50 Best Mandalorian Quotes: This Is The Way!

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Din Djarin, aka The Mandalorian, is an awesome character played by Pedro Pascal in the series The Mandalorian, and now, in a few episodes of The Book of Boba Fett. He is rigorous, following a strict cultural code, but also has very strong morals and an awesome sense of humor. All that leads us to countless incredible quotes from the character.

From the beginning of The Mandalorian Season 1 to the end of The Book of Boba Fett, Mando grew as a character immensely, but the awesomeness of the quotes remained the same. Without further ado, here are the 50 best Mandalorian quotes ever throughout the two series.

Best Mandalorian Quotes From The Mandalorian Season 1


“I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold.”

This is basically the first line Mando ever said. During the first episode’s opening sequence, Mando comes to collect a bounty from a bar. The bounty refuses to come with him, to which Din Djarin simply touches the handle of his blaster and delivers the epic quote. It couldn’t be a better introduction of the character.

“I’m a Mandalorian. Weapons are a part of my religion.”

Jedi are Force users, and although they are great fighters, they rely on “sorcery” in battle, whereas Mandalorians base their combat prowess solely on skills, abilities, and the best armor a warrior could have.

“Such a large bounty for such a small package.”

This was the first time we’ve seen Grogu on screen – the moment when the Baby Yoda worldwide mania started. The quote from Mando was hilariously accurate.

“This is the way.”

Mando is a Child of the Watch. They are a traditional group of Mandalorians who still hold the Way of the Mandalore as their guide, spiritually and culturally. The catchphrase “this is the way” is repeated numerous times as a mantra for the Mandalorians, which they use to represent their devotion to the Creed.

“Stop touching things.”

I laughed hard at this one – as Mando took Grogu with him in the Razor Crest, the Child, as any other kid would, started pushing all the buttons, he wasn’t supposed to touch.

“I like those odds.”

This quote also came in the first episode of the show. Although Mando was clearly outnumbered, he still said he liked his odds. Of course, he left the fight unscathed.

“Bad news. You can’t live here anymore.”

Mando might be the worst guy to deliver any bad news. He just cuts to the point straight away, cutting it down to the root. In the fourth episode, he just cold-bloodedly tells the Sorgan Villagers what he had to say without beating around the bush. I guess that’s all one could ask for.

“She’s no good to us dead.”

This was a quote from the episode The Gunslinger, a line very similar to one of the most epic lines from The Empire Strikes Back. This was the first time I genuinely thought – here we go, Boba is coming back. Then at the end of the episode, a figure stood over a body, inspecting it, and confirmed my thoughts.

“Do not self-destruct. We’re shooting our way out.”

Near the end of Chapter One, Mando finds himself trapped and surrounded. With the help of an IG-11 droid, they manage to make easy work of their attackers before Mando shoots the droid in the head himself. Yeah, he doesn’t particularly like droids.

“Hey. Spit it out.”

I mean, there are so many phenomenal Grogu quotes like this, showing that, despite being 50 years old, he’s still just a toddler. Despite Mando telling him not to swallow the frog-looking creature, he just eats it anyways.

“I’m not gonna trade anything. These are my parts. They stole from me.”

Jawas are bounty hunters and desert scavengers on Tatooine. They stole some parts from Mando, and Mando wanted them back. He stood his ground and confronted the Jawas, showing he had no fear whatsoever.

“They work for the Empire. What are they doing here?”

This quote might seem ordinary like this, out of context. However, it was the beginning of the biggest breaking point of the series. It is when Mando decides to save Grogu and go against an entire squadron of Stormtroopers, simply walking out the door with the Child after.

“Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna walk to my ship, with the kid. And you’re gonna let it happen.”

This was just another awesome quote from the same episode. Too bad they wouldn’t listen. He did walk to his ship in the end, though.

“He’ll get over it. We all do.”

This quote came when Mando finally decided that he needed to take the Child to his people. He knew Grogu would miss him, but as he said, “he’ll get over it.” However, it’s not THAT part that was heartbreaking. It was the “we all do,” showing that even the tough-as-nails Mandalorian has a soft spot for his tiny companion.

“Yeah, something like that.”

I just found this quote overall cute but funny at the same time. Mando was asked if that was his pet (referring to Grogu), to which he replied with this quote. I mean, who wouldn’t love a Baby Yoda as a pet?

“No, I don’t want that droid anywhere near him. (…) That droid was designed to kill things. I don’t care how much wiring he replaced, it goes against his nature.”

In Chapter Seven, we see Din Djarin’s hatred towards droids once again. Despite getting reassurance that IG-11 had been reprogrammed from being a hunter droid to a nursing droid, he refuses to let him look after Grogu. Well, at first, at least.

“Mandalorian isn’t a race. It’s a Creed.”

This is something quite unique to the Mandalorians. Although they are the highest class of warriors, they aren’t really a race. Din Djarin was rescued from another planet and then raised under Mandalorian culture and their Creed.

