Kingdom Rush: Best Towers of Each Title (Original, Frontiers, Origins, Vengeance)

Kingdom Rush: Best Towers of Each Title (Original, Frontiers, Origins, Vengeance)

Although Kingdom Rush is foremost an offline strategy game, one thing which can make or break you is the choice of towers you make. Each game offers a variety of different towers and making the right choice can make your gameplay significantly easier. This being said the only remaining question is which tower is the best in each game.

The best tower in the original Kingdom Rush is Tesla x104, Battle-Mecha T200 in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, Forest Keepers in Kingdom Rush: Origins, and Specters Mausoleum for Kingdom Rush: Vengeance.

To make sure you use this tower the right way, make sure to read this article all the way through since it offers strategic tips and tricks for every tower it offers.

Kingdom Rush best towers 

The best tower of the original game is Tesla x104. It is a level four Artillery tower. It is the last advanced tower and can only be unlocked at level 10.

Its main power is creating bolts of electricity that envelop a certain area of the map creating damage that gets dealt out to all enemies in its range. This makes it the tower which creates the highest physical damage in the entire game. In addition to that, Tesla can damage flying enemies, even when the player is using normal attacks.

The only downside to this is that the tower is limited to hitting at the most five targets per shoot.

Unlike other towers in this game, Tesla is pretty resistant to enemies. It works well against bigger groups of enemies as well as flying enemies. However, if the tower is attacked by too many heavily armored enemies they can easily overwhelm it.

Holy order is another useful tower in this game. It is a level four Melee tower. It contains the toughest troops in the game. Besides the strength, the troops are also heavily armored and possess regenerative abilities. 

This makes the troops effective even when dealing with deadly enemies. To achieve the best results place them at the end of the path.

Make sure to upgrade their Healing lightning to level 2 or 3 to get the most out of the tower. This will allow the troops to stall the enemy since they will be almost invincible.

Another thing worth upgrading is the special skill Holy Strike, which is effective against a bigger amount of lower-level health enemies.

Another fan favorite tower is 500mm Big Bertha, a level four Dwarven Bombard. In addition to creating large amounts of damage, it also has a decent damage radius.

Because of these specifics, the tower is best used when placed against bigger groups of enemies. To achieve optimal usage place the tower near enemy spawn points. 

Using Cluster Launcher Xtreme will provide great coverage, even when dealing with more enemies. It can also be used against flying enemies. 

However, if you are dealing with faster enemies there is a chance that Big Bertha will miss while performing an attack. This can be avoided by using Dragonbreath Launcher. 

The weapon is an extra range seeking missile which never misses. If the target is lost or simply destroyed the missile will find a different one.

The last tower for this game is Arcane Wizard. It is a level four Magic Tower available on the iPhone version. It is a great choice when dealing with heavily armored enemies since the tower ignores the armor.

It is extremely effective in wiping out enemies one by one and it has the most powerful attacks out of all towers in the game. Its most impressive weapon is the Death Ray. 

It provides an instant kill whenever it is used, but should be used sparingly and only in cases of emergency since its recharging time is quite lengthy. It can be upgraded to a shorter time but it is quite costly.

Another useful skill is the teleportation ability. It may be less useful on the first level, but once it is upgraded it does wonders for slowing down enemies. 

It works by creating a purple rune on the ground and once enemies step on it they get teleported further away on the map.

If you are good at planning, you can create a teleport chain. This would allow you to use more than one rune which would catch any enemies the ones before it missed.

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers best towers 

The best tower is Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is Battle-Mecha T200. It is a level 4 Artillery tower that uses walking robots that can drop bombs and shoot missiles.

It is great when you need to take care of a group of enemies since it can take care of bigger groups quite quickly.

It becomes even more useful when upgraded with Shock and Awe which stuns the enemies. This slows them down and allows the player to take care of them in an easier way.

The bombs are also useful but it is important to keep your enemies close together since the range of the bombs is quite small, only covering three soldiers at most.

It is way more useful to use the missiles since they have an infinite range. The missiles rarely miss, however, they don’t always target the enemy closes to the exit.

Necromancer Tower is another good tower. It is a level four Mage tower that becomes available in the Lost Jungle.

It is a great support tower since the ability to raise corpses into skeletons and skeleton knights slows down enemies significantly. 

These skeletons are weaker than other foes but their numbers and how easy it is to replace them make the tower a great substitute for Barracks.

Pairing them with the Death Knight increases damage by 50% and boosts their armor up by 30% for every skeleton near it. This enables them to fight against semi powerful enemies and makes them great for crowd control.

This is also helped by the Pestilence ability which deals 20 points of true damage per second. Once it is updated it can be extremely helpful as long as you figure out a good placement for the area it will affect. 

The Crossbow Fort is an advanced Ranged tower. It is highly versatile and has a great range which makes it extremely useful in almost every situation.

As long as your placement is good you will be able to take full advantage of the Falconer ability. It improves their attacks by doubling the damage and improves the range of all towers.

One of its most useful abilities is Barrage. It shoots out short but quick attacks that cause a decent amount of damage to all targets within a certain area they can reach.

The only bad side is the range of this weapon since it is not as good as some other towers. In addition to that, since the attack is physical it doesn’t do much against armored enemies.

The last recommended tower for this game is Tribal Axethrowers. It is a level four Archer tower. Most of its damage comes from the two tribesmen who throw axes that deal heavy damage.

The tower works the best when it is placed near a choke point. It fulfills a supportive role since most of its abilities weaken enemies significantly.

