Legend of Dragoon Remake: Will It Happen? (& When)

PlayStation One fans will remember The Legend of Dragoon as one of the rare JRPGs that came with ambitious gameplay and storyline and an equally ambitious length. However, it has been more than two decades since the game was released. It hasn’t had a remake or a sequel since then, as fans are now wondering if ever it will indeed find life in this day and age. So, will The Legend of Dragoon remake happen?

At this point, there are no updates regarding a Legend of Dragoon remake. There were rumors that Bluepoint Games was working on a remake for the title. However, since the company was acquired by Sony, there hasn’t been any news regarding the company working on a remake for the game.

While there is an upscale version of the game that’s being independently produced, the fact of the matter is that The Legend of Dragoon isn’t going to be getting a remake or even a remaster anytime soon. This means that fans of the classic video game would have to wait for a few more years before Sony decides to remake it. So, with that said, let’s get into the details of this topic.

Is Legend Of Dragoon Being Remade?

There was a time when the original PlayStation was a treasure trove for incredible Japanese RPGs that allowed you to follow different storylines and enjoy different gameplays that were unique but still followed the traditional JRPG style. While the first few consoles were dominated by the Final Fantasy titles, there were other gems that JRPG fans were quite fond of.

One such title is The Legend of Dragoon, which was one of the most ambitious JRPGs of the PSOne precisely because it is one of the few titles not named Final Fantasy that came with multiple discs. In that regard, you would know that this is a game that is just as large as it is incredible.

The Legend of Dragoon is still a very beautiful game that comes with an equally compelling storyline. However, its modest performance can be related to the fact that it was sandwiched between the Final Fantasy games during the late 1990s. And the fact that the PS2 was about to get released anytime soon during The Legend of Dragoon’s release probably kept the hype modest for this game. 

While The Legend of Dragoon didn’t have the same type of magic that the Final Fantasy games on the PSOne had, it was still quite the legend in the sense that it had a lot of fans that loved the storyline and the gameplay. 

But the thing about The Legend of Dragoon is that, while its developer Japan Studio was able to find success in a lot more other JRPG titles over the next few years, it wasn’t able to earn itself a sequel. Today, in a world where classic games are being remade or remastered to feed the need for nostalgia that most classic gamers have, The Legend of Dragoon is a title that is yet to be remade.

With that said, we have seen a lot of titles getting remakes and remasters, and all of those titles were good PSOne or even PS2 games during their time. So, does that mean that The Legend of Dragoon is soon to get a remake?

Well, there were rumors that initially pointed out a plan for The Legend of Dragoon to get a remake. That’s because there were rumors that Bluepoint Games, one of the studios that specialize in remastering or remaking games, was going to make a remake for The Legend of Dragoon.

Unfortunately, anything related to a remake for The Legend of Dragoon is just a rumor. Nothing has been reported or confirmed by any reputable source. That means that there isn’t going to be a remake for The Legend of Dragoon anytime soon because of the fact that we haven’t heard anything from Sony. As such, fans of the game shouldn’t be too hopeful because nothing has been confirmed as of this writing.

Why Isn’t There A Legend Of Dragoon Remake?

At this point, it is tough to point to a real reason why there isn’t a remake for The Legend of Dragoon. While there may have been rumors about Bluepoint Games remaking or, at the very least, remastering The Legend of Dragoon, the problem for fans of the game is that the company has since become a part of Sony and has become a member of the entire PlayStation banner.

That means that anything that Bluepoint Games works on should get the go signal from Sony first. As such, it probably isn’t in the immediate plans or priorities of Sony to work on a remake or a remaster for The Legend of Dragoon, considering that the game didn’t really perform up to par when compared to the Final Fantasy games of the late 90s. Of course, there are plenty more remakes and remasters that are on Sony’s slate, and The Legend of Dragoon doesn’t seem to be a priority for the company because it probably doesn’t believe in it.

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Of course, there’s also the fact that Japan Studio, the game’s developer, had already shut down, and that leaves a massive hole for Sony in terms of the company that could very well take the reins. Bluepoint Games, as mentioned, could very well be a good studio to take over the project. But the problem is that Sony has to give the go signal first.

Fans of the classic JRPG game have pointed out that they want the game to be remade, considering that there are a lot of remakes getting released. Sony has probably heard what the fans are saying, and that could mean that there might be a plan for the game to get remade in the future.

The good side about Sony acquiring Bluepoint Games is the fact that the studio now has more resources to use as it now falls under the entire PlayStation banner. This points to the possibility of the company having enough manpower and technology to work on a remake for The Legend of Dragoon as long as Sony is willing enough to give it the go signal.

Is There A Remastered Legend Of Dragoon?

Even though there hasn’t been anything official regarding a remake or a remaster for The Legend of Dragoon, there have been some fans that have been working on an upscale version of the game. That means that they are merely trying to upscale the game’s resolution and pixelation as much as possible to make it look a lot better in terms of today’s more modern gaming standards.

There is a website that works on the upscaling of The Legend of Dragoon, and the same developers have said that they are interested in improving the graphics of this cult icon. The entire project has been going on for about two years already, but there hasn’t been an official release from them.

However, as you can see from the video, there are improvements in the overall visuals of The Legend of Dragoon compared to the original version. It still doesn’t quite match the visuals of today’s games, but there is a clear improvement in how smooth and less pixelated the game is.

So, for those who are looking to play the game, this upscaled version might tickle your fancy while you wait for the official product coming from Sony. And it does look like the upscaled version will get a release sooner compared to an official release from Sony if ever the company does indeed plan on giving the remake or the remaster the go signal.

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