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‘Masters of the Air’ Schedule: Episode 7 Release Date & Time

Masters of the Air Episodes 1 2 Release Date Time

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‘Masters of the Air’ is an American war drama streaming miniseries created by John Shiban and John Orloff for Apple TV+. Developed by Orloff, it is based on the book ‘Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys Who Fought the Air War Against Nazi Germany’ by Donald L. Miller. The series follows the 100th Bomb Group, a B-17 Flying Fortress unit in the Eighth Air Force during World War II, known as the ‘Bloody Hundredth’ for its significant combat losses. Serving as a companion to ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘The Pacific,’ the show is the first produced by Apple Studios in collaboration with Playtone and Amblin Television. Filming began in England in 2021, with delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The series is scheduled to premiere on January 26, 2024. Due to the premiere being only a few days away, we decided to provide you with a comprehensive release schedule.

‘Masters of the Air’ Episode 7: Release Date

The 7th episode of ‘Masters of Air’ will be released on Friday, March 1, 2024. Following the release of the first two episodes, we can expect new episodes to arrive weekly on the platform every Friday. The following are release times according to several timezones:

  • Pacific Time (PT) – 9:00 p.m
  • Central Time (CT) –11:00 p.m
  • Eastern Time (ET) – 12:00 a.m
  • United Kingdom (GMT) – 04:00 a.m
  • Central Europe (CET) – 06:00 a.m


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How many episodes will ‘Masters of Air’ have?

‘Masters of Air’ is a miniseries, and as such, it’s scheduled to have 9 episodes in total. With the first two episodes being released on January 26, we can expect the finale to drop on March 15, 2024. The following is the expected release schedule for every episode:

  1. ‘Masters of Air’ Episode 1 – January 26, 2024
  2. ‘Masters of Air’ Episode 2 -January 26, 2024
  3. ‘Masters of Air’ Episode 3 – February 2, 2024
  4. ‘Masters of Air’ Episode 4 – February 9, 2024
  5. ‘Masters of Air’ Episode 5 – February 16, 2024
  6. ‘Masters of Air’ Episode 6 – February 23, 2024
  7. ‘Masters of Air’ Episode 7 – March 1, 2024
  8. ‘Masters of Air’ Episode 8 – ‘TBA,’ March 8, 2024
  9. ‘Masters of Air’ Episode 9 – ‘TBA,’ March 15, 2024

Where to watch ‘Masters of Air’?

‘Masters of Air’ is an Apple Original series, meaning that the only place where you can watch it is on Apple TV+ with an active subscription. This isn’t likely to change in the future.

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