‘Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight Ending, Explained: Who Is Blade? Po’s New Companion.

Kung Fu Panda The Dragon Knight

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Kung Fu Panda has had one of the most wonderful runs when it comes to post-theatrical content. The franchise has been able to jump from the medium of films, into comic books, video games, and now three different TV series that maintain the spirit of the original film. While also expanding the universe to new frontiers, and introducing new and fun characters that can drag Po to new adventures. The Dragon Knight, the latest Kung Fu Panda Netflix TV series, just proves that the franchise can keep going for a while.

The show brings the unique mix of humor and action-adventure that has made the franchise so popular. This time, Po sees himself paired with Blade, a knight coming from London on a mission to trap a couple of criminals. The series cannot boast the animation quality that the films had, but it compensates with a ton of good jokes and fantastic characters. Towards the end, the show sets up a stunning second season that we need to watch right now.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight. Read at your own risk.

Who Is Blade? Po’s New Companion.

This new Kung Fu Panda series is all about expanding the universe where the story is set. To do this, the writers made the decision to bring a character from beyond the realm of China. That character is Blade. When we first meet her, she introduces herself as a Knight of England. Po is transfixed at meeting a knight in the flesh and quickly offers himself to help Blade on her quest. Even when just minutes before he was stripped from his title as Dragon Master.

Blade is a great warrior, and she is on a mission. She is tracking a pair of criminals known as Klaus and Veruca. The weasel siblings have been wrecking chaos all over Europe, and now they have set their eyes on China. Blade, under the orders of the Queen, has come to the far-away Eastern kingdom and is ready to capture the criminals no matter what it takes. Blade follows a code of honor, that really makes a great impression on Po.

Kung Fu Panda The Dragon Knight

As Po and Blade travel through China after Veruca and Klaus, they not only become better friends, but they also start trusting each other and teaching about each other’s cultures. It is quite nice to see that two people from different backgrounds can build such a relationship. The quest is not easy and the weasels avoid them at each stay. Until Veruca manages to get her hand on a mystical object. A magical gauntlet that can control nature.

Having obtained such a powerful ability, Klaus and Veruca aim for the Imperial City, where they plan to kill the emperor and steal another powerful relic, a whip that strikes with fire. Po and Blade arrive first, but they are arrested by the cowardly emperor. When Veruca arrives, there is no one to protect the emperor. Veruca and Klaus try to steal the whip from the emperor, who doesn’t know how to fight.


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Meanwhile, it is revealed that Blade isn’t a real knight. She stole her armor, and blade and then went in pursuit of the weasel siblings. It is later explained that the criminals killed her older brother, and now she is on a quest for vengeance. A real knight from England, Colin has been sent to take her back home, where she will be punished.

What Do Klaus And Veruca Want In Kung Fu Panda The Dragon Knight?

At the end of the day, Blade defeats Colin in battle, and she leaves him tied to a tree. She then goes back to the emperor’s castle and there she along with Po fight Klaus and Veruca. Po explains that it doesn’t matter if she isn’t a real knight, she follows the knight code and that makes her a real knight in his eyes. Nevertheless, it sucks that she lied to him. Blade apologizes.

The fight is epic, with Po and Blade using their most powerful techniques to counter Veruca’s amazing power. Veruca, who has a crush on Po, even offers him to join her and rule together. Po, of course, refuses the offer. It is here when Klaus and Veruca explain that the whip and the gauntlet are just two of a set of four weapons from ancient times. Whoever manages to bring all four weapons together will be unstoppable.

Kung Fu Panda The Dragon Knight

Po and Blade managed to get the Whip back. Thanks also to the help of a monkey master, who is actually the current owner of the Whip. Veruca and Klaus escape as they go to find the other two weapons and then come back for the whip. Knowing that the entire world is at risk, the team decides to go after the siblings and find the weapons before they do. Mr. Ping, Po’s father, also joins the party.

What this means for the next season is that Po and his team are leaving China for the first time. They will travel to other places around the world in a treasure hunt that will be without a doubt super fun to see.

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