Manifest Season 4: Production Is Officially Underway

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J. R. Ramirez, who plays Detective Jared Vasquez in the fan-favorite TV show Manifest announced on his Instagram account that the final season started production.

The fan-favorite TV show Manifest aired for three seasons before it was canceled by NBC. But then, Netflix jumped in and ordered a 20-episode fourth season to bring closure to the show.

Created by Jeff Rake, Manifest premiered in September 2018 on NBC. The plot is focused on the crew and passengers of Flight 828 who suddenly reappeared five years after they’ve been presumed dead. The first 16-episode season was watched by an average of 12.61 million people.

The second and third seasons both had 13 episodes each. The second season was watched by an average of 7.7 million people, while in season 3 the viewership dropped to 5.35 million, which apparently wasn’t enough for NBC to make Season 4.

And just when fans started mourning the loss of the show, Netflix renewed it for the 20-episode final season, which will not only be the final but also the longest season of the show. Considering the number of episodes and Netflix’s policy to release whole seasons at once, it’s presumed that the streamer will split the season into two parts which will be released with a few months of hiatus in between.

Creator of the show Jeff Rake already revealed that even though the show will end a lot sooner than he hoped for (he wanted three more seasons), the ending he had in mind won’t change.

“The endgame won’t change at all. For those who’ve been tracking this story through June and July, they’ll remember that I was hopeful in the early weeks after cancellation that someone would step up and allow us to make something as modest as a two-hour movie.”

Rake is devoted to finishing his work in a proper way, and we can now just sit and wait to find out what he prepared for the final flight.

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