“No living thing has seen me without my helmet since I swore the Creed.”

This quote came moments after Mando broke his Creed for the first time – to a droid. A droid! When you look at it, IG-11 technically wasn’t a living thing. He was a computer program. Still, breaking the Creed saved Djarin’s life because, after he took off the helmet, the droid healed his head wounds that would probably be fatal.

“That’s my line.”

Not the best idea to use Mando’s lines against him. When a bounty hunter tried collecting a bounty on Mando, he used the first line of this article, “I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold.” Din took that personally and disposed of the guy like 1-2-3.

Best Mandalorian Quotes From The Mandalorian Season 2


“Wherever I go, he goes.”

You can see and feel from this quote how much Mando started to care about Grogu. He vowed never to separate from the Child until he could reunite him with his kind. The quote came very early in the season.

“I’m sorry, lady. I don’t understand frog.”

In Chapter 10, Mando is stranded and frustrated. The snarky quote had me laughing out loud, especially paired with Ms. Frog’s face.

“No, no, the red one. Show me the red wire.”

In Chapter 12, Grogu is in one of the cutest scenes ever, trying to help Din Djarin fix their ship. However, he doesn’t know colors that well. Or tools. Or wires. Or anything.

“Ahsoka Tano! Bo-Katan sent me. We need to talk.”

In Chapter 13, Mando finally finds Ahsoka Tano and kicks things off with this quote. It is the conversation when we first heard Grogu’s real name, coming from such an epic character who is already up for her own spin-off series.

“A Mandalorian and a Jedi? They’ll never see it coming.”

This quote means a lot if you know the history between the Mandalorians and the Jedi. It was quite awesome to see such two epic characters teaming up, protecting the Child.

“You have something I want. You may think you have some idea of what you have in your possession, but you do not. Soon, he will be back with me. He means more to me than you will ever know.”

Mandalorians will not think twice to step over bodies if they stand in their way. However, one thing they’ll net step over is their word. Mando gave his word that the Child would be safe with him until he reunited Grogu with his family, and he’d stop at nothing to keep that promise.

“There is if you eat the Sarlacc.”

Din Djarin came to Tatooine to kill the colossal, almost-mythical, Sarlacc-eating krayt dragon. Even the Tatooine native, Cobb Vanth, never heard of an abandoned Sarlacc pit on Tatooine, to which Mando answers with this quote.

“Tell me where the Mandalorians are, and I’ll walk out of here without killing you.”

Gor Koresh picked the wrong guy to mess with. Mando doesn’t leave his fate to chance, which is why he doesn’t gamble. He takes matters into his own hands, as shown with this amazing, fearless quote in the heart of Gor Koresh’s home.

“Moving fast is the only thing keeping me safe.”

Mando delivered this quote in Chapter 10, or episode two of Season Two while talking to Peli Motto about a potential lead on other Mandalorians.

“May the Force be with you.”

Yes, Mando said the most famous Star Wars quote ever, too. It also came in Chapter 10, when Captain Carson Teva stopped the Mandalorian for not having a beacon. It was a fantastic nod to the movies but also a great way to get out of police issues, it seems. I’ll try it out the next time I get pulled over.

“I’m kidding. If that happened, we’d all be dead.”

Umm… not a great sense of humor there, Mando. So, first, he says to the Frog Lady: “Wake me up if someone shoots at us. Or that door gets sucked off its rails.”, to which she gets irked. Then, he adds the quote from about, like it’s a totally cool, natural thing. I laughed out loud so much to his tactlessness.

“You don’t cover your face. You are not Mandalorian.”

Din Djarin sees other Mandalorians for the first time in his life. Well, other than those from his Tribe. When he sees they freely take off their masks, he quickly assumes they are not true Mandalorians. Only then does he realize he was a product of the Children of the Watch, a group of religious zealots stemming from the Dark Watch.

“There is only one way. The Way of the Mandalore.”

When Din Djarin says, “this is the way,” he refers to the Way of the Mandalore, an old Creed that has strict and direct instructions for every Mandalorian on how to behave and live life in general. Even after Bo-Katan explains the extremism behind it, Mando knows only that his entire life, which is why he keeps abiding by the Creed.

“Don’t play with your food.”

Now, if you didn’t get those dad vibes from this scene, you probably never had a child or taken care of one. It feels like a catchphrase for young parents, telling their kids not to play with food. Well, Grogu is still a child, too, and kids will be kids. From a bounty hunter to a father almost overnight.

“Hey, go on. That’s who you belong with. He’s one of your kind. I’ll see you again. I promise.”

This was one of the hardest moments of the entire series for me. Here, Din Djarin encouraged Grogu to leave and go with Luke Skywalker to live with his kind and train to become a Jedi master. The Child was hesitant to leave Din’s side, but they eventually separated in a heartbreaking sequence.

“Just make sure to take out the rooftop gunners, or we’re never getting out of here.”

