10 Most Powerful Ms. Marvel Villains Ranked (& Who Could We See in the Show?)

10 Most Powerful Ms. Marvel Villains Ranked (& Who Could We See in the Show?)

In this article, we are going to bring you a list of the 10 most powerful Ms. Marvel villains, along with a discussion about which villains might appear in the upcoming TV series.

10. Kang the Conqueror 

Loki Kang 2 1200x675 1

Debut: Fantastic Four #19 (October 1963) / The Avengers #8 (September 1964)

Kang has no superpowers, but he is nevertheless an intellectual genius, a scholar who has a deep knowledge of history. He is also a master physicist (having specialized in time travel), an engineer, and an exceptional technician. Thanks to his “time-ship”, Kang has access to technology from all centuries and once claimed that his ship could single-handedly destroy the Moon.

He also used a space vehicle about 6 meters long housing his time machine, which can access any era, passing through Limbo. He also used a large number of starships, the most recent example of which is his Damocles base employed during his 20th-century conquest of Earth, which was destroyed in a final confrontation with the Avengers.

As Rama-Tut, his weapon of choice, with which he conquered Egypt, was an “ultra-diode” rifle, capable of controlling human minds and weakening or even preventing the use of superhuman powers. . Beings affected by this weapon could be freed from its effects if it was fired at them a second time. And while he is the most powerful villain on this list, he is not exclusively a Ms. Marvel villain so we put him on here more as an honorable mention than anything else.

9. Monopoly 

Monopoly 28Earth 61629 from Magnificent Ms. Marvel Vol 1 8 0001

Debut: Magnificent Ms. Marvel #8 (October 2019)

Monopoly was the supervillain name of a corporate entrepreneur and businessman for Rubicon that sought to recruit more “associates” for his pyramid schemes by mind-controlling them. He was quickly defeated by Ms. Marvel. His real name was never revealed, but he was likewise known as Uncle Brett.

8. Lockdown 

Rebecca St. Jude 28Earth 61629 from Ms. Marvel Vol 4 10 001.JPG

Debut: Ms. Marvel (Vol. 4) #8 (June 2016)

Becky St. Jude became a member of the Carol Cadets to protect Jersey City using the visions of the inhuman precog Ulysses Cain, and helped recruit volunteers for the team; however, she quickly let the power that came with her position go to her head.

Ms. Marvel and Becky got into an argument about the actions of the Carol Cadets. When Becky pointed out that Ms. Marvel was in charge of the team and thus ultimately responsible for the team’s actions, Ms. Marvel agreed and decided to disband the Cadets. Becky refused to allow this to happen and decided to argue with Ms. Marvel over the fate of the team. She activated a battle suit that helped her match Ms. Marvel’s powers.

At first, she had the advantage, as Ms. Marvel held back to avoid hurting Becky. However, Ms. Marvel eventually won when she shrank down to disable the battlesuit’s control device that Becky wore around her wrist. When Captain Marvel arrived to end the conflict, Ms. Marvel unsuccessfully tried to convince Captain Marvel to disband the Carol Cadets.


How Powerful Is Ms. Marvel? Powers & Abilities Explained

Becky, now codenamed Lockdown, continued to fight crime using her plasma armor. Ms. Marvel was determined to bring Becky down, so she teamed up with the Canadian Ninja Syndicate and its leader Hijinx to play a prank on Becky.

When Becky learned that Ulysses had a vision in which Hijinx blew up Rusty’s Repossessions, Becky went to the junkyard to stop him, but quickly learned that it was actually a ruse by Ms. Marvel and Hijinx to prove that Ulysses’ visions were false and that the bombs planted by Hijink were a fake; however, that was not entirely true.

This led to a final confrontation between Ms. Marvel and Lockdown. After the subsequent arrival of Captain Marvel and Iron Man, Becky was finally convinced to stand down and eventually arrested by the JCPD for impersonating a law enforcement officer.

