‘Lost Bullet 2’ Ending Explained: Does Lino Manage to Get His Revenge?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Lost Bullet 2, a French action film now available on Netflix that brings the high-octane action you have been looking for in the last couple of months. Netflix releases many action films a year, but not all of them manage to action-pull action in a solid way. Lost Bullet 2 does, especially when it comes to the chasing sequences. They are not as big and epic as the ones in a film franchise like Fast and Furious, but they are more visceral and intense, for sure.

The film is directed by Guillaume Pierret, who also handled the director’s chair for the first movie. The film stars Alban Lenoir, as Lino, our main character, Stefi Celma, Pascale Arbillot, Sebastien Lalanne, and Diego Martin. The film tells the story of Lino, who, after the events of the first film, has become a person filled with hatred and whose only concern is to have his revenge on the people responsible for his brother’s death. Lino’s rampage will come down with fury, and it might even hurt some allies along the way.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Lost Bullet 2. Read at your own risk.

Why Does Lino Go Rogue In Lost Bullet 2?

The movie begins with the aftermath of the events of the first film. The most important thing that happened there was the death of Lino’s brother. Now, the second movie shows that not only Lino has been left in deep depression because of his loss, but Stella is also in danger, along with her baby. Areski, the traitor, is still at large, and no one knows his whereabouts. This second film focuses on Lino accepting his brother’s passing as well as Areski looming over every single event, even if his appearance is minimal in this film.

We see how Areski sends men to Stella’s house to attack her. Stella has been under police surveillance for a while, but just when the police took their eyes off her, men appeared and attack Stella. Lino, who has also been following and taking care of Stella from afar, comes into action and beats all the attackers. He gets back to the police force and begins working on a new car. Lino is ready to mount weapons and other artifacts on the machine. A year passes, and Lino is doing well, and he and Stella are in a relationship.

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However, things have been happening without his knowledge. Marco, the other traitor from the first film, is still alive. He is being kept hidden from the police because he is the only witness to what happened. The police have made a deal with him, so while they try to gather evidence for the case, they need to keep him alive. He might be the only person who gets to testify about what happened in the first movie. Lino discovers that Marco is alive and feels betrayed by Moss and Julia.

He then grabs his car and goes to pick up Marcos. He brings him to the police station and calls everyone on their deceit. It is quite intense. However, at that moment, a mercenary called Yuri and his men attack the station. Their objective is to take Marcos with them, and probably just kill him. They seem to be under Arenski’s orders. Lino comes to the rescue and gets Marcos out of the station after beating Yuri and his men. However, he has an idea and plans to take Marcos to Spanish authorities, who are also looking for him.

Does Lino Manage To Get His Revenge?

A big chase ensues. Lino is ready to give Marcos to Alvaro, who is part of the Spanish police force. Lino’s objective is to cross the border and give Marcos to Alvaro, but Julia and the rest of the team have other ideas and follow Lino, who is unstoppable. In the middle of the chase, there are a lot of crashes and more. It seems that Lino is outnumbered, and he will not be able to achieve his objective. His car gets destroyed, and Julia takes Marcos with her.

However, at that moment, Yuri and his men catch up with Lino, Julia, and Marcos. A shooting starts, and Marcos manages to grab a car and escape. Lino, who had been arrested, is in the back seat and makes every effort to make Marcos crash the vehicle. He manages to do it, and leaves the car, taking an unconscious Marcos with him, and crossing the border. He reaches a restaurant and makes the cashier call the police. Julia follows them across the border and reaches the restaurant as well.

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Lino drops his guard and gets stepped on by Marcos several times. Nevertheless, when Julia arrives, they start fighting, but Julia comes on top and kills Marcos once and for all. The murderer is dead, but now Julia has ruined the case Moss was building. They have no key witnesses now. Julia and Lino make peace, and we see how Lino’s car becomes trash at a junkyard.

At that same moment, we finally see Arenski, who buys a new one at that same junkyard and leaves for an unknown destination that, of course, will be the setting of the third film.

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