Lost Ark Steam Connection Timed Out: Here’s How To Fix It

lost ark steam error

Avid gamers have awaited the release of Lost Ark for years, ever since its initial release in Korea back in 2018. But, unexpected issues are always on the table with new games, and many players have found problems launching Lost Ark on Steam.

The Lost Ark connection timed out error is due to a problem on Steam’s end, although some players have managed to work around the issue by restarting Steam or verifying/reinstalling Lost Ark games files. The Lost Ark developers are not responsible for the error, but are collaborating with Steam to find an effective solution.

Now, we love Steam – Steam has opened a whole new world for fellow enthusiasts, and simply logging in can make any gamer feel like a kid in a candy store. But, alongside many other platforms, Steam is not new to bugs and issues. Stick around to find out what caused this connection timed out error and what you could do to fix it.

Why Do You Get Lost Ark Steam Connection Timed Out?

Instead of the satisfying experience players were hoping for, many received the following notification: “Steam failed to install (Connection Timed Out)”. While the timed out error occurred for some players trying to launch the game, this error rendered many gamers incapable of downloading Lost Ark, let alone playing it.

lost ark error

Players have addressed the issue on Twitter and Reddit in the hopes of finding a quick fix. But, the error itself goes much deeper than expected, and according to the higher-ups, fixing it may not be as simple as we’d hoped.

Is The Problem On Your Side?

While you may be happy to know that the error itself has nothing to do with players, this actually makes the problem far more complex to resolve. The fact that the problem isn’t on the players’ end means that there isn’t much we can do about it.

The Lost Ark developers stressed that there is no preference between players and no one is being prioritized in this matter. They stated that the issues being experienced on Steam “are impacting all players including content creators as well.”


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So, gamers are not the only ones upset about this error. The Lost Ark developers have huge plans for this launch, including Twitch drops, a range of cool rewards, and much more. This error has really rained on everyone’s parade, and it may have repercussions that no one could have anticipated.

What Caused The Lost Ark Connection Timed Out Error?

It may seem unusual, but Steam connection problems are fairly common for online games such as Lost Ark. A ton of things can go wrong when launching any new game, and breaking down how this happened is crucial to finding possible solutions.

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Errors during launch are especially likely when there is a sudden influx of new players. Considering how many gamers have been hyped up and sitting around just waiting to launch this epic game, it’s understandable to assume their servers may have been overwhelmed.

But, while this has happened in the past with the release of other online games, the Lost Ark Steam connection timed out error is not server-related as all Lost Ark servers are listed as “Good” on their page. You can check the current server status in your region by following their official server status page, and stay informed on any mishaps or maintenance.

Steam Connection Timed Out Error Explained

Downloading a game may seem simple on our end, but the process behind the scenes is actually quite complicated. Ideally, whenever a new game launches, Steam would unpack all of the game’s files before any of its users are able to access them.


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This is a standard but multifaceted process, which typically happens at the exact same time the game is launched. The time that it takes for this process to be completed generally depends on the disk drive type you are using at the time, as SSDs are significantly faster than HDDs.

The time it would take will also depend on how compressed the game is. While either may contribute to the error, neither of these factors is the real issue behind the connection timed out error being experienced – the unpacking process is not starting at all.

Who Is Responsible For The Lost Ark Connection Timed Out Error?

In a nutshell, the error being experienced is actually from Steam’s side. It seems that they have not yet unlocked the game, meaning there is no way for players to access it properly.

The Lost Ark developers have nothing to do with this problem, so there isn’t much they can actively do about it. However, since Lost Ark is their baby, they’ve been on the ball in getting things back on track.

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What Do The Lost Ark Developers Have To Say?

Lost Ark devs were prompt with their responses on Twitter, posting the following:

The developers of Lost Ark have also released an official statement in response to fans’ concerns regarding the connection timeout error, stating: “We are investigating this with Steam/Valve now, and are looking for workarounds in the meantime.”

How To Fix Lost Ark Steam Connection Timed Out Error

Quite a few Steam errors are old news for longtime gamers, who have managed to use nifty approaches and get results without having to contact support. But, sadly, most tips and tricks that have been fail-proof for Steam errors in the past seem to be useless this time.

Since this is an ongoing problem, fans are hoping the issue will be resolved soon. The developers have shown great dedication thus far, coupled with active engagement with the community and timely responses.

Lost Ark

Players and tech-wizards have found a couple of ways to potentially fix this error in the meantime. But, since the error itself can only be resolved by Steam, there are no promises, and the odds of these methods working for you will rely on luck of the draw.

Restart Steam

Although this is an age-old trick for pretty much all gamers, it is often surprisingly effective and can be overlooked. Restarting Steam seems to be the most promising fix at the moment.

Verify Lost Ark Game Files

If you’ve downloaded Lost Ark and have issues while launching the game, you may need to check the game files. Open your Steam library, right-click Lost Ark, and select ‘Properties’. Select ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’ in the ‘Local Files’ tab and restart Steam once the process is complete.

Reinstall Lost Ark

Reinstalling Lost Ark may work, as this trick has often worked in the past for other games experiencing launch issues. Beta files will need to be uninstalled if you took part in the Lost Ark technical beta version.

While you may be able to work around the Steam connection timed out error, we’ll need to wait for an official patch for the actual problem to be resolved. These blunders have been undeniably disappointing, but there’s still plenty to be excited about as the Lost Ark devs have a ton of fun lined up for devoted players.