‘Master’: Trailer for a Powerful Social Commentary Horror Released


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Master is an Amazon Prime movie written and directed by Mariama Diallo. It follows two African American women who begin to share disturbing experiences at a predominantly white college in New England. The movie is said to be a powerful social commentary and a combination of supernatural and real-life horror. It stars Regina Hall, Zoe Renee and Amber Gray and the trailer is now officially released.

Regina Hall appears in a role of Gail Bishop who gets a new position in a fictional university in New England. She is excited to get the position of “Master” or a Dean of students, as she is the first black woman to succeed in doing so. However, she keeps on experiencing casual racism from her colleagues, so she confides in professor Liv (Amber Gray).

The plot simultaneously follows freshman student Jasmine Moore (Zoe Renee) as she is trying to adapt to life on campus, while being troubled by the rumor that her dorm room is haunted.


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Some of the first reviews claim that the movie is “a twisting tale that combines elements of Candyman, The Shining and Get Out. ” The director was also complimented on her ability “to create a deeply disconcerting atmosphere”, but Mae Abdulbaki of ScreenRant was quick to emphasize that most terrifying moments do not, in fact, happen “in the darkness of a night”, but are subtle and presented through countless accounts of casual racism, colorism and microaggression the protagonists experience.

“Diallo certainly knows how to create atmosphere and the film’s most terrifying moments aren’t even ones that happen in the darkness of night. Master examines how all the microaggressions affect the characters in their daily lives. Jasmine is an outsider not because she’s quiet, but because her classmates’ racism contributes to the feeling of her not belonging. At one point, Diallo intercuts the university’s promotional video about diversity (which is so painful considering there really isn’t any at Ancaster) with an intense scene that is meant to drive a message home.”

Master premieres globally on March 18th on Prime Video and is Rated R.

Watch the trailer below:

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