All 24 Kristin Hannah Books in Order: The Complete Guide

Kristin Hannah Books in Order

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Kristin Hannah is one of the most famous American female writers of the last two decades, loved for her heartwarming and tear-dropping novels, mostly about family and friendship. She is known for her strong messages, memorable characters and stories that are difficult to forget. She writes mostly historical novels and romances and often sets them in the Midwest and they are always full of emotions and heartbreaking topics.

How Many Kristin Hannah Books Are There?

Kristin Hannah has written 24 books in the time period between 1991 and 2021. Born in 1960, she wrote her first book when she was 31 years old and she is getting more and more popular with each new title.

Kristin Hannah Books In Order (At a Glance)

  1. A Handful of Heaven (1991)
  2. The Enchantment (1992)
  3. Once In Every Life (1992)
  4. If You Believe (1993)
  5. When Lightning Strikes (1194)
  6. Waiting For the Moon (1995)
  7. Home Again (1996)
  8. On Mystic Lake (1999)
  9. Angel Falls (2000)
  10. Summer Island (2001)
  11. Distant Shores (2002)
  12. Between Sisters (2003)
  13. The Things We Do For Love (2004)
  14. Comfort & Joy (2005)
  15. Magic Hour (2006)
  16. Firefly Lane (2008)
  17. True Colors (2009)
  18. Winter Garden (2010)
  19. Night Road (2011)
  20. Home Front (2012)
  21. Fly Away (2013)
  22. The Nightingale (2015)
  23. The Great Alone (2017)
  24. The Four Winds (2021)

Kristin Hannah Books in Order (By Release Date)

A Handful of Heaven (1991)

A Handful of Heaven 1991 1

Devon O’Shea has arrived to claim her share of a gold mine in the Yukon Territory. But what she inherited seems to be a filthy tent with a bunch of golddiggers. In the meantime, she develops strong animosity for a partner named Stone Man McKenna. 

But she won’t be intimidated by him and is determined to make this part of Yukon Territory the best. But there is more behind his cold exterior and his kiss will awaken something in Devon she didn’t expect.

The Enchantment (1992)

The Enchantment 1992 1

This is a romantic story set in the 19th century about Emmaline Harris, a beautiful and talented Wall Street financier who gets wiped out after the 1893 crash. Left without money, friends and family, she joins Dr Larence Digby in his search for the city of Cibola which is allegedly full of treasure. 

Lawrence has a deep secret he never shared with anyone and has his own ideas and ideals while Emmaline feels fragile after he found out her secret. But the two will have to learn to believe and prepare themselves to trust others with their lives and hearts.

Once in Every Life (1992)

Once in Every Life 1992

A pretty atypical story for Hannah, this is a science fiction novel about a skilled scientist Tess Gregory with a brilliant career and a dream of a husband and a child. Her deafness has never been a setback for her, but her life is terminated too soon.


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But this is just the beginning for her since her new life starts at her death, in post-Civil War America. She can hear now and is a married woman with three children and even though she should be happy she will be drawn into a heartache that will be a burden for everyone, especially her husband Jack.

If You Believe (1993)

If You Believe 1993

This is a love story between two complicated individuals, Mariah Throckmorton, a woman with a past full of scandals and a drifter Mad Dog Stone. He walked into her life and stirred up the emotions she was always trying to hide. 

It was a love against all odds, complicated and born not to last but they will not give up, learning that love only exists and survives if and when you believe.

When Lightning Strikes (1994)

When Lightning Strikes 1994 1

Another science fiction romance tells the story of Alaina Constanza, a romance writer who goes back in time and finds herself in the Western world of her last novel. She is kidnapped by her own character, a ruthless outlaw named Killian.

But the story between them will be a love one where they will learn that magic has its price and that they haven’t got much time left. Their future depends on a lightning strike and they will have to risk it all for the sake of Alaina’s child.

Waiting for the Moon (1995)

Waiting for the Moon 1995

Selena finds herself alone on the isolated Maine coast, completely unaware of how she got there. Afraid and lost in a world of unfamiliar faces she will find comfort in the arms of Ian Carrick, a talented physician. 

Ian is hiding in this quiet and remote place haunted by a telepathic gift that has destroyed his love for healing others. Selena is the only one who is immune to his psychic powers and she will be the one who will restore his faith in himself and his abilities. But when a mysterious figure emerges from the past they will have to fight for their love and life together.