This ability is only amplified while using the Totem of Weakness, The totems are extremely effective when used with Barracks, Reinforcements, Heroes or Necromancer Towers since that allows them to create choke points.

They are also useful against high-level enemies and bosses since they need a lot of firepowers to destroy and cause a lot of damage.

The only downside of the totem is that they get placed at random and since they are quite inconsistent they often get placed near enemies which they can not affect and most of the affected heroes can be moved out of the affected area quickly.

Kingdom Rush: Origins best towers 

The best tower in Kingdom Rush: Origins is Forest Keepers. It is a level four Melee Tower unlocked at stage eight. It is the best-rounded tower in the game.

The tower is powerful in both attacks and defensive maneuvers. Their arsenal allows them to slow the enemies down and heal the allies at the same time.

Although the allies will be easily defeated by the more powerful enemies but will easily fight off the enemies that are less powerful.

Eerie Gardener is one of the most useful skills of this tower. It is great for staling enemies since it affects them all over the path. This is extremely helpful with more powerful but slower enemies.

Ancient Oak Spear allows for greater power of attacks making the attacks powerful enough to pierce armor and sill deal out a lot of damage.

One thing to keep in mind is that despite the tower being extremely helpful with all of the skills and abilities it won’t do much without them since the forest keepers aren’t armored and are easily defeated especially while dealing with enemies with ranged enemies.

Arcane Archers is an advanced ranged tower available at the Redwood Stand stage. 

This tower is the best for crowd control, especially while dealing with a bigger group of less powerful enemies. This is mostly due to the ability to shoot an arrow at two separate targets at the same time. 

The arrows can deal a substantial amount of damage while also reducing the enemies’ resistance to the magic which makes the tower extremely useful while fighting more enemies.

The best placement for the Arcane tower is at the front, preferably near the Mage towers since this will allow them to synergize in reducing magical resistance. 

Since the tower is suitable for dealing with both a smaller amount of enemies as well as bigger groups which is extremely affordable considering the price of the tower.

The only disadvantage of this tower is that while they can deal a lot of damage once there is more than one enemy in their range the amount of damage they deal gets diluted. 

Another fan favorite is High Elven Mage, which is an advanced Mage tower unlocked at stage eight, The Crystal Lake.

This tower is very useful against powerful enemies as long as there is a small number of them. Most of the enemies will not be able to survive its constant barrage of bolts. This becomes less useful as the number of enemies becomes bigger because the damage gets diluted.

One ability that can be used if there is a bigger number of enemies is Timelaps. This allows separation between larger groups of enemies. Once this happens the first part of the group can get wiped out which makes dealing with the rest of the enemies easier.

It is also great for dealing with flying enemies since it has Seekers who quickly deal with them. This helps your troops since dealing with other enemies is much easier when you are not overwhelmed by other enemies.

The only thing this tower is not good for is crowd control and bigger groups of enemies if they are not separated. To make the most out of it, the tower should be paired with others better equipped for crowd control.

The timelapse is also unable to kill its targets even if the damage inflicted is bigger than the remaining health since it can only be brought down to one health.  

The last tower for this game is Wild Magus, which is another Mage tower available after the Gryphon Point level.

The tower is great for dealing with single target enemies. If the target is attacked consecutively without interruptions the damage increases over time.

To ensure this you should use other heroes to help your troops to keep enemies away from the tower since if another target enters the range the tower refocuses and the damage resets.

Since the focus is on one target at time damage doesn’t get diluted in turn making it perfect for dealing with mightier foes.

To make sure you get the most out of this tower it should be placed somewhere the area which it affects will be the largest. Another great thing is that Mangus has the ability to prevent Twilight Scourgers from spawning banshees after death, which stops them from disabling the tower.

They can also be placed near a choke point in the earlier levels which the common appearance of Scourgers becomes much less threatening with her Ward of Disruption around.

Another great strategy is placing them as a support tower for other types of towers as offensive support for attacks that involve swarms of armored enemies. 

It also has an incremental damage bonus which makes bosses and golems vulnerable to it once they are isolated.

Kingdom Rush: Vengeance best towers 

The Specters Mausoleum is the best tower in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. It is a second magical tower introduced in the game at the start of the Northerners’ Village.

It is the cheapest mage tower in the game and despite the lack of it, the tower pays off with all the benefits it offers.

It is great for stalling the enemies since the player can use Guardian Gargoyles. Despite dealing way less damage than other towers since they do not have any special skills but can still stall enemies for a decent amount of time.

Another useful ability is possession. It allows the tower to hypnotize the enemies, but instead of just freezing them the possession lets them keep all the stats and makes them fight for you while the spell is effective.

The Bone Flingers is another useful tower. It is the third Ranged Tower introduced at the game unlocked at the start of Jokull’s Nest.

The tower is extremely versatile and very useful despite what you may first think of it. If you upgrade it and place it near the exit you will get the most out of it since this will allow the tower to destroy all unarmored enemies.

You can also place it at the end of a lane to get the most out of bone golem and the skeletons summoned. This placement lets them stall the enemies the most.

This will also get you the most out of bone golems ranged attacks. this way they can also still be effective against flying enemies to the fullest of their potential, taking care of any enemies which slip by your magic towers. 

Alternatively, they can be placed near the end of the path which would allow the player to use the skeletons which move down the path most efficiently.

Its random targeting is quite useful since it can eliminate certain enemies quite easily.

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