Main Characters in The Silmarillion

Main Characters in The Silmarillion

Every Silmarillion fans know that there are quite a lot of characters in The Silmarillion collection which was written by the English writer John Ronald Reuel Tolkien or also known as J.R.R. Tolkien and was published by his son, Christopher. The stories mainly revolved around a fictional universe which includes the Middle-Earth continent where the famous The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings took place. But you might have wondered, among the numbers of characters present in The Silmarillion, who are the main ones? 

The main characters of The Silmarillion include Manwë, Ulmo, Aüle, Varda, and Yavanna for the main Valar. The main Elves are Fëanor, Thingol, Finrod, Lúthien, and the half-elven Eärendil. The main Men include Beren, Tuor, and Turin, as well as the main antagonists which consist of Melkor/Morgoth, Sauron, and Ungoliant.

Each character in the collection plays a significant role in the overall success of the stories and are equally important. However, some of them stood out more than the others for whatever reason they have remarkably left on the fans. In this article, we will get to know more about the main characters in The Silmarillion. Let’s get started! 

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Main Characters in The Silmarillion

Choosing the main characters is tough especially that there is a long list to choose from depending on however people consider them important. Thus, we give you the following list of the main characters in the collection. 

1. Manwë

He was considered to be the “blessed one” and was appointed as the leader of Ainur and the King of Arda. Manwë led a compassionate leadership and was the eldest Ainur, which was the Holy ones or mightiest beings created by the supreme deity of Arda. He lived on the highest mountain of the world called Mount Taniquetil in Valinor and wanted a peaceful ruling. More so, he had the power of omnipotence, omnipresence, control over elements especially wind, and held the greatest authority. 

2. Varda

Varda was the Queen of Arda and the wife of Manwë. She was the most beautiful and lovable among all of the Valar and was known as the Queen of the Stars. Varda was also called Elbereth and ruled over Arda with her spouse. She filled the Two Lamps of the Valar with light, as well as created newer stars for the awakening of the Elves. Ultimately, her power lies in light.

3. Ulmo

Ulmo was one of the Valar who had power over the oceans and waters of Arda. He was a close friend of Manwë and held the title as the King of the Sea and Lord of the Waters. Ulmo’s palace which was called Ulmonan was located at the bottom of Vaiya and he had always preferred to stay in the depths of the oceans. He was also the only male Vala who never got the shot in marriage. 

4. Aüle

He was the greatest mind behind the Two Lamps of the Valar and was also known as The Smith. Aüle possessed the power of creation which gave him the ability to build different things such as weapons and armors. He did not only shaped Arda but he also created his own race of beings called the Dwarves.

His incredible strength in the construction of new things led him to his finest works such as the vessels of the sun and moon and the chain of Melkor which was called Angainor. It was used to contain Melkor in the Halls of Mandos for three ages.

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5. Yavanna

Yavanna was the wife of The Smith, Aüle. She resided in the south part of Valinor in the Pastures of Yavanna and was known as the Queen of Earth and the fruit-giver.

Yavanna was responsible for all the growing things in Arda, from the fruits to the trees. One of her greatest works was the Two Trees of Valinor which grew to provide light to the land. She was also one of the eight most powerful of the Valar. 

6. Fëanor

He was a Ñoldorin Elf and was the eldest child of the High King of Ñoldor, Finwë. He possessed an outstanding talent in craftsmanship and was also known as a renowned gem-smith and warrior. He created the Silmarils, also called the Great Jewels and the Tengwar script which was used as the system of writing. Shortly after his father’s death, he claimed the title of the King of Ñoldor. 

7. Thingol

Thingol was the founder and the first-ever King of the Kingdom of Doriath and was also known as the King of Sindar. He was an Elf of the Teleri and wielded the Aranrúth sword and Anglachel, which was the sword forged by Eöl.

Thingol married a Maia named Melian and they both became the King and Queen of Teleri. He achieved victory in the first battle of the Beleriand against the Orcs that were sent by Melkor in a failed attempt to hold power in the Middle-Earth. 

8. Finrod

Finrod Felagund was a Ñoldorin Elf and the King of Nargothrond. He was the eldest son of Eärwen and Finarfin, the third and youngest son of Finwë, and the first ever Elf to be reincarnated in the Undying Lands. Finrod was known to be one of the noblest Elves under the House of Finarfin and had a close friendship with the Men. He was betrothed to a Vanyarin Elf named Amarië but unfortunately, they did not get the chance to marry each other. 

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9. Lúthien

She was also known as Tinúviel and held the title as the Princess of Doriath. She was the daughter of Thingol and Melian, making her a half-elven and was said to be the most beautiful among all of the Children of Ilúvatar. She was the first-ever Elven woman who married a mortal man named Beren from the House of Bëor. Their relationship was rough from the start because of the conflicts of Thingol coming in between them. However, that did not stop Lúthien from staying with the love of her life. 

10. Beren

As mentioned above, Beren Erchamion was a Man of Middle-Earth and the husband of Lúthien. He gave up his own life to recover the stolen Silmarils upon the condition of Thingol in marrying his daughter. Lúthien’s love for Beren was so strong that when she heard the news about his death, she lied down and also died. Their love for each other gave them another chance at life and eventually became one of the greatest stories that were told. 

11. Eärendil

Eärendil was a half-elven and the Lord of Arvernien. He was the son of Tuor and Princess Idril who was the daughter of Turgon. He was raised in Gondolin and was also called The Blessed for his actions were prophesied centuries beforehand. He married Elwing, the daughter of King Dior Eluchil. Later on, they were given two sons, Elros who then became the first King of Númenor, and Elrond, the Lord of Rivendell. 

12. Tuor

He was the grandfather of Elrond, son of Eärendil. He was also the Lord of the House of the Wing and a great hero to Men. Tuor was the son of Rían of the House of Bëor and Huor from the House of Hador. Due to some circumstances, he was fostered and raised by the Grey-Elves regardless of his mortal state. He wedded Idril and their union was the second marriage between a Man and an Elf. 

13. Túrin

Túrin Turambar was a Man of Middle-Earth and the only son of Húrin Thalion and Morwen Eledhwen. He was given the Dragon-helm of Dor-lómin from Thingol which has protected him from injuries during his fights. Orcs also feared him the most because of the helm. Moreover, he was considered as the tragic hero in The Tale of the Children of Húrin. 

14. Melkor/Morgoth

Melkor, or also known as Morgoth had acquired a few titles such as the Dark Lord, The Great Enemy, and The Black Foe. He was the main source of evil in Eä, the entire universe which consists of Arda.

Morgoth was originally the most powerful Ainur ever created by Eru Ilúvatar who was the same supreme deity who created Manwë. However, he chose the path of rebellion and disobeyed his creator which eventually led him to be dominated by his greed for power and interest in taking over the world. 

15. Sauron

He was originally a Maia before he became the second Dark Lord of Arda, seeking to conquer the world and the very creator of the Rings of Power. Eru Ilúvatar originally created him with the name of Mairon who was the complete opposite of who he had become. He was also a student of Aüle before he got corrupted by his dark thoughts. He eventually sided with Morgoth in order to fulfill his plans and goals according to his own ways. 

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16. Ungoliant

She was the first and oldest gigantic spider of Arda who was said to be an ally of Melkor before he succumbed to his dark thoughts and envy. Ungoliant helped Morgoth with his revenge against the Valar and the Elves and they both succeeded in escaping to Middle-Earth after causing havoc to Ezellohar. In the end, she died at her own hands after she bred with the Great Spiders and had her offspring.