7. Doctor Faustus

Black Panther Vol 6 14 Textless

Debut: Captain America #107 (November 1968)

Johann Fennhoff was born in Vienna (Austria). After brilliant studies in psychiatry, he becomes a notorious criminal. Proclaiming himself the “Master of the Spirits of Men”, he uses mentalism, blackmail, and hypnosis to enrich himself. He pushes his victims until they reach a certain position in a society, then forces them to bequeath their wealth to him, and causes their death by accident or suicide.

Coming to settle in the United States, he works for a far-right party, and is part of the team that designs the Nazi agent nicknamed the Grand Director. He is quickly confronted by Captain America; he makes Sharon Carter’s aunt, Peggy, resistant during the War, have amnesia. He also briefly confronts Spider-Man. He later captures Sharon Carter and conditions her to commit suicide, but she still manages to survive.

During a fight with Captain America, his legs are crushed in a fall. He was also an opponent of the Fantastic Four, especially Red Richards, whom he manipulated.

Doctor Faustus has no superpowers. He’s a genius criminal, and a shrewd strategist. A doctor in psychiatry, he masters the techniques of hypnosis and mental suggestion. He has used high-tech devices in the past, like androids and holographic projectors. Not being a fighter, he is often accompanied by henchmen. Faustus is disabled and moves with a cane or in a wheelchair.

6. Kaboom

Kaboom Earth 616 from Ms. Marvel Vol 3 14 001 1

Debut: Ms. Marvel (Vol. 3) #13 (March 2015)

The young girl nicknamed Kaboom is an Inhuman hybrid, transformed by the explosion of a terrigen bomb following a fight between Black Arrow and Thanos. Kaboom first appeared on Newark Avenue attacking innocent people. Kamala was nearby and she intervened to stop the terrorist after a destructive fight.

Kaboom is an Inhuman hybrid. His powers come from a latent Inhuman gene activated by terrigenesis. Kaboom’s body can generate electricity. She can surround herself with an electric field, or propel energy with enough power to shatter stone.

5. The Inventor

Thomas Edison 28Clone29 28Earth 61629 from Ms. Marvel Vol 3 5 0001

Debut: Ms. Marvel (Vol. 3) #5 (June 2014)

A scientist named Gregory Knox cloned the famous inventor Thomas Edison for a reason not yet known. Unfortunately, Edison’s DNA sample was contaminated during Knox’s pet parakeet synthesis.

Edison set up store in an abandoned factory near Bayonne in New Jersey’s Hudson County, gave himself the alias The Inventor, and began experimenting with alternative energy sources and bioengineering. With Knox’s help, The Inventor also began recruiting disenchanted teenagers who volunteered to participate in his experiment to use the human body as a living battery.

Ms. Marvel first learned of the inventor’s plan when she tried to free Vick Carrelli. This altercation sparked a feud between the Inventor and Ms. Marvel. The Inventor later died in the fight against Ms. Marvel.

Inventor has a genius intellect. Inventor’s eyes and beak have come in handy in various situations.

4. Doc. X

Doc.X 28Earth 61629 from Ms. Marvel Vol 4 30 001

Debut: Ms. Marvel (Vol. 4) #14 (January 2017)

The sentient computer virus Doc.X was created by a World of Battlecraft administrator named Jacob and first spread on the Internet by infecting the account of a player named Maxwell Cholmondeley-Wells, who went by the name “LeetSkillz” in the game.

As a sentient computer virus, Doc.X was able to infect and take control of almost any computer system, except for those with the most advanced cybersecurity systems, such as that of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Secret Service. Doc.X has also been able to take control of surveillance systems and on-board computers to remotely control motor vehicles and even heavy construction equipment.

Aside from computers, Doc.X has proven capable of hacking into and controlling the human mind, as demonstrated with Tess Beckford, the forewoman at the Meadow Hills construction site; however, it was unable to take control of Ms. Marvel’s mind, possibly due to her inhuman ancestry.

In possession of a human body, Doc.X possessed seemingly superhuman strength and endurance and could easily withstand even Ms. Marvel’s most violent blows. As long as she does not possess a physical body, Doc.X cannot interact with objects on her own.

