Magneto vs. Dr. Doom: Who Would Win in a Fight of Villains

Dr. Doom vs. Magneto

Magneto and Dr. Doom are some of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. Their superpowers and abilities make them such good and complex villains. Magneto is a mutant who can generate and control magnetic fields. Dr. Doom is a man who is a genius, and a sorcerer with skills matching some of the most powerful beings in the world. So, in an epic standoff between Magneto Vs. Dr. Doom, who would win and come out on top?

Doctor Viktor Von Doom would always win in a fight against Magneto. Even though both are immensely powerful. While Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants, he is no match for Doom’s science knowledge, sorcery, and the unpredictable way he combines these skills. Dr. Doom is a cosmic-level threat and he already has a defense against Magneto. Only when Reed Richards is involved we can discuss his defeat.

To truly explain my answer I will analyze each character’s strength, powers, and abilities. This is the only fair way to compare Marvel’s Magneto and Dr. Doom is through trough thorough examination of these classic Marvel characters. Both of them are badasses, dancing on the edge between supervillain and antihero, so let’s discuss their strength and weaknesses and see if my answer was right. Bonus, Dr. Doom is already one point ahead of Magneto, even before the battle started, let’s find out how.


Magneto is not one of the strongest mutants when it comes to strength, some say his physical condition and strength are one of his only weaknesses. Only when he is completely fit, he can wield his superpowers at full capacity. Not only that, his body is prone to mental fatigue which also affects the use of his powers. And, if he overuses his powers in a short amount of time, he gets headaches. In short, his powers depend on his physical (and mental) condition. So, it can be said that when it comes to strength alone, Magneto doesn’t stand a chance against Dr. Doom.


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Dr. Doom, on the other hand, has trained his body to be in peak condition just like one of the finest human athletes. He is fast, well-built, and has great reflexes. It is also said that his strength and durability could be a match for Daredevil, some say he is even indistinguishable from Daredevil while in his suit. Some examples of his strength are that he killed a lion with his bare hands and he can wield Captain America’s shield just as good as Steve Rogers himself.

Magneto 0, Dr. Doom 1

Powers and Abilities

Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants, subspecies of humanity born with superhuman abilities. The so-called master of magnetism, Omega level Mutant, possesses genius intelligence which can be seen with inventions that would do Tony Stark proud. His expertise in genetic engineering and mutation is matchless. He uses his knowledge to enhance his powers or diminish the powers of others. His main power, related to his name is magnetokinesis.

Magnetokinesis means he has comprehensive control over all forms of magnetism and utilizes that control to manipulate any metal and achieve a variety of effects. Magneto can even control vibranium in some cases. He can manipulate an entire planet’s magnetic field, form himself a magnetic armor and even shut off gravity within a limited radius! And we can’t forget the very effective metal or matter manipulation at the sub-atomic level, meaning he can blend metal with earth, water, gas, or even organic substances. Having said that, yes Magneto can control our blood.

Another Magneto’s strength is his indomitable, tireless will for his goal no matter what it takes, especially when it comes to the protection of his species. Lastly, he has trained himself to be telepathic resistant, even when unconscious and his helmet enhances that skill even more.

Magneto vs Dr. Doom: Who Would Win in a Fight of Villains

Dr. Doom, drawing the majority of his powers from Haazareth Three, has a long list of powers and abilities. Almost all of them are related to sorcery, like spell casting, summoning demons, teleportation, interdimensional travel, time travel, and power absorption, just to name a few. When Dr. Doom was sent to the dawn of time, he spent a millennium transforming his body and mind and mastering the dark arts. After that, he was able to use telekinesis and levitate himself.

Doom has also become a master of some minor psychic abilities, he can transfer his mind to another human just by looking at him and of course hypnotism. Just by this, Magneto’s chances aren’t looking good. He was also a super-genius, and some say this is his most deadly weapon. With already mentioned peak physical condition, he is a master martial artist. Lastly, just like Magneto, Doom is fearless and has phenomenal determination and strength of will.

Once he even held a new planet together with his will and protected it from destruction. Another ability is the innate skill he has as a politician and strategist, he is a charismatic leader of Latveria. Not to mention, he is a master swordsman, he is multilingual and good with any weapon. Dr. Doom is a well-rounded threat.

Magneto 0, Dr. Doom 2

Magneto vs. Dr. Doom: Who Would Win in a Fight?

With all of their power listed, it is obvious Dr. Doom wins in every fight. And as I said earlier Dr. Doom has one point even before the fight starts. He has invented anti-magnetic technology that expands beyond his armor. So, Magneto’s power can’t affect Doom’s armor, meaning he is untouchable. So, it is a clear point for Doom.

Magneto 0, Dr. Doom 3

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In conclusion, even though Magneto is one of the strongest mutants out there, his power to control magnetic fields is no match for Dr. Doom’s sorcery, superior intelligence, and strength. In the end, Dr. Doom’s only weakness is his ego and sense of superiority, and nothing else. That is pretty hard to beat.

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