Mirai Nikki Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

Mirai Nikki Season 2 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

Mirai Nikki, also known as Future Diary, is a manga written and drawn by Sakae Esuno. It was published between January 2006 and December 2010 in Kadokawa Shoten’s Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine and was compiled into a total of twelve volumes in April 2011. Three spin-off series as well as a bonus OAV were also released. An anime adaptation produced by studio Asread consisting of a pilot episode and 26 episodes aired between October 2011 and April 2012. An 11-episode drama adaptation aired between April and June 2012. Seeing how Mirai Nikki is over, we are going to tell you whether you should expect a second season of Mirai Nikki or not.

There will be no season two of Mirai Nikki, simply because the manga is over and the anime season, along with the OVA, that has aired has adapted the whole manga and its storyline. There aren’t even any additional side stories that could be adapted into an OVA or an ONA, let alone a whole season. Mirai Nikki is over and there won’t be any season two.

The rest of this article is going to bring you all the known and unknown information related to the potential second season of Mirai Nikki. You’re going to find out about its potential release date, whether there is a trailer, what the story could be about, and much more about this interesting anime series.

What do we know about Season 2 of Mirai Nikki?

The original manga series was published between January 2006 and December 2010 in Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine published by Kadokawa Shoten. Several derivative series have also emerged: the first entitled Mirai Nikki Mosaic released in November 2008, the second entitled Mirai Nikki Paradox released in March 2010, and the third derivative series entitled Mirai Nikki Redial released in July 2013.

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The first anime adaptation was published in the form of a DVD distributed with the limited edition of the eleventh volume of the manga in December 2010. That same month, the adaptation into an animated television series was announced. The anime was produced by the Asread studio with character designs by Eiji Hirayama and Ruriko Watanabe, and was broadcast between October 10, 2011, and April 16, 2012.

An OVA titled “Mirai Nikki Redial” was subsequently released in July 2013, finishing the story of the manga. A drama adaptation titled Mirai Nikki -Another: World- premiered on Fuji TV between April 21 and June 30, 2012. The story takes place in a parallel universe to the original series.

A visual novel video game titled Mirai Nikki 13-nin-me no Nikki Shoyūsha was released for the PlayStation Portable on January 28, 2010. This game, which is inspired by the manga, introduces Azami Kirisaki as the 13th person to own a chronograph. A re-release of the first video game titled Mirai Nikki 13-nin-me no Nikki Shoyūsha RE: WRITE was released for PSP on April 26, 2012. This new version features new graphics, new illustrations, and voice actors from the anime.

As we have said, Mirai Nikki‘s anime series and the OVA adapted the whole manga. The manga ran from 2006 to 2010 and was collected in a total of 12 volumes, all of which have been adapted into the anime series. This is why the second season of Mirai Nikki is practically impossible since there is no material to adapt. A second season could be possible only if the author decides to continue the manga, which is not likely or to write an original story, which doesn’t seem likely either.

What could be the plot of Mirai Nikki Season 2?

The plot of a potential second season of Mirai Nikki is unknown since it would have to adapt a new story written by the author, and there is no such story. The first season and the OVA adapted the manga and finished with it, meaning that there are no more manga stories to adapt. Still, what we are going to bring you is a brief overview of the series’ plot, so that you know what you can expect.

At the beginning of the story, the student Yukiteru Amano presents his life in a monologue. It turns out that he has big problems making real friends. Instead, he spends most of his time keeping a diary on his phone, detailing daily events. Once at home, he covers himself under his duvet and regularly enters a parallel world in his imagination, where he converses with his imaginary friend, the divine Deus Ex Machina, and his very young-looking companion Murmur.

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In the conversation, this god tells Yukiteru that he wants to organize a game so that he and his companion are not so bored anymore. However, Yukiteru has no idea that this will have far-reaching consequences. Deus Ex Machina gives Yukiteru’s journal the ability to predict the future. This is done by making entries there that he would have written later.

Because of his way of keeping a diary, however, the suggestions do not directly affect him. The next morning, he actually finds the corresponding entries there, which he doesn’t pay any special attention to, as he suspects he wrote them while half asleep. However, as the day progresses, it becomes apparent that the entries are true and are occurring exactly as predicted.

Deus Ex Machina reports to him and makes it clear to him that he didn’t imagine the parallel world, but that Deus Ex Machina came to him and occupied his imagination. In addition, Yukiteru is bound to his diary, should it be destroyed or lost, his existence will also end, as she has no future with it. In the following days, he is able to convince himself of more and more of the entries and begins to use them himself by consciously avoiding certain events or taking advantage of them.

This doesn’t go completely unnoticed by his classmates, since he seems to be incredibly lucky. However, they have no idea why this could be. Nevertheless, this worsens his relationship with his classmates, who now find him particularly conspicuous. Once again, perfectly prepared for an unannounced test that many students struggle with, he catches a look from his classmate Yuno Gasai, who despite her good reputation begins to knead a figure during the test.

However, when he finally leaves the classroom and takes a closer look at the figure on Yuno’s desk, he is deeply shocked. She looks exactly like Murmur, and his death is announced on his cell phone at about the same time as DEAD END. Staring at the entry in disbelief, he is confronted by Yuno, who lets him know that she knows all about it, causing Yukiteru to flee in panic. He learns that with him and Yuno, a total of 12 people have been given a future diary and must kill each other, with the last survivor going to succeed Deus as the god.

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What could be the cast of Mirai Nikki Season 2?

We assume that the protagonists would return for a second season if there ever were one. There are a lot of characters that could make a return in a possible continuation of Mirai Nikki and they would probably return once more, along with a plethora of new characters. But, seeing how the world of Mirai Nikki won’t be getting any additional stories, there is nothing to discuss here, really. The two main characters of the series, who would definitely make a return, are:

  • Yukiteru Amano
    Voiced by: Misuzu Togashi
    Yukiteru is the series’ male protagonist and a 14-year-old high school student. He has hardly any contact with his classmates, instead keeping a diary on his cell phone. When he is chosen by Deus to be the diary owner, he is given the Observer’s Diary, which details events that will happen around him from his perspective. In combination with Yuno’s diary, however, this weakness is compensated. Yukiteru initially just tries to survive the game without harming anyone but gets actively involved after the death of both of his parents. He is supported by Yuno, who saves his life several times. For which he is very grateful, but at the same time deterred by her obsessive love for him, which she also walks over corpses. It is named after the Roman god Jupiter, whereby ama no means “heavenly” and Yukiteru rhymes with Jupiter in Japanese. Likewise, the names of his parents Rea and Kurō are borrowed from the parents of Zeus, the Greek equivalent of Jupiter, Rhea, and Chronos.
  • Yuno Gasai
    Voiced by: Tomosa Murata
    Yuno is Yukiteru’s classmate. She is considered attractive, intelligent and a model student at school. In fact, as Yandere, she is obsessively in love with Yukiteru – whom she calls Yukki -and secretly pursues him. She is jealous of any girl who gets too close to him and does not hesitate to kill anyone who wants to hurt Yukiteru. Her obsessiveness manifests itself in the fact that her Yukiteru diary gives information every 10 minutes about what Yukiteru is doing. It is the perfect complement to Yukiteru’s diary. She is also skilled with knives and firearms. Her behavior is traced back to her parents, who wanted their daughter to be the perfect student. In doing so they made her life increasingly harder, which eventually degenerated into dictating her entire daily routine and locking her in a cage. This in turn drove Yuno insane. Yuno is named after Jupiter’s wife and goddess of marriage Juno, where Gasai means “my wife”.

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