar. This is extremely important since his range is longer than the range of most enemies and instead of focusing on one specific enemy he can hurt more at the same time.

On the other hand, he is extremely fragile and doesn’t have the ability to use armor. Because of this, you need to make sure he is out of danger at all times. 

This can be achieved easily by placing him behind at least one line of Barracks. Luckily, if it comes to it he can move quickly and teleport which means that even if your enemies manage to reach him, Nivus will probably be able to escape.

Kingdom Rush: Origins best heroes

Kingdom Rush Best Heroes Of Each Title Original Frontiers Origins Vengeance

Phoenix the Eternal Bird is the first popular hero of this game. It unlocks after the fifth level and can be used after being purchased in the store for 6.99 dollars.

Phoenix is a great hero for crowd control. It was designed to deal with a great amount of damage and to be proficient at killing groups of enemies at the same time.

Immolate is a valuable skill of this character. It allows phoenix to move over a large number of enemies and then explode in turn eliminating them or to let ranged units kill her in order to avoid recharging.

Another helpful skill phoenix possesses is Ember Field which allows it to set explosive eggs that deal true damage over a larger portion of the field.

 One of the things worth keeping in mind is the fact that once Phoenix attacks from a flying point, any area affecting damage will cause damage to Phoenix as well.

Offensive vise, Phoenix is also a great choice. She can fly which means she is not confined to stay on the path. This will enable the player to easily remove her from danger. In addition to this, she is also immune to fire and poison.

If she dies, her body remains on the field as a flaming egg which over time deals small amounts of damage to the enemies. Once she gets resurrected, she deals additional damage in fire.

Another great hero from this game is Wilbur the Inventor. He can be purchased in the store for 6.99 dollars as an in-app purchase. 

He can fly and deal damage to enemies right beneath him which makes him extremely useful while dealing with a crowd of enemies. Because his damage is so high he would be the best choice for armored enemies.

He possesses several weapons that can be used to make his attacks more effective. They work by trading precision for a larger amount of field affected.

Overall Wilbur is a great hero since he offers great attacks that are suitable for dealing with heavily armored enemies while still being perfect for crowd control.

Another fan favorite is Faustus the Dragon Mage. He can be bought for 6.99 dollars in the in-app store or unlocked at the end of Shrine of Elynie if you are playing on Steam.

Faustus is a hero which can singlehandedly change the course of your battles. He is a go-to for any crowd control since he can get the job done easily.

He flies which allows him to move around the field much quicker than other heroes and to get off the path.

His attacks allow him to eliminate even the more powerful enemies. Since three out of four attacks can affect more than one enemy at a time he is perfect for crowd control.

The only downside of this hero is the fact that he has no armor. This means that you need to keep a close eye out for his health stats since his respawn time is 30 seconds.

The last hero for this game is Eridan the Ranger. He was the first hero announced in the trailers.

He is a great hero to use on the beginning levels while other heroes are still unavailable to you. His base attacks are great for taking out groups of lower health and unarmored enemies.

He can also be used for attacking your enemies from afar with his ranged skills such as Arrow Volley. In addition to this, his melee sills allow him to hold his own against more powerful enemies.

The only thing to keep in mind is to upgrade him quickly to get the most out of the hero since his powers get more useful the more you upgrade him.  

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance best heroes

Kingdom Rush Best Heroes Of Each Title Original Frontiers Origins Vengeance 02 Doom Tank

Doom Tank SG-11 the Siege Tank is the first hero of the last game in the series. It can be unlocked at level seventeen if you are playing on steam or bought for 5.99 dollars in the in-game store.

Doom Tank has a very powerful attack that can deal enormous amounts of damage once it is upgraded. One thing to keep in mind is that while his attacks cause so much damage, they should be focused on more powerful enemies since the attacks are a bit slow. 

Due to his great health stats and upgradable armor, you don’t need to worry about there are very few foes that can actually hurt or kill him. With that being said, keep an eye out for enemies with ranged attacks and magical foes since they can hurt him.

Doom Tank also has many useful skills, most notably Call of the Valkyrie. Once it is fully upgraded it deals around 1000 points of true damage to all enemies in the area, effectively destroying all weaker enemies and significantly weakening even the strongest ones.

Another great hero is Asra the Shadow Assassin. She is a free hero which can be unlocked at stage five Clockwork Factory.

Despite being a free hero, she is the fastest one, even if you consider the Premium ones as well. She can be moved around easily which makes her useful during the gameplay. 

However, her health stats are pretty low and she can die quite easily, which is why you should monitor her stats constantly. Even if she dies, she respawns time is only sixteen seconds which is much shorter than other heroes.

The last hero is another fan favorite, Margosa the Vampire Mistress. She is a Premium hero who gets unlocked after level eight if you are playing on steam and can be bought for 2.99 dollars in the store.

She has one of the strongest base attacks out of all heroes and attacks relatively quickly. She can attack powerful and unarmored enemies and achieve a kill relatively quickly.

Her beast form allows her to deal out great amounts of damage over shorter times, which is helpful if she is ever outnumbered or facing a stronger enemy.

Another great thing about her is that she moves quickly over the map which can give you an upper hand in many different scenarios.

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