Lost Ark: Dalian Orchard Secret Location & How To Solve The Quest

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Avid gamers getting into Lost Ark know that the land of Arkesia holds a ton of exciting activities and adventures, including countless cool enemies to defeat and some legendary quests. While the thrill of solving secret quests is undeniably satisfying, it can become quite frustrating as well.

Dalian’s Orchard can be fairly tricky to locate, let alone solve to complete the quest. Many enthusiastic Lost Ark players may find themselves stuck in limbo without knowing quite what to do next. Stick around to find out everything you need to know to complete this quest and advance in the game.

When Do You Recieve The Dalian Orchard Secret Quest?

The objective to locate the Dalian Orchard’s secret area and complete the quest can occur quite early on in the game. Players typically pick up this secret quest while they explore the East Luterra continent.

How To Activate Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest

If you are here out of pure curiosity and have not yet received the Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest objective, there is only one way to activate this task. The objective that will take players to the Dalian Orchard secret location can only be activated by finding and consuming a specific item.

Players who wish to receive this side objective should be looking out for an item known as ‘Connie’s Orchard Storage Key’. This item can only be received as a drop from the Flowering Orchard – which is essentially the entire region west of Sien Inn.

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The ‘Connie’s Orchard Storage Key’ will be dropped by mobs in this area at random rates. But, players have found that Orchard Keepers have a higher tendency to drop the item.

So, it will take some time and classic farming to get this drop. But, once you find and consume this item, you’ll automatically accept the quest. From there, you’ll be able to locate the Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest area, complete the objective, and receive the relevant rewards!

Location of the Dalian Orchard Secret Quest

Finding the general area is actually quite simple, as Lost Ark players will inevitably pass through Dalian’s Orchard as they progress towards level 50. But, while partaking in quests and missions in the general area, players will be given an additional objective – finding a secret zone located somewhere within Dalian’s orchard.

While most areas are automatically marked out on players’ maps, the secret zone will not be indicated by an icon or marking in-game. Like many MMORPGs, certain quests and areas are restricted to only the most dedicated and determined players, and the secret location in Dalian’s Orchard is no exception.


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Players are only giving a brief and not-so-helpful hint – that players should be looking for a locked warehouse “on the north side” of the orchard. While this is entirely accurate, this clue provides only the bare minimum concerning information, and you could wind up missing the location completely.

As a result, completing this quest may require some trial and error depending on your experience, even when using step-by-step guides. But, following these guidelines will undoubtedly cut down on time and allow you to complete the Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest as soon as possible!

How To Find The Dalian Orchard Secret Area

Lost Ark players can spend hours – if not longer – running around in circles just trying to find this area. This is since the secret area will not be found incidentally as you quest throughout the region – the odds of finding it by chance are extremely low.

Fortunately, those who have successfully completed this objective have flocked to the internet and provided new players with some great tips and guidelines. These steps are quite straightforward to follow and will help you locate this area and solve the secret quest.


Follow these simple steps to locate the Dalian Orchard secret zone:

  1. If you’ve just picked up and consumed ‘Connie’s Orchard Storage Key in East Luterra, head southwest in the Flowering Orchard area.
  2. Begin your journey at the Sien Inn. It is fairly easy to get to the Sien Inn by using the Triport nearby.
  3. From Sien Inn, head up the west road until you hit the map’s border. The path may wind around trees and fences, but it is mostly straightforward to follow with few issues.
  4. Do not stray from the road, as you can easily lose your way. Simply follow the path toward the northwest corner of the map.
  5. If you follow the directions correctly, it may seem that you have reached a dead end. The area should appear to be a nub of a nook squeezed between two larger bulbous-shaped nooks.
  6. You should find a small shack built into the wall of this dead end, situated in a cutout valley of rock formations.

This small and unassuming shack is actually the warehouse you’ve been looking for! It will be the location of the secret quest. Once you are inside the warehouse, you will be able to continue and complete the quest.

How To Complete Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest In Lost Ark

While the concept of a ‘Secret Quest’ may be quite intimidating, the Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest is actually more of a side quest. It’s far quicker and simpler than one might expect.

  1. Head inside the shack.
  2. Speak with Moonshiner Marco, an NPC that you will meet again in Black Rose Chapel.
  3. Once you have finished speaking with Moonshiner Marco, the secret quest will be complete. It is not necessary to travel back to a quest river to turn in the quest, as an indicator will appear on the right side of the screen. Players can choose to complete the quest via their UI.
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What Is The Reward For Completing Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest?

Successfully completing Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest rewards players with currency – or, in the context of the quest itself, hush money. Players can receive XP, Shillings, and a chest filled with nifty items – such as a ton of grenades that can be used throughout various battles.

The rewards for this quick and simple secret quest are undeniably worthwhile. The specific rewards are as follows:

  • 18,522 XP
  • 720 Legacy Points
  • 2950 Silver
  • 1 Battle Item Selection Chest

How Long Does Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest Take?

Although the Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest can take longer than expected, this is mainly due to getting lost, stuck, or confused throughout the process. The main aspect that takes the most time is obtaining ‘Connie’s Orchard Storage Key’ since this drops randomly and the time required will be different for each player.

But, once you find the item and activate the Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest, it doesn’t take too long to locate the secret area and complete the objective. If you follow the guidelines and do not experience too many issues when locating the area, you can expect to complete the Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest and claim the rewards in only a few minutes.

Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest may seem incredibly daunting for players, especially since there are a ton of gamers who struggle to find the location. It may feel like the Lost Ark game devs have intentionally made it difficult to complete this objective, but the Dalian Orchard’s Secret Quest is far simpler, quicker, and easier than you might expect.

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