Marvel Shows Are Reportedly Leaving Netflix Soon

Ever since Disney’s streaming service — Disney+ — launched in 2019, Disney brought back all the rights for making content with characters that are under their umbrella, and that made a big impact on Netflix, which made Daredevil and several other Marvel shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s canon.

Marvel shows that we are getting nowadays are all being handled directly by Marvel Studios instead of Marvel TV, which previously produced the shows that were made for Netflix. Still, even though bringing the rights back to Disney put an end to all those shows, which made Daredevil’s fans particularly sad, at least those shows were still available to binge-watch on Netflix.

Well, Netflix users won’t even have that luxury anymore. GamesRadar now reports that Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the Defenders won’t be available on Netflix after March 1. So, if you plan to rewatch them, better hurry because you only have until the end of this month. The report said that this will definitely happen in the UK, but some other regions might be affected too. Considering that Netflix works differently in every country, it’s difficult to say.

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Netflix’s Marvel era started in 2015 when Daredevil debuted, and it was followed by Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, which led to the assembling of the Defenders, a crossover show that only lasted one season. Punisher also joined later, and the show aired for only two seasons.

It’s not known for now where the shows will be available for rewatching. Disney+ seems like an obvious choice, but it could also be Starz or Hulu, which are sister streaming services to Disney+, with the key difference that they have no problem showing adult-oriented content, which Marvel Netflix shows definitely are, in a way.

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