All 10 Laini Taylor Books in Order Including Non-series

Laini Taylor is an American young adult fantasy writer, born in 1971 in Chico, California who grew up as a military child. She earned her English degree from UC Berkeley and currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and daughter. 

How Many Books Has Laini Taylor Written?

Laini Taylor is a talented fantasy author who has written ten books altogether, the majority of them belonging to a series, besides two first titles which are standalone novels.

Laini Taylor Books in Order (At a Glance)


  1. The Drowned (2004)
  2. Lips Touch: Three Times (2009)

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

  1. Daughter of Smoke & Bone (2011)
  2. Days of Blood & Starlight (2012)
  3. Dreams of Gods & Monsters (2014)
  4. Night of Cake and Puppets: A Daughter of Smoke and Bone Novella (2013)

Faeries of Dreamdark

  1. Dreamdark: Blackbringer (2007)
  2. Dreamdark: Silksinger (2009)

Strange the Dreamer

  1. Strange the Dreamer (2017)
  2. Muse of Nightmares (2018)

Laini Taylor Books in Order (By Release Date)

1. The Drowned: A Tale of Mystery and Horror (2004)

This is an interesting tale set in 1800 Paris, about Theophile who can’t remember why he spent five years in an asylum. One day he is compelled to escape by unseen forces and he goes back to his haunted Breton coast.

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He is trying to go back to the ugly memories from his childhood and on his way, he is followed by drowned witches, furious crows, a damaged orphan, and a loved one he considered dead. 

2. Dreamdark: Blackbringer (2007)

This is the first part in the Faeries of Dreamdark series where we meet Magpie Windwitch, a faery who is not like other faeries. She doesn’t live secluded in the forest like the rest of them. She has devoted her life to finding and recapturing devils that escaped from their ancient bottles.

She is traveling the world with her gang of crows and fighting all the evils others are afraid to fight until she is faced with an evil so big that she, even with help of her fellow fairies, won’t be able to defeat.

3. Lips Touch: Three Times (2009)

This is a collection of three tales of supernatural love, all connected with an unordinary kiss with deep consequences for the kissers’ souls.

Goblin Fruit, Spicy Little Curses, and Hatchling tell the stories of forbidden love and passion, and all of them are connected to various supernatural beings, curses, and temptations the main characters have to resist or succumb to.

4. Dreamdark: Silksinger (2009)

This is the sequel to the Blackbringer where we again follow the adventures of the brave Magpie Windiwitch whose task now is to save Whisper, the last of the secret guardians of Azazel, one of the powerful Djinn.

Whisper flees to the city of Nazneen to restore Azazel to his temple while being chased by Hirik Mothmage who is on a secret quest.

5. Daughter of Smoke & Bone (2011)

This is the first part of Taylor’s famous trilogy where we meet Karou, a mysterious and gifted young art student who is about to be involved in a dangerous otherwordly war.

Karou has always been special, with her blue hair and the ability to speak many languages which are not all human. She is prone to disappearing from time to time and is eager to find out who she really is. When she meets beautiful and haunted Akiva she will begin to find out more than she is ready to.

6. Days of Blood & Starlight (2012)

The sequel to the Daughter of Smoke & Bone is even more mysterious and intriguing than its first part. Karou finally knows who and what she is but this revelation comes at a price. 

Karou will have to decide how far she is ready to go to protect and save her people. She will find herself on the opposing side with her lost love Akiva, heartbroken but ready to fight for what she believes.

7. Night of Cake and Puppets: A Daughter of Smoke and Bone Novella (2013)

This is a stand-alone novella that follows the love story of Mik and Zuzana and their first date. Zuzana is Karou’s best friend, a skilled girl with “voodoo eyes” that freeze your blood. But when it comes to more “normal” things, Zuzana is way more reserved.

She is in love with Mik and is finally ready to make the first move which will send Mik on an adventure around Prague, a treasure hunt with Zuzana as treasure. 

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8. Dreams of Gods & Monsters (2014)

The final part of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy finally reunites Karou and Akiva, not in love but in an alliance against their common enemy. They are about to fight a dangerous angel emperor who has brought his army to the human world.

Karou and Akiva are hopeful that this is the opportunity to make their people go forward and maybe even a way to find a solution to their forbidden love story.

9. Strange the Dreamer (2017)

Lazlo Strange is the main protagonist of this beautiful story about dreams and dreamers they choose. He is a war orphan and a junior librarian who has always been convinced that his dream chose badly. 

He has been obsessed with the mythic lost city of Weep but was afraid to find it until the day he is offered an opportunity he shouldn’t refuse.

10. Muse of Nightmares (2018)

Lazlo and Sarai are not what they were before, not the same god and ghost as they were in the first part of this beautiful series. They are held hostage by Minya who is planning revenge against Weep.

Now Lazlo has to make an unthinkable decision, to save the woman he loves or everyone else. But Sarai, the Muse of Nightmares is yet to discover who she really is and what she is capable of.

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