Mando showed numerous times he’s a great individual fighter, but he also has a strong strategic mind and knows how to work in a team, as he showed in this sequence during Chapter 15.

“If you want my armor, you’ll have to peel it off my dead body.”

This was an encounter between Mando and the fan-favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Boba wanted his armor back, and seeing a Mandalorian without his armor was impossible, so Din believed none of it, thinking Boba wanted his armor.

Boba later explained what he wanted and what his intentions were and proved ownership of the armor Mando got from Cobb Vanth on Tatooine, which he returned to his rightful owner.

“I’ll see you again. I promise.”

Again, Din Djarin gave his word. Only this time, he gave it in quite an emotional moment, being separated from Grogu. He promised Grogu they’d see each other again, and ultimately, he kept that promise.

Best Mandalorian Quotes From The Book Of Boba Fett


“Tell him it’s on the house.”

Din Djarin made a not-so-surprising return to action in The Book of Boba Fett, where the plot took place shortly after the finish of The Mandalorian Season 2. When Fennec Shand offered to pay Mando to help Boba Fett, Din Djarin said yes, but refused to take payment. That shows respect towards Boba, who once saved his life and helped him on his mission, too.

One might even say that something like that is what a friend would do for a friend.

“I think you have the wrong guy, officer.”

Mando is flying an unregistered, modeled ship and gets pulled over. He manages to talk his way out, but Captain Carson Teva recognizes his voice and asks him if he ever flew the Razor Crest. He delivers this cold-blooded quote before pressing a button and disappearing like a ghost.

“And now, it belongs to me.”

Paz Vizsla is going on and on about the Darksaber, how the blade was forged by his ancestor, and how it belonged to the House Vizsla. Instead of arguing, Mando delivers this simple but awesome quote, prompting Paz Vizsla to call him out for a duel to reclaim the blade.

“The hilt is of a quality of beskar I have never seen before.”

The Mandalorians used beskar steel for their armor and weaponry. It’s one of the strongest, most durable metals in the galaxy. We know Mando’s armor is pretty high-end, but when he tells you that the hilt of the Darksaber is of a quality he had never seen before, then you know just how special that blade is.

“I beg you for forgiveness. How can I atone?”

After Bo-Katan explained to Din Djarin who the Children of the Watch were and that not all Mandalorians follow the Way of the Mandalore anymore, I thought he wouldn’t be as rigorous about his helmet-wearing anymore. 

However, it seems that I was wrong – he begs for forgiveness from the Armorer and Paz Vizsla after admitting that he had removed his helmet in the presence of others earlier.

“That is the opposite of our creed. Loyalty and solidarity are the way.”

Mando wanted the armorer to forge something for Grogu. However, she shares that Grogu is with his kind now, and, in order to become Jedi, the child has to forgo all previous attachments. Hence, Din Djarin has to let go. However, Mando responds with this quote, leading to the Armorer asking what to forge for Grogu.

“Where’s the Razor Crest? This is a pile of junk.”

Mando loves his Razor Crest. So, when Peli Motto says she has a Razor Crest, Mando wants it. As it turns out, it was actually an N-1 starfighter, which is not a bad starship – but if it’s not Razor Crest, Din Djarin is not interested. He calls it a pile of junk, but Peli somehow convinces him to give it a chance. And, he doesn’t regret listening to her because this baby can FLY!

“I’m a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion.”

Mando is trying to board a commercial flight with his weapons, to which a Gonk Droid refuses to let him on the flight without giving them away for safe storage. I loved this quote for two reasons – one, Mando hates droids, and two – he gives them up nevertheless but mentions that he knows “everything that’s in there.”

“Your boss is dead. I’m here to collect on his bounty. I have no trouble with any of you. There’s a pile of New Republic credits in there that I have no right to. If you do me the honor of letting me pass, you all can help yourselves to whatever you think you deserve from your former employer.”

I found this a cool quote from Mando, really showing his personality and code of conduct.

“I returned him to his own kind.”

Din Djarin explains to Peli Motto where the Child is, to which she says, “Why the hell would you do that? I could’ve made good money off that thing. Open a petting zoo.”

“I’d put that on ice if I were you.”

Din collected a bounty for Ishi Tib Guild Master, carrying the bounty’s head with him. When he said, “I’d put that on ice if I were you,” he was talking about the decapitated head. Yeah, the guy can be cold.

“Make sure he’s protected.”

Grogu speaks to Ahsoka Tano about seeing Grogu, bringing him a gift. However, Tano says Grogu already misses him “a great deal” and that it would be better for her to deliver it. Mando then delivers this quote, showing he genuinely cared for the Child.

“Okay, then. We’ll both die in the name of honor.”

Mando will always stay true to his word. The Creed doesn’t allow him to do otherwise. When he made a promise to Boba Fett, he stayed true to it and fought by his side, even though the odds were against them. They knew there was a huge chance of them being killed, but Din Djarin explains: “This is the way.”

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