3. Kamran

Kamran Earth 616 and Kamala Khan Earth 616 001

Debut: Ms. Marvel (Vol. 3) #13 (March 2015)

Kamran grew up with his parents in Jersey City, where they were very close to the Khan family. When Kamran was 5 years old, his family moved to Houston, Texas. Kamran excelled in academics and was even accepted early to MIT.

The night Kamran and his family moved back to Jersey City, Kamran opened his window while unpacking and was exposed to the Terrigen Mist, which activated his latent inhuman powers.

Sometime after his Terrigenesis and before he reunited with Kamala, Kamran was recruited by Lineage. Kamran was then reacquainted with the Khans, and while their parents reconciled, the two became fast friends over their shared interests.

While visiting Newark Avenue with Aamir, they witnessed Kaboom attacking innocent bystanders. Kamran saw Kamala transform into Ms. Marvel, after which he also revealed himself to be Nuhuman. Later that night, Kamran persuaded Kamala to sneak out and the two spent a romantic evening that almost ended in a kiss. The next day, Kamran unexpectedly offered Kamala a ride to school, but instead he kidnapped her to take her to Lineage.

Kamran’s entire body emits a luminous bluish-white energy. Using the energy stored in his body, Kamran can channel this energy by discharging it in the form of a shock or transferring the energy to an object, causing it to glow and then explode.

2. Discord 

Ms. Marvel Vol 4 22 Textless

Debut: Ms. Marvel (Vol. 3) #1 (February 2014)

Josh Richardson is a student and athlete at Coles Academic High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. He was previously dating Zoe Zimmer. At one point, thanks to the help of his suit, he became the supervillain Discord and fought Captain Marvel. He is skilled in tactics and hand-to-hand combat, but he also has additional powers which arise from his suit.

1. Stormranger

Magnificent Ms. Marvel Vol 1 9 Second Printing Variant Textless 1

Debut: Magnificent Ms. Marvel #10 (December 2019)

Stormranger’s body is composed of a Kree Stormranger nanosuit, which in turn is composed of advanced nanites. After bonding with Kamala Khan and assimilating her biokinetic polymer suit, Stormranger normally mimics Kamala’s appearance as Ms. Marvel.

While bonded to Kamala, Stormranger was able to adapt to protect her from high electrical voltages that would have otherwise been lethal. Stormranger is able to interface with other technologies and hack into their systems.

Stormranger is able to manifest hologram emitters, laser cannons, electroshock weapons, rocket boosters, and other technological constructs from her body. By interacting with Ms. Marvel’s inhuman physiology, Stormranger is able to mimic her shape-shifting, stretching, and resizing abilities. Using her shapeshifting abilities, she can also transform her limbs and tentacles into a variety of bladed, stabbing, and striking weapons.

Since the autonomous function of the Kree Stormranger Nanosuit is not meant to be used for extended periods of time, prolonged use is very taxing on Stormrider, and overclocking puts her at risk of self-destruction. Stormranger has claws on its fingers and can transform its limbs and tentacles into a variety of weapons, from simple blades to laser cannons. Stormranger can fly by manifesting high-tech rocket engines.


Which Ms. Marvel villain(s) could we see in the Disney+ series?

Disney+ hasn’t really specified the potential villains for the Ms. Marvel show. It seems that none of the main cast members is going to play the villain, but there is still a substantial amount of known names whose roles are not known. It is highly probable that the villain is hiding among them. So, who might it be?

Some major Marvel villains doesn’t really seem plausible. Monopoly wouldn’t make much sense either, and it’s still too early to expect Lockdown as a potential villain. Doctor Faustus would’ve made more sense had he not been featured in Agent Carter already. We don’t really see Kaboom as the villain since the show is going for a different origin story for Ms. Marvel; if the technology she uses is of Kree origin, Stormranger could be a possible villain.

Kamran also seems likely in some aspect, especially if there is a romantic subplot. We don’t really see Doc.X as a villain this early on, and the Inventor, at least in his comic book form, seems a bit too bizarre at this point. As for Discord, knowing that Zoe Zimmer is set to appear in the show, there is also a larger possibility of him appearing in the show.

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