Medical Mystery Series ‘Ameku Takao’s Detective Karte’ To Receive an Anime Adaptation

Medical Mystery Series 'Ameku Takao’s Detective Karte' to Receive an Anime Adaptation

TV fans will probably remember House, M.D. as the greatest medical mystery drama in history, as the “medical” version of Sherlock Holmes, Gregory House, solved numerous seemingly unsolvable and complex cases. But, manga and anime fans will probably have heard of the Ameku Takao’s Detective Karte novel series, written by Mikito Chihen. The series is not a mainstream title, that much is obvious, but it is quite interesting and we can now confirm that the series will be getting an anime adaptation in the near future.

Ameku Takao’s Detective Karte was first published in 2014 and has since been adapted into a manga by mangaka Hiroki Ohara, although the original novel illustrations were provided by Noizi Ito. The series’ premise is actually based on that of House, as the titular protagonist is a genius doctor who works in the general diagnostic department of the Tenikai General Hospital, where she has to deal with medical mysteries and complex cases that she has to solve. Sounds familiar, right?

As of the time of writing, information about the production is quite scarce, so we don’t have any staff- or crew-related information for you at this moment. What we do have is a brief teaser trailer, which you can check out here:

It doesn’t reveal much, but such a teaser is as good as any in such early stages of production. We can see the main style and we have confirmation that an anime is in the works. Alongside the teaser, a poster was also revealed, which you can also check out here:

image 2024 04 03 150402723

This announcement was made just before April 5, 2024, which will se the publication of the 16th novel in the series, Terror at Absolute Zero: Ameku Takao’s Crime Karte, as well as the kanzenban The Organ Organizer: Ameku Takao’s Crime Karte. This promises to be an interesting and exciting year for fans of the series, which is why we advise you to keep following us here on Anime Horizon, as we are going to bring you all the latest news and updates about the upcoming series.

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