Home Again (1996)

Home Again 1996

Madelaine Hillyard is a brilliant and world-famous heart surgeon whose private life is falling apart. She is a single mother who is constantly at odds with her 16-year-old stubborn daughter Lina who is desperate to find her estranged father who she never met.

When her father Angel DeMarco suddenly appears as a patient with needs, Madelaine will have to face him and decide whether she will give in to his charms or remain professional and help him without involving her feelings.

On Mystic Lake (1999)

On Mystic Lake 1999

Annie Coulwater’s life is falling apart after she finds out that her husband is in love with a younger woman. She moves back to the small town where she grew up and reunites with her old love, Nick Delacroix.

Nick is a recent widower and is not able to cope with his grieving young daughter but together they will find ways to heal together. When Annie finally begins to think she’s been given a second chance for happiness her life gets turned upside down and she is forced to make a choice no woman should ever have to make.

Angel Falls (2000)

Angel Falls 2000

Liam and Mike (Michaela) Campbel live in the hills in Washington state and have a picture-perfect marriage and family. Liam is a small-town doctor and Mike is happy as a stay-home mum taking care of their children and beloved horses.

But everything falls apart when after a terrible accident, Mike is left in a coma and Liam will have to find ways to awaken her. While trying to ignite her memory, Liam will have to face the fact that his wife has a secret past under the name of Kayla and that there is a man named Julian True, her first love who Liam will have to contact if he wants to have his wife back.

Summer Island (2001)

Summer Island 2001

Nora Bridge is a famous talk show host who walked out on her marriage and daughters a long time ago. Her daughter Ruby is a struggling comedienne who hasn’t spoken to Nora in more than a decade but their lives will get entangled thanks to an exposed scandal from Nora’s past.

Ruby is offered to write a story about her mother and she will reluctantly move back to her childhood home on Summer Island and confront her past including her first love, a sick friend and her mother’s terrible secrets. She will start to understand the ties between a mother and a daughter and the importance of forgiveness.

Distant Shores (2002)

Distant Shores 2002

Elizabeth and Jackson shore married young and raised two daughters, fighting will all the storms that threatened them for years. But after their daughters move away from home they quietly drift apart.


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When Jack finds a new job, Elizabeth decides to follow him across the country despite all her needs and wishes. But a terrible accident will force her to think about everything in her life – her choices, marriage and long-lost and forgotten dreams. 

Between Sisters (2003)

Between Sisters 2003

Meghann Dontess’ terrible choice many years ago cost her everything, including her sister Claire’s love. She is now a successful attorney who has put everything about her past behind her but will be faced with it when she falls in love with a man who believes he can change her mind.

Claire’s wedding day approaches and she will have to face her older sister for the first time after two decades and these two women who think they have nothing in common will try to become a family.

The Things We Do for Love (2004)

The Things We Do for Love 2004

Angela DeSaria Malone is the youngest of three sisters and has always known what she wants from her life. She believed she will do what her sisters and cousins did, find a job, marry and have children. But it didn’t go as planned.

After not being able to have children, Angela and her husband separated and now she has moved back with her crazy and funny family to West End. Her life will completely change after she meets a man who will restore her faith in love and a 17-year-old girl who will become a daughter to her.

Comfort & Joy (2005)

Comfort Joy 2005

Christmas has always been the most anticipated part of the year for Joy Candellaro but this year she is at the crossroads in her life and can’t find any reasons to celebrate it. Without telling anyone she buys a ticket and flies to the Pacific Northwest.

When an unexpected detour takes her deep into the Olympic rainforest she decides to embrace it and embarks on a journey she has never expected. She finds herself in the small town of Rain Valley where she meets a 6-year-old motherless boy who adores Christmas and immediately bonds with him and his father Daniel. But things won’t stay perfect for long.

Magic Hour (2006)

Magic Hour 2006

Dr Julia Cates was one of the country’s most famous child psychiatrists until a terrible accident ruined her career. She goes back to her small western Washington hometown where she meets an incredible 6-year-old girl who has appeared somewhere from the woods. 

She named her Alice and her only purpose now is to save this scared little girl. But she can’t do it alone and she will have to ask for help from a sister she barely knows and a handsome doctor with his own secrets.

Firefly Lane (2008)

Firefly Lane 2008

This is a warm story about two complete opposites who will become friends for life when the free-spirited and beautiful Tully Hart moves next door to the socially awkward and shy Kate Mularkey.

We are following thirty years of love, friendship, jealousy, resentment and tears, while these two women try to survive in this sometimes cruel and cold world. Their friendship will be tasted numerous times until one event will put it to the ultimate test.

