Marvel Fans Reveal: The Definitive Ranking of the MCU’s Top 10 Strongest Villains!

MCU villains

The MCU has brought over 50 villains from the comics to the big screen. Some were letdowns like Dar-Benn, while others, like last year’s High Evolutionary, were fantastic.

But today, we’re not looking at their character development or clever plans. We’re focusing on their sheer power because not all villains are equally strong. Over 7,000 fans on Ranker voted to rank the MCU’s most powerful bad guys. Let’s see who made the list.

10. Ronan the Accuser (2050 Votes)


Sure, Ronan was taken down by a dance-off, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was once one of the most powerful Kree. His strength mainly came from the Universal Weapon and later the Power Stone. So, he might not make my top 10 list, but the fans have spoken!

9. Ebony Maw (2295 Votes)

ebony maw

Unlike other members of the Black Order, Ebony Maw didn’t possess extraordinary physical abilities. Thanos valued him for his cunning mind, intelligence, and unwavering loyalty. Although not physically powerful, Maw’s incredible telekinesis made up for it. Unfortunately, his arrogance led to his downfall, as he was sucked into space while boasting about how easily he could kill Doctor Strange.

8. Loki (2381 Votes)

Loki god of stories 1

Loki is no longer a villain or just a nuisance to Thor. Although he was once one of the most powerful magic users in the MCU, the current variant of Loki is essentially the God of Stories. I don’t agree with this ranking at all.

7. Ultron (2429 Votes)


MCU Ultron may be weaker than his comic counterpart, but he’s still one of the most dangerous foes the Avengers have ever faced. Ultron is a powerhouse in both physical and technological terms, and in advanced nations or against tech-based weapons, he is practically unstoppable.

6. He Who Remains (2622 Votes)

he who remains 2

He Who Remains was introduced in ‘Loki’ season 1. Though he never displayed magical abilities or physical strength, he wielded something far more powerful—control over time.

He ranks so high because, under his command, countless realities and lives were erased “for the greater good.” In fact, he might have an even bigger body count than Thanos.

5. Ego (2557 Votes)

ego MCU

There are many fan theories online suggesting that Ego isn’t actually a Celestial, but according to MCU canon, he is. As a Celestial, Ego can manipulate reality, making him almost omnipotent. However, he did have a convenient weakness, which the Guardians of the Galaxy exploited to destroy him.

4. Surtur (3040 Votes)

Surtur vs Galactus Who Would Win 03

Surtur draws his power from the Eternal Flame, a mystical artifact that grants him near-limitless strength and energy. Even Odin struggled to defeat him at his peak. Surtur proved his immense power in the MCU by destroying Asgard, himself, and Hela.

3. Hela (3258 Votes)


Speaking of Hela, she definitely deserves a spot in the top 3 most powerful villains. Why? Because she’s technically impossible to eliminate, being the goddess of death. Odin struggled to contain her, Thor couldn’t defeat her, and it took Ragnarok to finally get rid of her.

2. Thanos (3432 Votes)

Josh Brolin Teases Possible Return of Thanos to the MCU

Now, onto the controversial part of this list. In the number two spot, we have MCU Thanos, who isn’t as powerful as his comic counterpart but wields the Infinity Stones, granting him limitless power. He’s showcased plenty of strength feats and channeled immense power at one point. However, even with the Avengers breaking time to defeat him, he didn’t claim the number one spot on this list. So, who took the title from Thanos? Well…

1. Dormammu (3902 Votes)


I understand Dormammu rules his own dimension, but beyond that, his power is limited to the Dark Dimension. Strange had difficulty defeating him but ultimately trapped him in a Time Loop using the Time Stone until Dormammu begged for release. Quite a humiliating defeat for an extradimensional being. I don’t agree with this ranking at all.

What about you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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