Minecraft: 6 Best Villager Trades for Emeralds

minecraft emeralds villager trade

While Minecraft is packed with a ton of challenges as is, the game also involves a plethora of hurdles concerning resources. Emeralds are one of the hardest ores to obtain in the game, and players could spend hours mining in order to acquire them. But, players can also use villagers as an awesome source of emeralds as well.

The Librarian is the best villager trader for emeralds, as they provide the most emeralds per trade, while Farmers are the best for consistency and convenience. Runner-up villager traders include the Cartographer, Fletcher, Weaponsmith, and Stone Mason.

There are quite a few villagers that players can trade with, but the process can become tricky if you’re trying to farm emeralds in the game. Stick around to find out about the best villagers to trade with for emeralds in Minecraft so you can start stacking up those valuable resources for a smoother playthrough.

Emeralds In Minecraft

Emeralds are possibly the most valuable resource or currency in Minecraft, as they can reward awesome items and are incredibly hard to acquire. In fact, they can often be harder to find than diamonds, which are already incredibly tricky to locate and source – considering the necessity for specific tiered tools, and potentially some high-tier enchantments as well.


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While there are a couple of ways to acquire emeralds in Minecraft, many of these methods will still take a ton of time, effort, dedication, and solid Minecraft grinding. Thankfully, players can create a Minecraft setup that can actually reward emeralds in a somewhat passive way.

6 Best Villager Trades for Emeralds In Minecraft

Considering how tricky it can be to mine and source emeralds over time, many Minecraft players prefer to use villager trading as a primary method. Villagers are known to be one of the best ways to acquire emeralds in Minecraft, and there are quite a few great occupations.

Villagers can trade you emeralds for various items, and players can farm loads of emeralds by consistent trading – if you have an excessive amount of the desired items, of course. The desired items are what really make the difference here.

Only a few trading villagers will be really worthwhile concerning the acquisition of countless emeralds, as their desired items will be far easier and quicker to acquire for trading. Below is an overview of the 6 best villagers to trade with for emeralds in Minecraft:

Villager TraderDesired Items for Emeralds
1LibrarianBooks, Paper
2Farmer Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots
3Cartographer Paper
4Fletcher Sticks
5Weaponsmith Iron, Coal, Flint
6Stone MasonClay, Andesite, Granite,
Diorite, Nether Quartz

While these are seen as the best villagers to trade with emeralds throughout the Minecraft community, there are still a few factors to consider. Some villagers are better suited to the early stages of the game, specific biomes with certain resources, or preferred playstyles.


Best Villagers To Trade With In Minecraft

As a result, the preference between these villagers may differ, but they can all be great for stacking up emeralds overall. We’ve ranked the best 6 villager traders according to their emerald exchange conditions, along with their desired items.

6. Stone Mason

Trading with the Stone Mason, known by other names as well depending on the Minecraft version, is a good way to get emeralds in the game. But, this villager trader will require some higher-tiered items compared to the other traders on this list.

Mason with Stonecutter in Minecraft

Stone Mason will exchange emeralds for items like Clay, Andesite, Granite, Diorite, and Nether Quartz. Trading items like Clay or Andesite for emeralds can really be amazing, but exchanging the higher-tier items for emeralds may not be worthwhile for many players.

5. Weaponsmith

The Weaponsmith villager trader can be an excellent source of emeralds for just about any player, as these villagers can be found in most villages in Minecraft and trade plenty of basic items. They trade emeralds for Iron, Coal, and Flint, which can be found in excess depending on your location.

Weaponsmith with Grindstone in Minecraft

Weaponsmith villager traders can be awesome for anyone who loves to mine or explore caves, whether you’re playing the early stages or have already acquired plenty of this villager’s desired items. It can be expensive for players that need resources like coal and flint for themselves, but it would be ideal for players who have iron farms setup already.

4. Fletcher

The Fletcher villager deals in bows and arrows, and these villager traders can also be a great source of emeralds as well. This villager trades only sticks for emeralds, which are one of the easiest items to craft in Minecraft, making for an extremely easy method for acquiring emeralds throughout the game.

Fletcher with fletching table in Minecraft

It may be far more challenging for players who have spawned in barren areas, but most players find it fairly easy to locate and gather wood from various sources around the overworld. The Fletcher is an amazing option for this reason, making this village a go-to for just about any Minecraft player.

3. Cartographer

The Cartographer villager trader is next up on the list, only demanding paper in exchange for valuable emeralds. Paper is another pretty simple and straightforward item to craft in Minecraft, only requiring Sugarcanes which can be found or grown near water.

Cartographer with cartography Table in Minecraft

Many Minecraft players may already have access to natural Sugarcane farms or may find it pretty easy to create a Sugarcane farm of their own near their survival base. Sugarcane is not a valuable or overtly necessary item overall in Minecraft, making this villager trader a great choice all-around for both new and experienced players.

2. Farmer

Farmer villagers are one of the backbones of Minecraft for players, offering a ton of awesome and useful items for players of any experience level. These villager traders can be found all over the Minecraft overworld, making them easy to locate and trade with throughout gameplay.

Farmer with composter in Minecraft

These villager traders will trade emeralds for Wheat, Potatoes, and Carrots. Since growing these vegetables will be pretty easy, players can create their own farm near their survival base and consistently trade with the Farmer villager for easy emerald acquisition.

1. Librarian

The Librarian is considered the best villager to trade with for emeralds, as this villager gives out more emeralds compared to others. These traders trade emeralds in exchange for books and paper, and while it may be slightly more challenging to acquire these items to trade, it will definitely be worth your while.

Librarian with Lectern in Minecraft

There are also quite a few awesome tricks and tips to get the most out of this villager trader – including tricks that can get you a stack’s worth of emeralds. The sheer amount of emerald output is the main reason why the Librarian makes it to the top of this list.

Best Way To Get Emeralds From Villager Traders

It’s worth noting that all of these village traders will be far more worthwhile once they reach higher levels. Players can also maximize their emerald gains by infecting and curing villager traders to reduce costs, or by creating a village with the best villager traders (created by placing workstations) near your survival base.

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Still, players can use a combination of mining and farming to get the most emeralds out of their villager trades as possible, focusing on specific resources. Target the following resources when you create your farm and mining areas around your survival base, and consistently trade with the above villagers for the maximum amount of emeralds:

Nether Quartz

Although mining and obtaining emeralds in Minecraft can feel overwhelming and frustrating, villagers can be an awesome and easy way to get them without the dirt and dust involved in the classic method. With the help of these villager traders, players can simply farm or gather basic resources and get their hands on this amazingly rare and lucrative Minecraft item.

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