Makkari Vs The Flash: Who Is Faster?

Lauren Ridloff made her debut as an Eternal Makkari in the movie Eternals that can be seen in theaters now. When viewers first saw Makkari, chances are pretty high that they immediately thought of one particular character from that other comic book house – The Flash.

Yep, with each Eternals having their own particular ability, Makkari’s is super speed. Much like Ikaris was compared to Superman, now is Makkari compared to The Flash, and that sets up the question: Who is faster?

In an interview with CineXpress, Lauren Ridloff dropped an answer:

“Okay, so this is a conversation I had with my son. When he first found out that I was going to be the fastest woman in the universe he said, ‘No you’re not.’ He brought over his laptop and looked into the computer and said, ‘Look! It’s true! Flash is faster than Makkari.’ But I’m sure Makkari because she travels faster than the speed of sound.”

So now we have Team Makkari and Team Flash. Whose side are you on? If we’d include Quicksilver in that math, just imagine what kind of race would that be.

Directed by Chloe Zhao, the 26th MCU movie Eternals is now playing in theaters.

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