This is one of Hannah’s most popular and beloved books that has gotten its Netflix tv series in 2021 with Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigl as Kate and Tully.

True Colors (2009)

True Colors 2009

Another heartwarming and heartbreaking story about women, this time three sisters whose world is broken apart by hatred, jealousy and passion. This is one of Hannah’s most provocative and brave stories, about the Grey sisters who have always been very close, especially after their mother’s death.

Winona, Aurora and Vivi Ann have always been there for each other, despite their different personalities and world views. After a young Native American at their doorstep and begins working for their father, a terrible event will change their lives completely and make them question many decisions they have made.

Winter Garden (2010)

Winter Garden 2010

This is a tear-dropping and beautiful story about two sisters, Meredith and Nina Whitson. Meredith stayed home, had children and continued her family business and Nina followed her dreams, travelled and became a world-famous photographer.

When their father gets very sick, Meredith and Nina’s paths will cross and they will find themselves together again, next to their distant and always disapproving mother Anya, who hides a heartbreaking secret hidden behind the Russian fairytales she used to tell them when they were little girls.

Night Road (2011)

Night Road 2011

Jude Farraday is a stay-at-home mum who is perfectly happy raising her two wonderful twins, Zack and Mia. Their lives will change when Lexie, a former foster child with a secret begins to spend time with Jude’s children. 

Jude will be very supportive of Lexie’s friendship with Mia and later Zack’s relationship, always fearing that something bad might happen. Her worst nightmare will be confirmed after a horrible car accident that will change everyone forever. Jude will have to learn to live with grief and resentment and Lexie will give up everything that matters to her. 

Home Front (2012)

Home Front 2012

This family portrait brings the story of Michael and Jolene Zarkades whose 12-year-marriage is falling apart but they are still trying to face the pressures of everyday life together. Suddenly, due to unexpected circumstances, Michael finds himself alone with their two girls, completely unprepared for a life of a single father.

Jolene has been deployed and is struggling with the sense of duty she has soldier and the terror of leaving her family. She will share only nice things in her letters to her family but will return completely changed by war and after a tragedy, Michael will have to face his biggest fear and fight a battle on his own.

Fly Away (2013)

Fly Away 2013

This is a sequel to the successful and memorable Firefly Lane, where we follow Tully Hart’s story after the death of her best friend Kate. She has promised herself to be there for Kate’s children but knows nothing about motherhood. And taking care of people in general.

Kate’s daughter Marah is devastated and trying to struggle with anger and grief until she falls in love with a young man who will show her the dangerous side of being a teenager. On the other side, Tully will have to face her mother who has never been there for her and one night phone call will bring all these women together and force them to rethink their actions.

The Nightingale (2015)

The Nightingale 2015

This is probably Hannah’s most famous and beloved book, a story about Vianne Mauriac who has to say goodbye to her Antoine who is off to fight against the Nazis when they invade France. Vianne will soon have to learn how to live with the enemy if she doesn’t want to lose everything.

Meanwhile, Vianne’s sister Isabelle is a free-spirited and rebellious 18-year-old who meets a partizan and falls in love madly. After he betrays her she joins the Resistance and decides to risk her life in order to save the ones she loves.

There is a greatly expected movie based on this beautiful and tragic story, expected in 2023, directed by Melanie Laurent, with Dakota Fanning as Vianne and Elle Fanning as Isabelle.

The Great Alone (2017)

The Great Alone 2017

Leni is a 13-year-old girl who finds herself moving to Alaska with her parents, Ernt Allbright, a War veteran with many anger issues and his wife Cora who needs to deal with his mood swings and violent behaviour.


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At first, it seems that Alaska is a good place to start anew, but very soon, as winter approaches, Ernt’s mental state will begin to deteriorate and Leni and Cora will realise that the threats from inside their home are much more dangerous than the ones lurking from the outside.

The Four Winds (2021)

The Four Winds 2021

Hannah’s latest novel is a story about the uncertain and dangerous times in 1934 Texas, one of the darkest periods of the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl era. Farmers are fighting against the threats to their crops, there is a water shortage and dust is about to cover them all up.

Elsa Martinella is one of many who has to make a difficult and heartbreaking decision, whether to stay and fight or move to California and try and live a better life. This is a grand story about the sacrifice and love of one woman in horrible times, one that will define a whole generation.

Will there be more Kristin Hannah books?

Even though there is no official information about Hannah’s new book, fans are eagerly expecting something interesting, hoping to wintess many new destinies and stories they will love.

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